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How to get revenge on his lover's mistress and destroy their relationship

I have been engaged in family psychology for more than twenty years - I worked as a psychologist and sexologist, solved the problems of couples. As practice shows, sometimes it is necessary to abandon the psychological methods and techniques and seek help from the "popular" methods. Now I will tell about what there is a speech.

Now I work in a rehabilitation center for women. One of the most common causes of divorce is treason. And in spite of any psychological help, I should note that women are usually rehabilitated by helping their mistress. This is not always beautiful and noble, but effective and helps to regain self-esteem.

Treason: what to do?

Practice shows - treason - it is always a blow, even if a woman suspected infidelity of her husband or boyfriend. Relations trampled, there is no trust, self-esteem and self-esteem - at the bottom.

The first thing to do is to put your own emotions in order. Try to be distracted, breathe deeply, do a warm-up, lie down to sleep. The main thing - do not commit too drastic acts, do not go crazy. Give time to think about what happened and decide what exactly you want to do.

How to get revenge?

As a rule, recovering from treason for women helps revenge mistress. Small and not very dirty tricks, which can extremely spoil the life of an opponent and seriously embroil her with your man.

  • Tell her around. When a woman agrees to the role of a mistress, she immediately assesses the risks to her reputation. If it is unobtrusive to inform someone from the environment of a desertion about such a situation, then very soon behind her back they will begin to whisper and condemn. And this will seriously spoil the nerves.
  • Send flowers or SMS from anonymous. Everything is simple - send parcels with ambiguous labels. Your ex will start asking questions, and the lover will not be able to answer. Thus, a quarrel will break out between them, and the man will think about it - maybe he is not alone with her.

  • Tell your husband that during the next checkup, a doctor discovered that you had a dangerous infection. Afflicted that it causes infertility - the man will definitely go to sort out the relationship to the wilderness. And when the quarrel between them has already taken shape - let us know that you made a mistake in the hospital and did not give you your analysis. The trust in their couple will be destroyed.
  • If you know the address of your mistress, then the Internet will help you. Fish heads, eggs, meat - with the help of all this in the apartment you can create an unsurpassed flavor that will not contribute to romance and sex.
  • If you are not familiar with razluchnitsy - meet! Be friendly and gentle with her, tell me what a good man is your husband. The woman will be overwhelmed with guilt, because you treated her with such kindness!
  • If you have a room of a lover - this is wonderful! Leave the profile on her behalf on a dating site or prostitutes. Endless calls will quickly bring the person apart to a nervous breakdown, and the man will begin to doubt.
  • Try to look good. Of course, it is not easy in this state, but do not start drinking or forgetting about yourself. Clean clothes, neat styling, fresh manicure - this is the minimum that should always be with you.

What to do to the husband threw his mistress?

  • Remove sex and romance from your relationships, but be as adequate as possible in any other areas - if you have children, then calmly let them see them with their father. Mistress will certainly go crazy and quickly bring your husband.
  • Post collaborative photos on social networks. With vacations, joint activities. Write cute signatures - a derelict is sure to follow your social networks. Even if she knows that the photos are old - it will still get on her nerves and make you doubt the loyalty of the man.
  • Ask your husband to leave, even if they are willing to forgive. Say that you see that he is with you badly and that you are very sorry. That you ask him to go to her and not torture himself or you. That you want happiness and do not hold evil. Such a beautiful act will surely touch a man and he will seriously think.
  • Do not be rude and do not be rude to your mistress in the open. Of course, I immediately want to shower the most separated messages with the roughest messages, but it’s not profitable for you. Refuse to communicate with her, and if you suddenly had to make some contact - be cold, but polite.
  • Do not insult her with her husband. Say that this woman is beautiful and obviously smart. That you regret that he lied to you, and did not leave immediately, but you understand his choice. The fact is that the lover probably already more than once watered you with dirt. And such a beautiful, noble behavior will make her husband seriously think about whether he needs this hysteric, or whether he will better save the family.

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