Dream interpretation

Entry technique for beginners in lucid dreams


The eldest daughter began to practice a very interesting thing - lucid dreams. Pre-read several educational books of famous authors with ready-made techniques. Anyone can learn this, I also tried, now I continue to train.

There is nothing difficult, but the benefits are palpable: the nervous system is restored quickly, all insomnia, fears and anxiety have passed. In addition, to study your body, mind and subconscious in this form is really curious. Today I want to share my impressions and knowledge of how to get into a lucid dream.

What is a lucid dream?

The name itself partially answers many questions. In such dreams, a person realizes that he is sleeping. The main advantage is that all restrictions are removed, which constrain our consciousness in the real world.

That is, everyone can plunge into the world of his fantasies and experience unforgettable impressions, becoming an absolute God for a short time: you can fly, change your appearance, be at any point on the planet.

What does this give?

Many materialists are interested in this. The benefits are huge, a little more about them.

  1. In a conscious dream, we can experience very deep emotions and experiences that are completely inaccessible to us in the real world. This solves many issues related to an oversupply of nervous tension and a high level of anxiety in real life.
  2. There is an opportunity to really take a break from constant worries and feel like a free person. In this case, you stay in your bed and do not pay any money for questionable courses.
  3. Many get rid once and for all of fears, phobias and strong negative experiences of childhood, because with the help of lucid dreaming they are able to work with their subconscious mind. And its resources are huge.
  4. Scientists have shown that every dream is primarily a work of the subconscious. If you learn with the help of simple techniques to handle it, you can completely change your inner world and even your real life for a better one.
  5. In a dream, a person is quite capable of making a discovery (for example, the periodic table) and solving his mental problems. As practice shows, people who have learned to sleep consciously become more self-confident, which helps even to get a new job, change the environment and reach a new level.

The biggest advantage is to get new unique impressions and start looking at the world positively. This is what is missing for us, who are used to doing routine and bustle every day. And not everyone can go on a trip to the country of interest, for example.

Where to begin

There are several experts in the world willing to share many years of experience. They offer simple adapted for beginners, technology.

One of them is Bradley Thompson and the book "A conscious dream for 7 days." A total of 45 pages that need to be studied and read in small fragments, and immediately practice. This person shares in an accessible form the most valuable observations collected over many years of studying dreams, states and the human psyche.

  • To see a lucid dream, you need to prepare: to have a great desire to learn new experiences, start diaries and record all dreams and your condition. The preparatory stage takes about a week, if you set a goal to really achieve the result.
  • The question "In a dream or not?" Should start asking yourself daily. So you will learn to realize yourself more deeply and to live life “here” and “now”, which is very important. After all, many live in the past or the future. At the same time, you gradually learn to “get in touch” with your subconscious and distinguish mental states in reality and in a dream.
  • By connecting the recognition practices, reading and writing a diary, constantly thinking about how you want to see a lucid dream, you are setting up brain centers to solve the problem. After all, for them there are no emotions, but there are only clear teams and goals.
  • Judging by the reviews, according to this method, more than 90% of people received positive and excellent results by the end of the week.

Among the really practicing and educated specialists, one can also distinguish PhD, somnologist Patricia Garfield and psychophysiologist Stephen LaBerge. These people have never turned to extrasensory or esoteric, but have achieved very interesting results, and are willing to share their experiences with everyone.

Step-by-step instructions to the technique of entering a lucid dream for beginners

The most important thing is to learn to understand in a dream that you are already asleep. At first it may be somewhat unusual and not convenient, and sometimes scary. But soon you will notice that the psyche responds quite calmly to your desire to lift the veil of the secret of sleep and learn to control ourselves and our important processes, because we are asleep - then we are almost half of our lives.

What is an indirect entry

  1. You can do it day and night. Do not be discouraged if the first time did not work. For the development will take from one to five attempts. There are several ways. First set the alarm. It is important that it rings after 6 hours of sleep.
  2. You need to get out of bed, wake up, drink water or go to the toilet. Then go to bed again, at the same time prepare yourself, and concentrate that you will wake up consciously. An alarm clock is no longer needed.
  3. You can make a rough idea of ​​what you will do in a dream. It is important that no one distracts. Close tight curtains and vents: should not be distracted by extraneous sounds or smells.
  4. Put on the mask. For a quicker addiction to lucid dreams, get a mask specifically for this technique. So the subconscious mind will be ready, that you are going to sleep consciously. It is undesirable to move, roll over and get up after waking up.
  5. Important: in order to separate from the physical body, try not to move at all, but to imagine that you have already risen or taken off. Control the relaxation of the muscular system while doing so. Naturalness is important.

It may not work out at first, so try again and again. As a result, be sure to achieve the desired state. Moreover, it will be very interesting for you to learn how to “work” and manage your body. Try other ways of entering a lucid dream.

Swimming technique

It helps to separate from the body and such a fairly simple technique. When you wake up, continue to lie still, but at the same time imagine that you begin to swim, "rake" your hands.

The more realistic you are, the better. In the end, you really begin to think that you are swimming in the water. And then release yourself, and start living in a virtual world.


  • One of the curious techniques, because it will require a bright imagination. It is necessary to imagine that you begin to rotate around its axis.
  • This must be done quickly, and then you will feel that you are “left” without a physical body, you do not feel it. The phase of lucid dreaming begins, in which you are the sole scriptwriter and master.


You lie with your eyes closed, wearing a mask on them. Try to look virtually into the dark in front of you. After a while, see the picture. It is important not to look at the details, but try to get involved in it, go through the image to another world.

If you pay attention to the details and details, the image will begin to become blurry and fuzzy. The state of "transition" may be missed.

On the one hand, continue the process of separation with the body, and moving forward to the picture, and on the other, try to look through it, without concentrating all the attention.

Through the arms

  1. Imagine that you are rubbing your palms in front of each other. It is important to imagine everything as accurately as possible, even to "hear" the sound.
  2. Try to imagine your hands and the process of friction very clearly and brightly. Through the methodical movements smoothly separate from the body and continue the path to the country of lucid dreams.

Phantom swing

Imagine swinging your phantom. In this case, in any case, do not strain the muscles of your body. Everything has to happen in thought.

Try to “catch” the swinging state within 10–15 cm. Concentrate on this understanding and sensation. When complete awareness occurs, begin to separate with the body.

To really feel the lucid dream and be in it, at first you will have to try several different techniques. Each try 4 - 5 seconds, no more. Repeat 3 - 4 times, change the technology in a circle. In the end, some work.

At these moments, it is of paramount importance that you owe nothing to anyone, so rest and have the right to do so. Only in a relaxed state, and without thinking about wasted time, will a good result be obtained. Even if it does not immediately.