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Prayer from defacing Jesus Christ: rules for reading and conducting a cleansing ritual


It’s not always immediately that people learn that they have been damaged or that they have been subjected to the evil eye. Only after repeated failures and miscalculations a person begins to think, to look for the cause of negative events. So I had a similar situation six months ago. I was told that there is a defensive prayer from spoiling Jesus Christ, it will help to neutralize the consequences of the energy breakthrough. But I decided to turn to the Lord not only with prayer, but I read several of them and received help in different directions. With the texts of the prayers I want to introduce you.

How to recognize damage

At all times, people suffered from the evil spells of witchcraft, even in our modern world of science and high technology magic has not lost its relevance. If a person is haunted by a lane of failures and problems with affairs, and a heap of minor troubles is replaced by a sea of ​​large ones, you should think about the probability of targeting damage or the evil eye. In the light of modern trends, damage can be called a heavy energy-informational promise affecting the thin shells of the human body.

An energy attack literally deforms the aura, depending on the type of impact and the introduction of negative programs. The most terrible type of witchcraft is considered to be a death message, from which it is very difficult to save the damaged. People subjected to magical attacks are haunted by constant fear and a feeling of oppression, but regardless of the types of damage, its impact is manifested by characteristic signs:

  • touchiness, causeless malice, bad forebodings;
  • fatigue, heaviness or pressure in the chest, hallucinations;
  • detection of an unpleasant smell emanating from a tainted person;
  • the appearance in the house of hordes of cockroaches or mice, other pests;
  • the impossibility of being in the holy room of the church.

Some victims of the induced negativity seek relief from magicians and sorcerers, but the Orthodox Church considers such acts to be a sin. Believers have a powerful defender in the person of Jesus Christ, who took upon himself all the sins of mankind and misfortunes; it is to him that prayers should be addressed if signs of spoilage are found. You should not expect that the band of troubles will pass by itself, and adversities will be replaced by the best times. If the introduction of evil entities or malicious programs into the energy envelope, the situation will only get worse. But prayers to the Lord, to his holy helpers, can save you from the consequences of negative interference.

You can pray for protection of Jesus Christ even when there was no malicious attack. Christian prayer can strengthen the natural energy, but only for a baptized person. In order to get rid of the effect of damage to the unbaptized, he should adopt the Christian faith for the sake of neutralizing the energy impact.

How to read prayers from damage

Some believers have difficulty reading prayer texts written in the Old Church language. However, it is not necessary to reproduce the original prayer book, it is allowed to say the prayer in your own words. It is important to be aware of their meaning, to remember the pleading mood. To enhance the effect of turning to Jesus Christ, they adhere to certain rules.

  1. Prayer text you have to learn by heart, it will give the importance of the spoken phrases. If memorizing prayer words is difficult, it is permissible to read them from a piece of paper.
  2. A protective prayer is pronounced clearly, but not loudly, while the soul must be full of a feeling of sincere faith with confidence in success. Full cleaning will take at least a month.
  3. Addressing Jesus Christ with the words of a prayer is necessary in solitude so that your family members will not distract you from the ritual of communion with the Lord. Also, do not tell others about what you are asking God.

The ritual continues until the negative disappears completely, the prayer from damage is read in the morning, repeating it three times. On the advice of righteous Christians, immediately after waking up, we should thank the Heavenly Father for the coming of the new day. To this end, it is customary to read the most important prayer given by God himself:

This prayer is called the Lord’s, because it was given by Jesus Christ himself in response to the requests of his disciples to teach them how to pray correctly. The main prayer of the Orthodox is addressed to God the Father, as the first face of the Holy Trinity. Now memorize the full version of the prayer petition for damage:

Collection of Jesus prayers from the negative

Pronunciation of prayer texts brings true believers closer to God, this is precisely the strength of protection against evil spirits. Our Shepherd protects his children not only from spoilage, but also from all evils induced by unkind people and sorcerers, but for sincere believers prayer is like grace, a great gift given from above. I advise you to follow the general rules when formulating any request to the Higher Forces. For this you need:

  • to formulate your request accurately and concisely;
  • clear the mind of everyday worries, irritation;
  • fill the soul with divine light, expelling resentment and sadness.

It is better to create prayers to Jesus Christ and his holy helpers in the morning or evening, closer to bedtime. In the morning, the soul is still free from daily worries, and in the evening all things are redone and you can free your mind from other thoughts, except for communication with God.

Prayers to the Lord for the removal of damage

Instead of taking a sin to the soul by referring to the magical rituals of sorcerers and fortresses, a believer can always turn to his Heavenly Father with a prayer for protection. But before the ritual go to church to worship the Christ's Face, put three candles in front of his image, order a prayer for yourself about health. At the exit of the temple cross, whisper the magic words:

When you come home, choose the time and place for solitude, light in front of the image of Jesus Christ exactly 12 candles bought in the church, prepare a cup with holy water. Now read the main prayer of the Orthodoxy Our Father as many times as the candles lit (12). Then take a sip of water, and repeatedly repeat simple prayer words to get rid of damage:

After each reading of a modern prayer, drink a sip of holy water, not forgetting to be baptized. After completing the sacrament of prayer, wash the remnants of holy water, and throughout the day pray with the words of prayers known to you, turned to God. If you spend three days in this mode, the damage will leave you according to divine will.

To rid your biofield of the traces of the energetic attack of evil people, as well as the influence of the evil eye, follow the rules of the rite performed in the morning. The prayer that you will say can be read not only for yourself, but also for getting rid of the damage to your loved one. Do not forget just to mention the name of the one you are trying to free from the spellcasting.

Reading a prayer on the water

Hallowed water is considered the strongest attribute that helps to rid a person of induced damage. Aqueous substance not only cleans all energy structures, but also stabilizes them. The cleaning ceremony is carried out together with the victim, having prepared the following icon-painting faces in advance:

  • an icon depicting the Holy Trinity;
  • the bright face of our Lord Jesus Christ;
  • icon Panteleimon the Healer, if the disease from damage.

How to act: after the prayer of the Our Father prayer, go on to reading Psalm 90. The following is a three-fold pronouncing of the prayer to our Lord, saving from corruption:

The tainted one should take a sip of the impressed water, then wash her face with the remnants. Feelings of weakness, dizziness or drowsiness after the ritual indicate its action. It is not forbidden to conduct this rite for prevention, then the ritual is performed every month.

Important. To be sure of removing the damage from the body and soul of the victim of witchcraft, the rite is repeated three times. Reading the famous prayer of Panteleimon is aimed at getting rid of the illnesses caused by damage.

Protection of children from the negative

The strength of the aura of young children is very weak, so the energy field of the baby is considered the most susceptible to negative effects. It is not difficult to damage the child, and even relatives can unintentionally jinx it, insincerely admiring the crumb. Even a silent discontent or excessive praise can harm the immature biofield.

Prayer to Jesus Christ, created according to certain rules, will help to get rid of corruption. The baby should be arranged in her arms, the older child can simply be taken by hand to begin the ritual of purification:

Board in conclusion

To create protection for yourself and your family, keep an icon in the temple with the miraculous face of Jesus Christ in your home. You will turn to her with prayers not only to get rid of damage, but also in other situations of life. I also want to share with you a little secret that a nun told me. Buy in the church a small medallion with the image of the holy fighters against magic and witchcraft - Cyprian and Justin. Wear this charm constantly, if you have a weak energy protection, the medallion will reflect the promises of unkind people.