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Prayers for the well-being of life are sure to help.


I study prayers in detail and their influence on human life. Today I want to present a unique text of prayer, which will help the believer in any situation.

Difficulties in life and the help of prayer

Practically in the life of any person from time to time such events occur when he simply needs help, support and assistance. And it is wrong to assume that the need for support is a certain manifestation of weakness and weak-mindedness. Everyone, sooner or later, will have to understand that without the “outside beneficent hand” it can be very, very difficult, because this assistance can be a significant impetus to the belief in one's strength and capabilities.

That's why we are people! And if you are an Orthodox person, then at a difficult time you can read prayers that help everyone and always. And do not doubt: if you sincerely believe in their miraculous effect, they will definitely help. You can either say the prayers out loud or silently, or listen in audio format.

What prayer words will contribute

Prayer is a conscious, frank and personal conversation with God Almighty, the spiritual and invisible to human eyes world. For deeply religious people this is unlimited support, because many believe that talking with the Lord will help in any situation, no matter how terrible and terrible it may be.

For example, the highest forces are addressed in such cases:

  • When a person is overcome by misfortunes, misfortunes and various kinds of diseases. This is perhaps even the most common reason for asking God for healing and getting rid of negative aspects in life.
  • If you wish and desire to take up a new business. It is natural to be afraid and indecisive, there are also moments when a person just wants a little more confidence in his own powers to continue and do everything as he wishes, because you can ask the Saints and Angels for a good start and further development.
  • For finding inner peace and mental balance. Sometimes people are very lacking in this, because in everyday life there are many things that can ruffle you. After prayer, you will feel that harmony with yourself, peace of mind, which is sometimes lacking in a frantic urban rhythm.
  • When you want to ask about the well-being of the lives of loved ones, giving them the strength and determination to overcome their grief and misfortune. Almost every person wants his people to have no difficulties, to keep things going like clockwork, and they themselves feel fresh, healthy and happy.
  • When it becomes painful, sad or lonely. Surely, many faced with such unpleasant feelings that made you feel at times unbearably bad. But even here you can turn to the Most High, asking him for help, protection and support. Ask, and there they will not refuse to lend a hand in response.
  • In situations where you simply need to communicate with someone who will definitely understand and console you, albeit not directly.
  • There are always scandals in the family because of minor things. At this point you should not forget about your own forces, thanks to which you can direct everything in the right direction and subsequently try to avoid unnecessary quarrels and conflicts. God can also help with this.
  • When you or your loved ones have problems with business / commerce, this may include work problems.

The power of Orthodox prayers

Sincere prayer is a real miracle that can fulfill your most, as it can show at first glance, unreal and impossible desires. For the most part, it all depends on how you turn to God. With what attitude, openness and sincerity. If you speak without thinking, just like that, without any feelings and emotions, then most likely your aspirations will remain ordinary aspirations without hope of further development.

There is a lot of evidence that people with a terrible and incurable illness, thanks to the prayer that comes from the heart, became healthy again.

What to do when referring to the Saints

Do not forget that the most important condition when applying to a higher power is honesty and genuineness of thoughts and requests. It is not necessary to use accurate prayer texts to speak with God, simply expressing your emotions without hiding or distorting anything.

In order to tune in to the desired “wave”, certain conditions are required under which it will be much easier and more favorable, then the prayer sent to the Saints will be quite effective and efficient, which is why we recommend following the instructions below:

  • Before you begin reading prayers, tune in a certain way. Take a break from all your daily and routine days, calm and clear your thoughts, try somewhere for half an hour (or even better an hour) before reading not to absorb negative emotions, start praying with a calm and serene mood.
  • Light a few candles, consecrated in the church, or use special incense to help you relax and allow you to plunge into the atmosphere you need at the moment.
  • It is preferable to pray in the morning when you have not had time to plunge headlong into the work and various chores that distract you. This will allow you to recharge yourself with positive energy for the whole following day and avoid some unpleasant moments.
  • Pray daily, as such regularity will contribute to success, good luck and quick fulfillment of desires and requests. If you have a difficult time, you need support like never before and need to talk, you can resort to prayers several times a day (for example, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, and if there is not much time, then morning and evening will be enough ).
  • During the prayer, do not think about anything else, about anything that would distract you. Free your mind from the accumulated tension and long thoughts about resolving unsolved problems. At this moment you are communicating with higher forces, you should not be overcome by painful reflections. Stop this inner monologue.
  • Create your own small iconostasis somewhere in a secluded place at home, where no one will disturb you.
  • When practicable, drink holy water as often as possible and wash it.
  • If you have the time and opportunity, then attend all Sunday services in the church (if not, then try not to miss at least worship for major Orthodox holidays). Accustom to the religion of your family, but in no case do not do it through force.
  • See that there is always a cross with you. This is the thing that every Christian needs.
  • Never wish evil, grief and hardship to anyone. Even if these people treat you badly or someone who is dear to you. Continue to pray, avoid obscene words and desires. Someday they will get what they deserve. You must be patient and confident in the wisdom and justice of God.

Thanks to the Lord and Saints for their help and protection

One must always remember the feeling of gratitude to the higher forces for the good they have done, for their support and their protection. Your thanks will not only be a sign of gratitude to God, it will also have a positive impact on you, because this is one of the most incredible and beautiful healing emotions.

You can express your gratitude before prayer or after prayer, or you can set aside for this a separate day, on which you will not desire anything for yourself, but dedicate it to great appreciation to the Lord and the Saints.

A great way to say thank you is charity. Invest funds (if, of course, you have them) where you need it and you really need it, give presents to those who will be sincerely happy about it, even if it is something insignificant, give out things and food to people who they cannot afford it themselves. Do good deeds, and you will definitely become closer to God and all the Saints.

Prayers that help everyone and always

The list of those prayers that will help you in almost any situation:

  1. "Our Father".
  2. "Prayer to the Guardian Angel".
  3. "Prayer to the cathedral to the 12 apostles, preserving from misfortune and problems."
  4. "the prayer of St. Nicholas".
  5. "Forty Blessings".
  6. "Prayer to the life-giving cross."
  7. "Prayer to the guardian angel for happiness and good luck."