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Treason girl - what makes change your boyfriend


Many girls go to treason, not only because of primitive instincts and the desire to find a new sexual partner. After all, modern people, regardless of the biological sex, receive sufficient education to control their behavior. The reasons lie much deeper and find roots in female psychology. And she, as you know, is markedly different from the male. Why does a girl cheat on a guy?

  • The first place in the ranking of causes of infidelity is the usual revenge. Chances are good that if a girl found out about the betrayal of her young man, she would decide to take revenge in such an extravagant way;
  • Next is the attention deficit from the guy. Betrayal of the girl can be provoked by the fact that her young man is carried away by something. Female representatives need to be in the center of attention;
  • There are situations when a couple is simply not compatible in bed. For example, a man does not need frequent sex, and a girl is distinguished by enviable affection. The lack of compromise in this area leads to hikes to the left;
  • As mentioned earlier, the girl is important to feel important and loved. If a young man stops reminding her of how desirable she is, she can find another fan;
  • Modern popular culture can push towards treason: examples of heroines of favorite TV series, stories from programs and stories about love affairs of girlfriends. But to go on treason because of this can only narrow-minded girl;
  • Infidelity comes from the desire to "get the forbidden fruit." Over time, the girls are changing the idea of ​​moral taboos. And if there is no strong love between partners, the lady can be carried away by new sensations;
  • If betrayal occurs in a marriage, most likely he was hasty or when the girl was not so many years old. A woman who did not walk up in youth is more prone to adultery than the one who married at 25-30;
  • Many relationships are ruined by a common life and daily routine. Partners who become boring to each other may try to bring diversity into their lives by searching for a lover on the side.

Signs of girl infidelity

Both women and men do not like to feel like a devoted spouse or partner. But it’s worth to face it: the sooner betrayal is noticed and the sooner you discuss its causes, the easier it will be to restore the relationship or end it. If you suspect that your girl is not true, you should pay attention to some indirect signs of adultery. Do not pounce on her accusations: perhaps you are simply suspicious.

  • The woman suddenly began to use expensive perfume and focuses on the lips in the makeup, although this was not previously engaged. These makeup items primarily attract the male half of humanity;
  • The girl began to monitor their diet and often attends fitness, provided that she had never tried to get in shape before. Most likely, she tries to impress with external changes on a new partner;
  • She finds more and more reasons to be out of your society, and her best friend needs constant help. Perhaps you should visit the girls at an opportunity, then all doubts and questions will disappear;
  • The woman began to speak critically about your appearance, earnings and moral qualities, although previously she was all arranged. Comparisons can begin with other men around her;
  • Any actions of a previously beloved person will be criticized or ridiculed. When you try to say that you are not pleased, you are unlikely to receive an apology or promise not to say bad things anymore;
  • You can determine infidelity by looking at the girl. She will try to look away at any opportunity. And if you meet glances by chance, she will try to leave or not to look at you;
  • During sex, a girl can impersonate herself and say the name of another man. Such reservations are not random and do not need comments;
  • You may also notice marks of unknown origin on the woman’s face, body, legs, and hips. But, most likely, she will figure out how to plausibly explain their origin;
  • Changing the girl begins to annoy the minimum tactile contact: hugs, tender kisses and the use of one bed remains in the past. When trying to rebel, she will advise to find a mistress;
  • The girl will complain about the lack of communication. But if you try to call her somewhere or talk heart to heart, she will probably push you away.

How to return the location of the girl?

Return the feelings and loyalty of the girl is quite difficult. And not every young man is ready to accept his beloved after her infidelity. According to opinion polls of recent years, only 40% of men will be able to forgive the betrayal of their partner. While 70% of women forgive infidelity on the part of their young people. This is where the differences in attitudes between different sexes are manifested.

But it is advisable to work on the relationship before the start of adultery from both the husband and the wife: there are no guarantees that an attempt to regain the girl’s disposition will be crowned with success. This requires active work on yourself by both partners. If you decide to restore trust in a couple, you should use the following tips from sexologists and family psychologists.

Re-establish strong emotional bond and confidence.

First of all, start paying attention to your spouse or girlfriend. Yes, after the working day you will obviously want to relax and spend time with friends or on social networks. But your intimacy, both physical and spiritual, is still important to her. Show interest in the affairs of the girl and become her closest person. She must understand that she can trust you in all matters and receive support if necessary. But you need to return and trust spouse.

Learn to solve conflict situations peacefully.

Do not start conflicts and do not create dramatic scenes if you learned about treason. Engage with a woman in a constructive dialogue and find out the reasons for the act. Do not let off steam through the scandal, you need to decide how to behave after treason, either together in a relaxed atmosphere, or by going to a family psychologist. Only a professional is capable of restoring confidence completely - especially in a temperamental pair.

Change the situation and discuss sex life

It is also worth talking about the intimate side of your life together. It is worth finding out what does not suit the girl, what she lacks, and also to discuss how you can bring diversity to her. In general, a joint move to another place is considered the best option for getting out of the crisis stage in a relationship. But if this is not realistic because of work or study, think about going on a journey together. Now you need to rally over a single cause and change the situation.