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Exorcism - how the demons were driven out in the Middle Ages


Exorcism for many people is a word from horror or from history. I first encountered him when my mother suddenly fell ill — began to sleep poorly, scream at night, could suddenly become angry, throw objects. At this point, even we, unbelievers, thought about it, but not whether to call a priest. And they called. The Holy Father talked a lot with mom alone, then talked to us. As a result, he conducted an exorcism rite - in his opinion an evil spirit settled in his mother. I do not know if this is true, but the fact remains that it became easier for her.

I began to study this phenomenon - its history and modernity, and in general - what is exorcism and whether it has any right to live in our modern world. I will share knowledge and with you.

What is exorcism?

So, exorcism is the process of expelling from a person demons who have seized power over his body, soul, or body, and soul. When exactly this concept appeared is unknown - it is customary to think that in the Middle Ages, but in fact there this practice simply became widely known.

In almost all world religions there are processes with a similar description — the expulsion of an evil spirit, demon or demon from a human body. Therefore, we will not dwell on the history in detail - references to the expulsion of demons from the possessed come across quite often in world history.

Not every priest could become an exorcist. This work was considered and is considered very difficult - it requires enormous powers from the church man, both moral and physical, as well as unshakable faith in the gentlemen. Therefore, the exorcists were always scarce relative to other priests.

Surprisingly, exorcism is quite popular now. In each country there are several hundred priests who specialize in this.

How to understand that a demon possessed a man?

Over time, the exorcists developed a whole list of signs by which they assumed that a person was obsessed. Modern

  • The man himself approves or assumes that he is possessed by demons.
  • Man does not live by the laws of the church and does not honor them.
  • He goes against society, behaves aggressively or defiantly, does not comply with etiquette
  • Signs of obsession can be persistent illness, drowsiness, nightmares.
  • Obsessed often begin to swear a lot, blaspheme, can publicly insult holy and honest people.
  • A person suffers and suffers, but cannot find a reason.
  • His face is distorted by horrible grimaces, he constantly grimaces, depicts fear, anger, anger.
  • He feels constant fatigue, satiety of life.
  • He suddenly becomes nervous, irritable, may suddenly scream, attack people. Appears cruelty and anger.
  • A man begins to move strangely and even terribly, to make unnatural sounds, becomes like a beast.
  • He loses his memory and himself cannot remember what happened during the seizures - he seemed to be insane.
  • A person suddenly begins to experience just animal horror in front of the church. He cannot walk side by side, he is terrified by relics or rites, even simple crosses.
  • The obsessed cannot read the prayer aloud, and often instead of the words of God, curses and curses are simply pouring from their mouths.
  • He begins to constantly perform indecent movements, imitate or even participate in sexual acts, often in public.
  • He gets superhuman strength, which can manifest itself in supernatural skills.

How expelled demons

For centuries, the rites of the expulsion of demons from man. Today, they are more than loyal - mostly a prayer. But in the Middle Ages, those who were considered obsessed were sometimes surprisingly cruel. Rites, which expelled spirits, there are thousands. We will tell about the main ones:

  • Prayer. Let's start with it, because without it no other can do. Today, demons are driven out mostly solely by special prayers, while earlier church hymns accompanied rituals.
  • Bodily suffering. Where without them in the dark Middle Ages? At some point, a theory emerged that a demon could be expelled from a person by pain — if the flesh was made to suffer, the demon would also feel pain and escape. Such obsessed literally tortured - they burned them with fire, stretched them on the rack, drove needles under their fingernails.
  • The ministry of the church. Refers to more loyal ways for the peaceful obsessed. Modesty, lack of ambition, constant prayers and physical labor - in fact, a person is sent to a monastery until the evil spirit leaves his body.
  • Sealing holy water of all openings. Funny ritual also comes from the Middle Ages. It was believed that in the body of a cruel person there are 9 holes through which a demon can enter. Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, anus and urethra — all these parts of the body were sealed with holy water and thus protected from demons.

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