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Full interpretation of dreams, in which dream monthly


During pregnancy, I often dreamed of periods. These dreams were frightening, constantly it seemed that this was some evil hint of fate. I bought a dream book, then another one, but he almost never interpreted them - maybe because many men write such books? She told her mother, she silently got an old book from the mezzanine, battered and without a cover. She told me that this dream-book grandmother, still young, had found in the attic of the house she had bought her family. The book never let down, so they rarely looked into it - they were afraid to read something bad ...

Age of the dreamer


If a girl has seen her monthly periods, she hasn’t actually had them yet, this is a good sign. Soon in the life of this young lady will happen a fascinating adventure or a joyful surprise.

If the girl saw blood on the pad, the dream hints how quickly she grew up and that it's time to say goodbye to childhood - puberty began in the dreamer. Perhaps in a month or two, gaskets will have to be bought in real life.

If the girl dreamed that her period was painful, it was a quarrel with her parents.


In many cases, "monthly" dreams mean that the dreamer is very successful, and in everything.

Further, you also expect many pleasant moments. Maybe get a good job, get an unexpected inheritance or a valuable gift. In general, the classic white stripe begins in life.


If you just saw them, it means that soon you are destined to see your relatives (maybe even living far away). Will this meeting be good? It all depends on whether the dream was pleasant or not.

However, the dream can be deciphered in a different way. It all depends on the dreamer itself.

  • Lonely, relationship-free lady. In your case, intimate bleeding in a dream is a sign of a real illness. Perhaps you have not yet identified the ailments, but some symptoms are already showing, and the subconscious mind fixes them. It hints to you through sleep that it is time to undergo a medical examination.
  • Woman suffering from a disease. Monthly - a warning that you will have to undergo surgery or will need to be treated for a long time.
  • Unemployed job seeker sending out a resume. But in your case, menstruation in a dream is a great sign. Soon you will finally get a good place.
  • A woman who dreams of a baby or is being treated for infertility. Your vain attempts will finally come to an end - soon a stork will be met in your house.

Monthly with menopause

In the depths of your body, a disease is born. Maybe it has not yet manifested itself, or the manifestations are so insignificant that you consider them ordinary ailments. In fact, the problems can be very serious. Visit the doctor, tell him about your own well-being. It may be worth testing (general). The sooner you identify the disease and begin to treat it, the sooner you will cope with it.

Painful menstruation in a dream will tell about your own depressed mental state. Tell your family or psychologist about your problems.

The dreamer saw the period on another woman

Sleep warns: you have appeared rival.

But do not worry - life itself will have time to neutralize the scum, and she will not have time to harm you.

Did she appear unexpectedly?

Menstrual blood is your energy and inner strength. If you have a blood discharge in a dream, the dream warns: be careful. Waiting for you loss, which can adversely affect your life. For example, you can seriously ill, quarrel with a loved one or business partner, and then fall into spiritual prostration.

If in a dream you saw that menstruation suddenly started in a public placeBe wary of embarrassment. Most likely, it will happen in the presence of other people.

Dreamgirl - pregnant

Such a dream can scare, many pregnant women are afraid that this is a precursor of miscarriage.

In fact, just such a dream - good. It means: you make a great baby, during childbirth everything will go well, the baby-calf will be born healthy.

But! If you've seen pads, underwear, clothes, shoes covered with menstrual blood, this is anxious sleep. He promises to bring problems in his personal life.

In the dream, did you think about your own delay?

A difficult situation will come or life will throw up a whole heap of troubles. Worst of all, you only have to rely on yourself.

It happens so that neither relatives nor friends can help you. But not the fact that they just turn away - maybe they will not have the knowledge / resources / capabilities.

However, one should not think that this is an exceptionally bad dream. Perhaps he simply says that soon you will mobilize all your strengths and knowledge, you will be forced to leave the comfort zone, and this will make you stronger.

What was this bleeding where was the blood?

Painful menstruation suggests that you are not sexually satisfied.

And if you only felt the smell of blood, your intimate life is hampered by complexes. You can not deal with the "imperfections" in which you believe? Do not refuse to communicate with psychologists, these people really helped a lot.

Blood color

Black. That's bad! Sleep warns of the onset of a serious illness. To a woman who plans to become a mother, the dream says that she will fail (at least in the near future).

Alai (too bright). Dreamer annoys the mass of the complexes. Most likely, we are talking about dissatisfaction with their own appearance.

Any other color. Soon you will fall into a strange situation. You will not be able to deal with the problem on your own, you have to go for advice to a wise, authoritative (for you) person.

Scanty or copious periods?

  • Monthly surprised or frightened of their profusion, coming suddenly. Soon you will face a loss, a loss. You can lose health, work, a large sum of money, a relationship with an important person. Be careful "on all fronts."
  • Blood ran down my legs.. Sleep warns: you can soon "mess up" with your own hands, ruining your life. Think about each act well, beware of even harsh words and expressions.
  • If in a dream a girl could not cope with very heavy bleedingIt says that a kind of romantic feeling is born in her soul, which seems to her to be wrong or frightens her. But love does not grow into a long relationship. The novel, if it begins, will not last long.

Blood was hygienic.

If you saw her very much even dripping, this warning: temper your curiosity, you are interested in things that do not concern you. If you are planning to help someone with good intentions, remember that it is with such intentions that the road to hell is laid out. Do not interfere in the lives of other people and do not try to learn other people's secrets.

If on a pad or tampon was some bloodThis means that you are either too curious, or another person is trying to stick your nose into your personal life. Say less about yourself to strangers.

You inadvertently smeared the bed, and maybe furniture.

This is another warning sign warning: you are destined to be dishonored or embarrassed. Alternatively, your lie could be exposed. If your conscience is not clear, consider in advance how you can try to set yourself in a more or less decent light.

If in your own blood you dirty your handsThis means that you are too inquisitive. And you like to try out secrets and find out quite intimate ones. Carefully, such curiosity will not bring to the good!

It was an unpleasant phenomenon.

You clearly remember the feeling squeamishnesswho have experienced seeing their menstruation? The dream warns that a cocoon of gossips surrounds your life.

Men in a dream

Your subconscious says: you are a little squeamish about sex and physical intimacy. Embracing your partner, you are not covered by tenderness or passion, but by thoughts of bodily aesthetics and purity. And it does not give you 100% pleasure from intimacy. Help yourself! Learn how to turn off the brain in bed, concentrating only on the sensual side of the moment, and you will see how much pleasure sex can bring.

By the way! Such a dream has another explanation: you are threatened with losses due to the evil actions of a certain person. Perhaps you will suffer from a fraudster, and perhaps one of your friends "will be suddenly." A quarrel with a girlfriend or wife, a bad business contract is also possible.


  • In most cases, menstruation in a woman’s sleep (especially unexpected, abundant, extending to bed or furniture) is a bad omen. Such a dream can warn of losses, making mistakes or insulting the exposure of their own deception.
  • It is bad when such a scenario arises in a man’s dream. This is a sign of loss or loss due to a disagreement with some person, or difficulties in intimate communication with the opposite sex.
  • But if the dreamer is pregnant, it is a good dream that promises easy childbirth and the appearance of a healthy baby.

And how to evaluate a dream in which you saw not menstrual, but just blood - on your own or someone else's clothes, different actions with blood (for example, if you drank it)? All interpretations of such dreams you will hear in this video: