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Catherine divination: online and free

Catherine fortune telling is an ancient way of fortune telling on special cards. They invented it, as it is not difficult to guess, in the time of Catherine the Great. The essence of Catherine's divination is very simple - we pull 3 cards out of 40 and decipher them. You can guess almost everything: for love, for relationships, for money, for the future - both near and far. All images of the cards and their interpretation can be seen by reference - you can print and cut out the pictures and tell fortunes yourself.

In the era of digital technology, we decided to make a free online version of Ekaterininsky divination on 40 cards.

How to guess?
1-2 minutes relax, unload extra information from the head, relax ...
When you are ready - concentrate on the question. It is important to put the question specifically: “what awaits me in the near future,” “does Hypolite love me,” etc.
When the question is set - draw three cards.

Unfolding cards

If necessary, divination can be repeated after 5 minutes.