Dream interpretation

Empty and prophetic dreams - on days of the week, days of the month and the lunar calendar


Does the world have at least one skeptic who does not believe in his own dreams? I do not think so. Even the most ferocious atheist and fighter with obscurantism will reflect on the dream in which the late father or mother came to him. Or a dream too heavy and mysterious to ignore. For example, I learned about the illness of my son in a dream, at a distance of many kilometers from him: and he didn’t hide his illness, and he didn’t have mutual acquaintances who would have “passed” him.

I dream of dreams with enviable regularity, I could write a whole book about how they come true. And one more thing about how they DO NOT come true, although they seem to be meaningful and important. It is just one intuition to trust a little to interpret a dream. Moreover, do not believe psychoanalysts in this matter: they only spoil everything. But you can believe a good old dream book. Once I had a dream about all the signs of a prophetic one, and, I confess, I was looking forward to "sbychi dreams", which this dream inspired me. But alas, nothing came true.

Why? Yes, because not every day prophetic dreams. Not every day and not every day of the week. What dreams can you really trust? Let's run through the old dream book ...

When dreams are prophetic

This is what I remember from my childhood:

  • Sleep from Thursday to Friday is always prophetic,
  • From Saturday to Sunday is also prophetic and often comes true before dinner,
  • The dream from the 12th to the 13th of January, in the old New Year, predicts what the coming year will be.

But then I learned that the whole Yuletide week is jam-filled with prophetic dreams. Svyatochnaya week we have from 7 to 19 January. If the dreams are filled with exciting and clear symbols, look in the dream book, do not be lazy. The fact is that it is precisely in this week that the fine line between the world and the beyond is torn, and the mystical signs pour in from there like a horn of plenty in our dreams.

By the way, the night from Thursday to Friday is really a thing. But Orthodox believe twelve prophetic Fridays:

  • The one that in the first seven days after Lent;
  • On the eve of the feast of the Annunciation;
  • On the eve of Palm Sunday;
  • Before the Ascension of the Lord;
  • On the eve of the feast of the Holy Trinity;
  • Before the memorial day of John the Forerunner;
  • On the eve of the feast of Elijah the Prophet;
  • Before the Assumption of the Virgin;
  • Before the day of Michael the Archangel;
  • On the eve of the day of saints Kozma and Dimian;
  • Well, Epiphany Fridays - before Christmas and before Epiphany.

In general, sleep soundly, but look in both! You will remember all the main things if the dream is really prophetic.

Prophetic dreams on days of the week

Strictly speaking, there is no Sunday or Saturday sleep. Sleep always brings together two days of the week. So we will distinguish them.

On the night from Sunday to Monday, prophetic dreams are rarely dreams. Almost never. Although often dream heavy, tedious vision. These are your own fears and anxieties on the eve of the working week. But do not be afraid of this dark fuss.

On the night from Monday to Tuesday, dreams are often stormy, bright - in them are your ambitions and aspirations, your dreams and desires. And if the dream is too aggressive, there will be a lot of fire and fights in it, try to calm down, make yourself more harmonious.

On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday you may dream a lot of old friends and relatives. Or, on the contrary, many clearly distinguishable, but completely new faces. No wonder, because the environment is a day of communication and dating. You may dream someone important - a person who can influence fate.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday dreams related to your social and material status. You can get some valuable advice from a higher power. Do not forget it!

And here is the prince of dreams, sleep from Thursday to Friday! Your nerves are loosened enough by Thursday to lose vigilance and give the subconscious the opportunity to escape from the power of reason. And it breaks out and begins to "knock", give signals, warn and send you under your nose that you have decided to ignore. Be alert as your subconscious!

And on the night from Friday to Saturday dreams about love. And often truthful, by the way!

From Saturday to Sunday again prophetic dreams, but if you do not like them, you can cast this spell: "Where the night goes, there goes the dream."

Dreams of the lunar calendar

Some focus not on the days of the month or the week, but on the days of the lunar calendar. Still, it is the moon - the mother of all calendars. So, what dreams dream in:

  • The first day of the moon is empty;
  • The second day of the moon means nothing, sleep well and do not be nervous;
  • The third day of the moon - and now the prophetic, are fulfilled;
  • The fourth day of the moon - be careful, you can be warned about something;
  • The fifth day of the moon - dreams about health;
  • The sixth day of the moon - meditative dreams;
  • The seventh day of the moon is very important, prophetic;
  • The eighth day of the moon - prophetic, predict whether your desire will come true or not;
  • The ninth day of the moon - good dreams, predict luck;
  • The tenth day of the moon - a good dream will not come true, only bad;
  • The eleventh day of the moon is empty dreams;
  • The twelfth day of the moon - dreams, tips, dreams, tips, often come true;
  • The thirteenth day of the moon is prophetic, reveal the secrets of the past;
  • The fourteenth day of the Moon - most often they do not come true and thank God, since they are very heavy;
  • The fifteenth day of the moon - good and prophetic dreams;
  • The sixteenth day of the moon - psychotherapeutic rather than prophetic;
  • The seventeenth day of the moon is a dream that reveals the secrets of the present;
  • The eighteenth day of the moon - dreams-tips, help find a way out of trouble;
  • The nineteenth day of the moon - dreams are often scary, but completely empty;
  • The twentieth day of the moon - ask yourself a question before bedtime and wait for an answer;
  • The twenty-first day of the moon - sweet, dreamy, and completely empty dreams;
  • The twenty-second day of the moon is the most eternal;
  • Twenty-third day of the moon - come true in exactly the opposite way;
  • The twenty-fourth day of the moon - happy and prophetic dreams;
  • The twenty-fifth day of the moon - almost never come true;
  • The twenty-sixth day of the moon - prophetic dreams, help you find yourself;
  • The twenty-seventh day of the moon - tangled dreams, but prophetic;
  • The twenty-eighth day of the moon - dreams, warning of difficulties and troubles;
  • The twenty-ninth day of the moon is frightening, but they mean nothing. Consider that you just looked at the horror;
  • The thirtieth day of the moon is fantastic, incredible and ... true!

Dreams by the solar calendar

These are dreams in numbers, from the first to the thirty-first. And here is a table for you - look, study.