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What dreams about Money: large paper notes


In the morning my husband was surprised to say that he not only dreamed about paper bills, but he even heard them rustling. Just a few days later, he was offered a very lucrative contract and paid off a large debt. In just 1 week the income came to the family, as in a month. I decided to study in more detail what dreams of big paper money, what interpretations are in different dream books.

A dream about large paper bills - what is it for?

In many dream books, night dreams of any operations with money are favorable and foreshadowing profits and the implementation of long-planned projects. It is especially good when a person in a dream clearly sees that he is taking bills from someone. But there are subtleties and nuances, which will be discussed.

I had a big bill

  1. Usually, large denomination money predicts an increase in work, the achievement of new heights, recognition and a new successful period in life. For those engaged in scientific activity or creativity, a dream means that new discoveries will be obtained soon, opening the doors to a successful turn in career growth.
  2. It’s not very good when you hear the rustle of bills in a dream: pay attention to the environment - probably the envious ones are discussing your progress behind your back and plotting on it. Be careful not to tell a lot about yourself.
  3. If you have lost a large amount in your sleep, then you should not worry about your health and family relationships, but you will have to focus on the workplace. There may be disagreements with the authorities, up to the demotion. There may be omissions with colleagues.
  4. Such a dream is often prophetic. Take care of large sums. If you have to carry with you, then be extremely concentrated: loss or theft is possible. Amounts are related only to working moments.
  5. Very good sleep when you find a large number of paper notes. It is possible that in real life you will find money or get unexpected profits, someone will give up the old debt.
  6. An excellent omen is when your money is piling up. So in life all expenses will also be under control, which means plans and immediate goals of the family will be achieved.
  7. If money in a dream is faked asleep - sleep is not very good. Because of his dishonest and dishonest behavior, close people or friends may suffer. It is required to reconsider their moral outlook on life.

Dream of paper money or a trifle - which is better?

Always bad dreams, when bills are stolen, spent, or are being squandered by foreign capital. This is definitely to trouble, quarrels, loss of long friendships. Sometimes after such a dream the friendship with dear people completely stops.

  • Small coins mean problems and tears, quarrels and disagreements. Often, small money is tears.
  • Large bills are sometimes associated with long-distance travel or even the birth of a child, that is, major changes in life and important decisive events.
  • If in a dream you give out a large amount, then the sign is good. It means that in real life they are able to share with those in need and support close people in difficult times.
  • Sometimes a dream marks the receipt of wealth, gain or inheritance.
  • Also not bad and find money. Get ready for an unexpected advantageous offer, which you should not refuse. May be related to work, new contract or business trip.

Dreams of money in a dream usually attract financially and in reality. The main thing is to learn how to properly analyze the signs that are given in a dream, and to draw timely conclusions. Dreams about money - always a warning about the appearance in the life of a good change, often not related to personal life or health.

What is the phenomenon of sleep about money

Even in ancient times, they knew that banknotes dream about big changes. Well, when the paper money and a lot of them. Bad when it's a small thing. Coppers were considered a sign of upcoming problems, tears, quarrels and small squabbles.

Dreams about banknotes warn: life will soon change in the most fantastic way, you will only look around with surprise, disbelieving your eyes and fallen blessings.

Scientists came to the conclusion that such dreams are not a product of the activity of the brain and its reflection, but information that came to a person in such a way that everyone could understand. This is confirmed by numerous editions of the dream books of various authors.

Dream about money

Almost all interpretations are based on paper bills - a good and kind sign, but only if all manipulations with bills are profitable and honest.

Dream Miller

  1. Paper money of large denomination in a dream - get ready for a big revolution in life. All benefits will be at your feet, and dreams will begin to come true. If you lose a certain amount or it just disappears in a dream, then psychologically get ready in everyday life for losses and parting with money. Unforeseen expenses are possible.
  2. In some cases, when in a dream you have said goodbye to the sum of bills, changes in working relationships will begin: career growth is possible, a change of place of work, or new perspectives will appear. It is very good when you dream about gold coins - wealth, wealth and promotion are provided to you.
  3. A wonderful sign is to count big money in a dream. In reality, you can prepare for a large profit. But be careful if there are no bills in the night visions: in life you can be a big substitute. It is undesirable to ignore this sign. Be careful and put off any transactions for a while.

In this dream book, counterfeit money, coins of small denomination, theft, shortage or loss of funds are a clear warning to be careful and careful. Possible deception in reality.

Dream Vanga

Here the interpretation is a little different. All paper notes dream to a warning that caution does not hurt, and perhaps you need to reconsider the circle of contacts. You are surrounded by many envious and detractors.

It does not matter what denomination and what currency - in the near future you should not sign documents related to real estate, accept expensive items or even take something edible. Caution must be in first place.

If you accept money as a gift in a dream, then look at your relatives. They are used to your ongoing support and are confident that you will lend a helping hand at any time. Possible manipulation.

Recount bills - you are a warning to be kind, and start to get rid of greed. She does not paint anyone. If the money is dirty, torn or dream about them is incomprehensible and alarming - there is a possibility of a treacherous robbery. In the near future, consider protecting your home and your savings.

Give someone the amount (face value is not important) - get a significant and profitable offer in a business or just get ready for an unexpected enrichment. Many problems in the shortest possible time to be solved in the best way.

Dream loft

  • Very good sleep, when in reality a familiar person gives you a sum of money. Your relationship will be strengthened, possible profitable joint projects and profit.
  • In the dream of helping out someone with money? Prophetic dream: expect that in the coming days you will really be asked for financial assistance.
  • Loss of bills - not very good times are coming, you will have to “tie up a belt” and restrain your appetite. Most likely, before there were other signs that you do not know how to handle money.

Dream interpretation by V. Melnikova

Any payments on this system of dream prediction to loss and loss. Recalculate bills - to prosperity, but at the same time, there will be little trouble, troubles, anxiety and concern.

  1. You receive a translation in night dreams - get ready for a long trip, a business trip or a trip.
  2. Get money in hand - to prosperity and profit.
  3. Manipulations with gold coins - you are waiting for important things, deals or signing a contract with long-term cooperation. No need to refuse.
  4. A large number of small coins - to frustration, tears. A lot of silver and large bills - you will get the respect of others and honor.
  5. Foreshadows sadness, hard or wasted labor, poverty and poverty in a dream or a ruble. It is undesirable to get involved in questionable campaigns and enterprises, deception and fraud are possible. It is better to humbly wait the period and try to find another job.
  6. Money in foreign currency marks the unfortunate participation of a famous and close person in your business. If you are thinking about this project, then give up before it is too late.
  7. A bad dream when you have a lot of foreign money. It is likely that you are not the most successful period in business and in life in general, lacking the support of relatives and friends.

Dream Interpretation Lunar

Very unexpected interpretation in this edition. Unlike the rest, the dream of large paper bills means loss and poverty. Your savings and deposits will bring absolutely no wealth and benefits.

To see big coins and big money - in reality to face huge troubles and red tape.