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Horoscope for Capricorn on December 2019 - how to survive the crisis


Horoscope for Capricorn on December 2019 says that you need to finish all unfinished business before the New Year. How to do it in the best way, astrologers advise. Read their recommendations to not miss anything.

Love, family and relationships

Opinion astrologer: in December, Capricorns can not listen to anyone's advice on their personal lives. Decision making should be guided only by one’s own opinion and listening to the voice of the heart.

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. Constancy in personal life in December is not expected among those Capricorns who have not yet met the second half. But the adventures and new experiences will be more than enough.
  2. You should try to control your emotions at least a little bit, because of the strong attraction to someone around you are able to do something stupid.
  3. Try to control your other half less, do not force your partner to do only what you want. Learn to listen to his desires, and also to accept a person as he is. Only such a pattern of behavior will help avoid problems in the relationship.
  4. The attractiveness of Capricorns will increase significantly, they can easily break hearts. To resist their charm will be almost impossible. You will noticeably stand out from all other people.
  5. The second half of December is a favorable period for everything related to romance. Enjoy your feelings, surprise your loved one, and be able to make your relationship much happier and more harmonious.

Astrologer's advice: in December, together with your partner, it is worth doing things related to improving your home. You can complete the repair or upgrade the furniture, for example.


The energy in December will diminish, so you should save your strength, not spending it on empty cases and meaningless entertainment. It is important to observe moderation in everything: food, alcohol, sleep and sports.

The most difficult period for health is the first decade of the month. During this period, you need not only to take care of your health, but also to be especially attentive while traveling, driving, on the road. High probability of accidents and traumatic situations.

If prophylactic measures are not taken, some chronic disease can worsen in December. Act proactively to keep you healthy and not to lie flat on the hospital bed.

With beauty treatments worth the wait. It is better to engage in order to make the lifestyle more healthy. Control your diet and add moderate exercise to day regimen.

Money, career and business

Opinion astrologers: in December, Capricorns are able to calmly and quickly solve all financial problems. And even if it seems that luck is not on your side, it is not at all so.

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. In December, you can become the happy owner of a large amount of money, which will come to you completely unexpectedly. It is very important in this case to give a part of the money to charity or to spend on gifts to relatives, so as not to disturb karmic balance.
  2. At work, it is very important to keep a distance with colleagues, avoiding freedom from their side and familiarity with each other. Close relationships, office romances and trusting conversations can lead to your being in an extremely disadvantageous situation.
  3. December is an excellent period for completing all the tasks, fulfilling the promises given by you for a long time and getting even with financial problems once and for all. Try to work in this direction to the limit of strength and capabilities.
  4. Entrepreneurs and managers need to prepare for a series of inspections by government agencies. Make sure all documentation is in order to avoid penalty.
  5. Relations with colleagues or partners from abroad may also escalate. Fix the situation in December does not work, so you should wait out the adverse period and take up other issues.
  6. There may also be problems with the law through no fault of yours. Substitute one of the subordinates, showing negligence. Without pity, say goodbye to an unscrupulous employee so that he does not bring even more problems in the future.
  7. Career can be seriously hurt because of some petty misstep. Ideally, you need to take a vacation so that the storm passes by. If circumstances do not allow, then strive to perform your duties perfectly.
  8. Do not refuse the help and support of close friends. They sincerely wish you well, and there is no catch here.
  9. The situation in career and money will be a little better in the second half of the month. You can calmly sigh and realize that any problems can be solved. But this is not a reason to relax - decide everything to the end, and rest with a clear conscience next year.

Astrologer's advice: do not be stingy and spend money on gifts to people whom you value and love. Spent will return many times. Donate to charity. Any kind of action helps you plant the right karmic seeds for future financial well-being.