Dream interpretation

The strongest prayer, the Dream of the Most Holy Theotokos - a set of texts of miraculous power


The “Dream” of the Most Holy Theotokos is considered to be the golden prayer among Orthodox texts; many Orthodox people know this. However, not everyone guesses what the true meaning of such a beautiful name is. Always and at all times for a person, sleep was an important part of his being.

It often reflected dreams, general ideas about the environment, existing consciousness. So it is for the Virgin Mary, Dreams - Her view of the world, of people, of their future. Including, this is a certain possibility of changing the worst sides to the best. Further, it will be briefly described how the Dreams are interpreted, how to send the prayers of the Mother of God.

Righteous life in past centuries has always implied a sincere appeal to prayer. People with the word of God came to this earth, did all the important things and deeds, and also with prayer left the white light. Very often, they used a kind of prayer charm - the "Dreams" of the Virgin Mary, where there were 77 sacred texts in them. Each of them had their own purpose. Each was written to solve certain life problems. Even in a hopeless situation, people with hope and faith sought help through these prayers. Usually they were resorted to when it was necessary:

  • protect yourself and loved ones from damage;
  • get rid of the disease;
  • take away the enemy;
  • prevent a fire, enemy raid.

All of the seven dozen prayers are recognized as one of the strongest. The generation succeeded another, but the sacred texts were preserved in human memory. They tried to pass on to children and grandchildren, so as not to lose. Initially, the transfer was oral, then - in writing. The wisdom of the ancestors was preserved, which always gives a person hope for the accomplishment of a certain miracle that will help him.

How to read the Orthodox "Dreams" of the Virgin

In order to avoid mistakes when reading the Dreams, it is necessary to take into account some points. Most importantly, these texts are forbidden to pronounce in God's house. However, because of this, they should not be considered sinful. On the contrary - before us are powerful texts of ancient times. Their task has always been to protect people from various misfortunes. Associated with them is such an amazing belief that the one who manages to collect all the 77 components of the “Dreams” of the Most Holy, will become the master of his life. He will be granted a happy fate, he will stay on earth for a very long time. When his hour strikes, the gentle angels will meet him and bring him to the Lord.

As mentioned above, a lot of texts. Some of them are considered more significant, and believers resort to them more often. than to the rest. If we present them in the form of a list, it will look like this:

  • The Virgin’s “Dream” of trouble is all that is related to family problems, the child most in demand.
  • "The Dream" of the Virgin for all salvation - resorted to in any unpleasant situation, is revered as the most powerful;
  • "Sleep" for any healing - the name speaks of itself, reads for any disease, regardless of what it is connected with;
  • “Sleep” for the fulfillment of desire — those who give hope for the future that one would like to see to the one praying, are asked for themselves and their loved ones;
  • "Dream" of the Virgin - (request-prayer) - protection against all evil for a person is very popular.

The art of reading the "Sleep" of the Blessed Virgin

To perform this ceremony with a subsequent positive result, it is better not to deviate from the tips:

  • choose a room where you can stay alone for long;
  • turn off all household appliances;
  • close the door tightly, after warning the family to observe silence;
  • focus on your request;
  • light the candles;
  • relax and wait for the pulse to return to normal;
  • with a bow to ask the Virgin forgiveness for all their actions;
  • read in a whisper (3 times), comprehending read;
  • if feelings begin to overwhelm, then give them a will;
  • complete the prayer and lie silently in bed.

It is noticed that when the ritual of reading prayers ends, peace and lightness descend upon the person. He begins to feel that his soul has become free, and the exhausting sadness and despondency have disappeared somewhere. The main thing is the trust of the believer of the Mother of God, and then help will come.

There are a lot of evidence that is specifically recorded on paper and electronic media, confirming that the "Dreams" of the Most Holy Theotokos - really create a miracle. Many human destinies have become happier, and so many people have been saved. The once-lost health returned; others began to believe in themselves again, finding peace of mind. Prayers are super strong. Argued that even the most of all existing. If it happens that hopelessness has fallen, and the situation is not amenable to any corrections, everything is scary and a person does not see anything good for himself, then do not despair. It is better to refer to the miraculous words. They will help calm down and make the right decision.

Anyone who has ever resorted to these magic words has already ceased to doubt their power, even if at first he was skeptical about everything. They grant deliverance, help to regain strength and confidently walk along a thorny path, called the short but succinct word "life."

Selected Dream Texts

It is not necessary to cite as an example all texts, but it is advisable to familiarize yourself with some of the most popular and demanded ones.


It is believed that the miraculous prayer sleep of the Blessed Virgin Mary is able to cope with any problem of the Christian. She has her own peculiarities:

  1. this is a collection of divine texts;
  2. not readable in the temple;
  3. you can take a separate part for the ritual;
  4. each dream is directed to a certain side of a person’s being;
  5. there are universal dreams that read in many cases.