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Horoscope for Leo in September 2019 - time to fulfill dreams


The horoscope for Leo on September 2019 indicates that the time has come to concentrate all your strength. This is a favorable period for setting important goals and their implementation. Read the predictions and recommendations of the best astrologers that I have selected for you.

Love, family and relationships

In September, you need to bring perfect order, not only in your home, but also in your thoughts and personal life. It's time to find out the relationship and figure out what the partner likes and what he absolutely does not like in your behavior.

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. Strive to listen to your heart, it will never deceive. Do not be fooled by someone else's opinion - it can destroy your relationship with your loved one. Solve all problems only together, without interfering outsiders.
  2. In the second half of the month, there may be problems with relatives, and you will have to actively solve them, because there is no one else. The situation will be resolved favorably rather quickly, so you will not worry for a long time.
  3. Couples in love who are only dating so far may decide to move together and live together. And the stars do not mind - just do not delay cohabitation for a long time, you must understand that sooner or later the matter will end with a wedding. And if you do not want it, it is better to leave, and not to arrange a demo version of the marriage.
  4. In September, try to finish the repair or redevelopment, especially if the process was started for a long time. Do not regret it no money, no strength. The universe will send you the necessary capabilities, you only need the desire.
  5. Do not bring up children, but strive to show them how to behave, by personal example. Develop yourself, and your child is just a mirror. But the extra severity and categorical, on the contrary, aggravate relations with him. Remember that you are not a controller and not a teacher, but simply an assistant in social implementation. You can direct and advise, but without suppression and control.


Energy potential in September will be weakened. Therefore, in all that relates to health and well-being, you need to be extremely careful. The weak point of the body during this period is the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system as a whole.

But this is a favorable time for any cosmetic procedures. Care for your skin, body and hair. This will give a stunning effect.

Communicate more with loved ones whom you love. This will affect health in the best possible way. But with unpleasant and toxic people, energy vampires, it is better to avoid communication.

Try to avoid overwork. Work at the limit of opportunities, but in time, let yourself and relax, so as not to deplete the body.

Money, work and business

The financial situation in September will remain stable, but there will be a tendency to an increase in income. Money will regularly come into your life, sometimes from the most unexpected sources. They can return old debts, or profits from completed transactions will exceed your expectations.

Forecasts and recommendations of astrologers:

  1. The most likely dates on which you will receive money are: September 2, 10, 11, 17, 28 and 30.
  2. It is very important to treat money easily during this period. Every time you spend them, mentally say: "I spend a thousand, two returns." And notice that, indeed, your income gradually begins to double.
  3. If you have to perform legal operations to increase income, be sure that everything will go well with no complicated bureaucratic delays.
  4. September is the most favorable period for remote work. You can earn a decent amount, even without leaving home. It is possible that this will have to work on their limiting beliefs, expand the boundaries of thinking.
  5. Rely on your intuition when you make decisions regarding finances. The inner voice will promptly tell you what to do. Even if it seems to you that the answer from the subconscious carries a risk, feel free to go for it. Expectations are met more than.
  6. Remember that everything new is well forgotten old. Therefore, if you are facing a goal to increase the profit of your business, look for ideas that someone has already successfully implemented. This will help outline a future action plan. Rely on someone else's positive experience and do not strive to do something fundamentally new. It is possible that no one has yet realized this new one simply because there was no demand for it.
  7. But Lions-managers can improve the performance of their subordinates if they implement some original traditions in the company. This will unite the team and increase the motivation for good work.
  8. In September, the Lions want to speak more often in public. But it is necessary to restrain these impulses. During public speeches you can be accused or substituted in something, be careful with any statements.
  9. Past problems with customers and partners will still be felt. But you can easily handle them. Believe in luck and your strength, and success will be on your side.

September is a good time to look for a promising job. If you are not busy with anything, it’s time to send your resume to potential employers.

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