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How to re-fall in love with her husband: the most effective advice of a psychologist and a sexologist


The first months of family life are accompanied by romantic dates, joyful and unforgettable moments, tender kisses and trembling touches. It seems to a happy girl that it will always be like this.

However, in each pair there comes a moment when, after “butterflies in the stomach,” one gets used to each other. Spouses begin to live like a brother and sister. But what happens to love? Why do feelings become dulled and people begin to notice shortcomings that they have not seen before?

Joint life, accompanied by everyday duties, maintenance of life gradually kill even the strongest feelings. The woman does not have enough attention, from the past tender feelings on the part of the man there is not a trace left. Then the spouse is wondering how to fall in love with her husband again?

According to research by leading psychologists and sexologists, there are several methods that allow you to return to the former passion and make a man re-love his woman:

  • Expressing gratitude to the spouse;
  • Joining the interests of men;
  • Memories of a joint past;
  • Novelty in relationships;
  • Changing the look of a woman;
  • Spending free time together;
  • Sex experiments;
  • Fighting everyday and habit.

Consider each of the methods in more detail.

Expression of thanks to the spouse

In order to have a quivering relationship, kisses and gifts in family life between spouses, it is important for a woman to learn to praise her man. Never compare your husband with other men. More often say him thanks, how lucky you are with your chosen one. A man will be glad to hear how well done he is and that you are happy being next to him.

Try to refrain from reproaches and dissatisfied views. A man should feel every day that you need him and that he is the best choice for you.

If a woman thanks her husband, is attentive to him, does not conflict over trifles, then the husband will also treat her. It all starts with the fair sex. When a husband does not feel respect, love, gratitude from his wife, he automatically ceases to show interest in her and pay attention.

Joining the interests of men

Joint activities are able to return the former tender feelings and restore the once sincere and reverent relations between the spouses. More often be interested in a man that gives him pleasure, and that he categorically does not tolerate.

If your spouse is an avid fan, watch the next match with him. If he loves the game - join him and try to fight him in a computer battle. It is important that you yourself like what you do. Perhaps it is you who can give your spouse an emotional boost to his new accomplishments.

You should not make fun of the interests of your chosen one or try to deliberately diminish their importance in his life. This will only aggravate the situation and you will lose the trust and respect of the man.

Memories of a joint past

In every relationship there is a period that causes nostalgia, pleasant memories. Time that can be called "your." Perhaps your family life has just begun, you looked at the world as if through rose-colored glasses.

You must have a joint memory, which relates you to the former tender and sincere relationship. The park or restaurant where the first meeting took place, the cinema where you watched the movie on the last row, the place where the first kiss took place. In each family there should be an event known only to two.

Remember the happy moments more often, visit the places that are meaningful to you, see the joint photos of past years. It is important that the memory be joyful and cause only positive emotions for the two of you. If there is discord in the relationship, start a conversation with the chosen one with the words "Do you remember ..." and tell about the period of your life when everything was like a fairy tale.

Gushing pleasant memories will help a man to plunge into the old emotions and feelings. Most likely, he will want to repeat them in real life.

Novelty in relationships

Try to change the familiar atmosphere. Go on holiday to places where you have never been. Another country, a chic hotel. Some thoughts about changing the usual rhythm of life will make a man look at you differently.

Do not be afraid to experiment! At any opportunity, go on a trip. Let it be an incredible adventure, which you could not even think about before. But a little amazing adventure will surely color your family life with new bright colors.

Try to choose a place that will be completely different from what you are used to. Do not affect topics related to work, problems, household duties. Dedicate joint rest only to two of you. Forget about never-ending routine chores, challenges and obstacles. Enjoy each other's company.

Changing the situation will help you re-fall in love with your man only if you completely relax and enjoy your time together.

Changing the look of a woman

Often, after many years of marriage, a woman ceases to look after herself. At home, she allows herself to walk in a stretched T-shirt, soiled pants and a bunch on her head. But when a woman is going to people, she can spend several hours in front of a mirror, carefully choosing the outfit and making beautiful makeup.

This position of the spouse is fundamentally wrong. If a woman believes that her husband will love her anyone, despite the unkempt appearance, she is deeply mistaken. It is important for the wife to understand that, first of all, she should try to look attractive to her man. He should see her in neat clothes, with a clean head and a well-groomed manicure.

If you live together, buy sexy dressing gowns, flirty shorts and short skirts. A man is sure to appreciate. Dress nicely and gracefully so that you are not ashamed of your appearance.

Overly zealous is also not necessary. Do not get up in the morning a few hours earlier than your chosen one, and all this time to be painted, do styling and preen. The main rule - you should look neat and attractive.

Spending free time together

Any married couple needs rest away from their children and relatives. If you are constantly surrounded by people, even if they are close to you, it will be practically impossible to fall in love with your husband again.

With any workload at work or with a huge number of household chores, it is important to choose the time that you spend together, without prying eyes. Communicate on topics that are interesting to you two, do not discuss what is happening in the world or among neighbors. Try to enjoy each other's company.

In addition, each spouse must take the time to be alone and deal with their thoughts and feelings. If your husband came tired from work and shows by his appearance that he is not ready to talk to you, leave him alone for a while, do not meddle with questions. Go about your business. Often people get tired of each other and they need an emotional pause.

Sex experiments

For many men, sex in family life is of paramount importance. Use it to your advantage. Be more active, do not be afraid to experiment in sexual life. Take the initiative and spend an unforgettable night together. For a man, intimacy is very important, so try not to deny him that.

In addition, try to return the former quivering and tenderness in your relationship. Kisses, touches, hugs. Try to show interest in your chosen one through tactile contact.

Fighting daily routine and habit

Say a firm “No!” To everything that causes apathy and inner discomfort. Ruthlessly change the way of life that does not suit you two.

Arrange a date by candlelight on the roof, watch the stars fall, together meet the dawn. Do not let routine affairs completely absorb you. Find pleasant moments that can pull you out of the quagmire of endless daily activities.

Take fishing rods, potatoes from the house and go to the pond. Catch fish and arrange lunch in nature, cooking soup. Break up habits that do not bring any positive emotions. Do not let your love grow into a feeling of addiction.


To fall in love with her husband again, no need to make any great effort and "break" yourself from the inside. You yourself must want to return to the former tender and reverent relationship. Family life implies a great joint work.

Each spouse has periods of misunderstanding and mistrust. It seems easier to break off a relationship and start life with a clean face separately. But if at least on the one hand there is a desire to restore the old sincere and tender emotions, you should try to do it. Do not stop loving. Remember how and for what you started your life together.