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How the prayer "Seven Crosses" will help protect the family


I have been studying prayers for a long time and know their importance in the life of every person. Today I will talk about a unique prayer that will help protect the family from evil forces.

Protect your family

For any person, one of the most important aspects of a happy life is the well-being in the family. Orthodoxy has also always paid special attention to the correctness of the relationship between children and parents and between a wife and husband.

Everyone has an absolutely natural desire to fence their loved ones from all sorts of hardships and troubles. If mutual understanding disappears between members of your family, and unreasonable claims and conflicts have appeared, or even if the atmosphere at the hearth has become more intense and aggressive, then you can take advantage of the powerful miracle prayer "Seven Crosses".

Prayer seven crosses designed to protect the family and the home from all sorts of negative events. You may have noticed that after certain people visited your house, you and your loved ones suddenly started to have some kind of black line, and failures literally followed on their heels (household appliances broke, things were lost, diseases overtook).

Probably, in this situation you are faced with the so-called "energy vampires", which not only weaken the energies of other people, but also sow negative in the surrounding space. In such cases, you should not be frightened or discouraged, because an Orthodox person has a lot of tools and methods that will allow you to effectively protect your family. Best of all, if you immediately resort to the reading of the holy texts, since, having enlisted the tutelage of the invisible higher powers, you will not be afraid of any external bad influences.

How powerful is the prayer of 7 crosses

This prayer is called one of the strongest prayers of our Christian religion. This protective plea will be able in the shortest time to resolve even those situations that at first glance seemed simply hopeless.

There are many stories of people who have resorted to her help and have received simply stunning results. If you give all the words spoken special sense and pure emotions, you can not even doubt that a miracle will happen, and everything will be resolved in the best way for you and all the people around you. Remember that only on the strength and steadfastness of faith depends on whether all that you have said reaches the inhabitants of heaven.

Act and pray with the purest, kindest, and most sincere motives, and then your family will be under the most reliable care and protection.

In what situations need to resort to the help of this miraculous prayer

Every day a lot of different problems and trials hit every one of us. Of course, we want to protect ourselves from this and gain support from above. Probably, even more, we want custody for our loved ones, because not one normal person can fully enjoy life if any member of his family has hard times and cannot solve problems.

Let us see in which cases you can resort to God's help by regularly reading the sacred text of the Seven Crosses:

  • Someone was fired from his job or there were major problems in business or commerce. In this difficult period for a person, prayers will be of great help.
  • Your children have become more closed and nervous. Instead of forcing them to communicate with you by force, you can ask the Lord for the return of past understanding.
  • Homes are constantly breaking out major scandals because of all sorts of little things. Of course, in addition to prayers, you must work on your actions and thoughts in this case, because the atmosphere in the house directly depends on it.
  • You or your parents face a divorce. In this critical situation, the help of the Lord Almighty is needed more than ever, pray earnestly, and you will be able to save the marriage.
  • You are afraid that your house will be robbed or another misfortune will happen to it. Throw away bad thoughts, replace them with pleasant and bright images. Arrange the icons in each room, invite the priest to sprinkle the dwelling with holy water.
  • At your house something constantly breaks down and deteriorates. This may be one of the hallmarks of an energy imbalance that you can recover with zealous spiritual practices.

What are the rules to follow when reading the prayer described?

The most important thing in addressing the Lord Almighty is the purity of thoughts and the sincerity of what you speak. Perhaps you even know that it is not necessary to pray, using special texts from the prayer books, you can speak in your own words.

However, with regard to the prayer of the Seven Crosses, we still advise you to adhere to certain rules and advice. This will help to quickly tune in the desired fashion and create the atmosphere corresponding to this holy sacrament. To make prayer as efficient and effective as possible, proceed according to the following instructions:

  • If you have such an opportunity, then hold a sacred rite daily. If things are going really bad, and you feel the need to communicate with higher powers, you can pray several times a day.
  • Try to pre-set up to read the sacred text. For half an hour, try not to communicate with anyone, clear your thoughts from everyday routine chores.
  • Best of all, if the prayer of 7 crosses will be pronounced in the morning time. This will create a favorable atmosphere in the house for the whole day.
  • Light exactly seven candles. A prerequisite is that all candles be consecrated in the church. It is even more favorable if these candles were lit during a service on a large Orthodox holiday (Christmas, Easter, Epiphany).
  • While reading the cherished sacred lines do not be distracted by anything. Free your mind from all that bothered you, interrupt the ongoing internal dialogue.
  • You can imagine that the house is wrapped in a protective cocoon of a pleasant golden color. Such a simple technique will strengthen the mood and enhance the effect of prayer.
  • Repeat the words of the prayer exactly seven times. It is for this mystery that the number seven is significant. Do not be afraid that it will take you too much time. The text of the prayer Seven crosses are rather short and simple, so even seven of its repetitions will not take more than ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Expressing your desires, avoid using bad negative words, never wish evil and misfortune to other people, even if they offend and treat your family members badly. Put on the highest wisdom of God and other saints. Believe in justice, and then all will be rewarded according to their merits and deeds.
  • Try to pray before the icon. It is preferable if you have a small iconostasis at home, where there will be many different faces of the Saints.
  • Ensure that you always have a cross on you. This is a required attribute of any righteous Christian.
  • Try not to miss Sunday services in the temple. Stick to the posts, confess regularly and receive communion. Try to involve your loved ones in this, but do not force anyone to go to church if they do not want to.

How to thank the Lord and the Saints for their help in protecting the family from all troubles and problems

Gratitude is something that you should never forget when referring to a higher power. This pure feeling can work wonders, so do not neglect them.

You can say thanks after each prayer, or you can set aside a separate day for thanks. You yourself must choose the most suitable and comfortable way for you. It is very favorable to express gratitude in the form of charity. Make generous alms, hand out food and things to people in need.

You can work for the benefit of others, it is also one of the best ways to thank the higher forces for their care and protection over your family. Volunteer, work on a voluntary basis in nursing homes and hospices.

Saying thank you, you should not desire anything for yourself. Gratitude should not be out of mercenary motives.