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Horoscope for Pisces in October 2019 - gather the will into a fist


The horoscope for Pisces for October 2019 says that the time has come to find composure and ensure stability in life. I share the predictions and recommendations of the astrologers who will help to do this. They will tell the right direction, and for you - the action.

General trends

In the first week of the month, past problems will still be felt. There may be some difficulties with money or work, but this is all temporary.

Forecasts and recommendations of astrologers:

  1. In October, you can no longer be as active as before. This will create certain difficulties. You will not always be able to react quickly to a change in external circumstances, which will result in a feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself and life in general.
  2. Plans may begin to fall apart, problems with the completion of ongoing projects will become apparent. It feels like circumstances against you. And at this moment it is important not to resist, but to succumb to them, and then everything will work out in the best way.
  3. Therefore, try to relax and be optimistic in any situation, understanding that it is sometimes necessary to destroy everything old in order to enter a new stage of life completely renewed.
  4. From the third week of October, everything will be fine. And during this period, it is worthwhile to conduct a global reassessment of your values, set goals for the near future and outline a concrete plan of action to achieve them.
  5. It is very important to devote time to spiritual development and education. New knowledge and skills will help to improve your current standard of living. Also, work on thinking will help get rid of a huge load of complexes and self-doubt.

Also Pisces in October is very much subject to external influence. Try to listen to someone else's opinion, but follow it blindly. You need to understand what you really want, and what desires are imposed by the environment.

Love, family, relationship

October is the month of passion and love. It is possible that at first you will be "stormed" by the emotional swing: rough quarrels will be replaced by bright reconciliations, which will tire you a lot. But the situation will even out by the third week, and you can calmly sigh.

Forecasts and recommendations of astrologers:

  1. Even if you find yourself in a hopeless situation, do not lose courage. Perhaps your conclusions are premature, and the reality is not so bad. Morning is wiser than evening, so always give yourself time to analyze.
  2. In October, your loved one will be able to motivate you to fundamental changes in life. You will want to go in search of adventure, to experience new thrills. here it is important not to follow the beloved blindly, in order to avoid disappointment when everything goes wrong as you expected.
  3. It is time for Lonely Pisces to realize that they too idealize the image of their potential elect. Understand that there are no people without flaws and moderate your requirements if you do not want to be alone for a long time.
  4. Your partner will especially need love, care and attention. And on the contrary, you want to abstract a little and regain your independence. This can be a source of relationship problems. If you do not want to lose them, look for compromises and negotiate without waiting for an open conflict.


In October, you need to take care of yourself, because the energy level will be quite low. It is very important to maintain a sense of proportion in everything: in emotions, food, alcohol and desires.

Periodically will roll feeling tired, covering with irritability. All this is a result of overwork. Think about whether you have loaded yourself with too serious obligations.

Feeling unwell is a signal from the body that needs attention. This is a clear hint that it’s time to stop working for wear and take care of yourself. Take care of strengthening the immune system, heal and temper.

You can safely go to the beautician and do all sorts of anti-aging procedures, they will give a stunning effect.

Money, business and career

There can be disagreements with colleagues every now and then. But despite this, you will remain in an advantageous position, because the authorities are on your side.

Most of the month will be dedicated to problem solving. They will affect relationships with the team, subordinates, and relationships with partners, customers. There can be various negative circumstances that interfere with the quick fulfillment of current obligations.

If you planned to move in October, it will most likely be postponed for another month. The work that was offered to you in another city will cease to be relevant. If you are not employed at all now, then the search for suitable vacancies will not bring any result.

At the end of the month there is a long business trip, on the results of which your career directly depends. Therefore, try to prove yourself in the best possible way, so that you can appear before your superiors only with good news.

Unfavorable financial period will last until November. So be patient and remember that behind the dark stripe in life there always comes an inspiring light one.