Dream interpretation

Orthodox evening prayers for a dream coming for children and adults - the 3 strongest


The better a person sleeps, the stronger is his health. Any organism begins to fail if insomnia suddenly occurs, which regularly torments and makes it impossible to rest. Avoiding it or coping if already bothering will help prayer before bed, which will tell more below.

Do I need a prayer for a dream coming

Almost a third of all time, which is given to man by God, goes to sleep. On its quality depends largely on how the next day will pass. After all, during such a holiday, there is a recuperation, and, accordingly, making the right decisions in various matters.

In a dream, sometimes a person can be overcome by sinful desires that they want to realize, he becomes very vulnerable to them. To avoid this, it is imperative to pray in the evening. It is very important for Orthodox to turn to God before going to bed. Tell him about all your joys and tribulations. Even if severe fatigue overcomes after a hard day, you need to carve out a little time, overpowering yourself, and sincerely pray. This can be done in different ways:

  • praise;
  • petition;
  • thanksgiving.

They all consist of whole cycles. These include psalms, appeals to saints. What usually happens in such conversations with the Lord? People can apologize for having done the hard-hitting, after that they sleep much easier and stronger.

Evening prayer ritual

Evening has come and it's time to sleep? Half an hour before you go to bed, you need to light a church candle, you can have a few. Try to peer into the flame, trying to concentrate. See how they slowly burn away. After these actions, after 8-10 minutes, one should begin to pray. You can stand in front of the chosen image, you can kneel down. If there is no such possibility, just lie down and read the prayer in a whisper, preferably by heart. Some simply listen to the text, which is also not forbidden.

What to pray before bed

Appeals to a dream coming to the Higher Forces are different, including the 3 strongest, but basically the following requests unite everyone:

  • about obedience and instruction;
  • about the angel's message;
  • about the forgiveness of sins;
  • about protection from evil forces;
  • on the fence from fears;
  • about the patience of the sent tests;
  • about saving your body and soul.

It is noted by true believers that without evening prayer, sleep does not go; if you manage to fall asleep, it can be restless and intermittent. They read such prayers regularly, only in this case they help. The bottom line is that help from them comes regardless of the state of the person, i.e. he sleeps or does something. He can always count on the help of the Most High.
Recommended reading texts for the next dream:

  • Honest Cross;
  • tropari;
  • Guardian angel;
  • The Virgin;
  • Saints Macarius, Antiochus, John Chrysostom;
  • to Saint Cyprian and Saint Justinia;
  • To Christ.

Night prayers for children

It is also useful to read the prayers for a dream coming over their children and, especially, over babies. After all, they are more often worried about others at night, crying, they may be afraid of something. To cope with children's nightmares will help loving parents to regularly read with sincere faith prayers. It may be appeals to St. Martha You can ask for a night's peace from the Guardian Angel, if the baby has already been christened. They also send their requests to Matronushka and the Kazan Mother of God.

As soon as the child calms down, they put him to bed. Someone from parents or relatives becomes at his head. Prayer is read in a very quiet and even voice. As a result, waking up less naughty, well enough sleep, he has a happy mood the next day. An older child must be taught an independent appeal to God. Then the dreams that visit him will be kind. It is not necessary to memorize mechanically, it is better to try to explain the meaning of the phrases more easily, so that the teenager can pray consciously.

It happens that the mother reads a prayer over the child, and she has no effect: fears and anxiety continue. In this case, the clergy advised to visit the church, buy there 3 candles. Two are placed near the image of the Mother of God for the health of the child and his enemies, and one is lit against the icon of All Saints.

It is also very important not to forget that important factor that prayer will only have a positive result when it is pronounced consciously and with deep faith in the heart.

Evening prayer rule

According to the tradition of Orthodoxy, evening prayers are in no way inferior in their significance and importance to others. They are also performed according to the Prayer Rule, preferably every day. However, the most complete reading of all the necessary texts sometimes takes too much time, which modern man lacks so much. For this reason, one may resort to a shorter summary of Christian prayers.

However, personal contact with the Lord, especially when the day is at the end, gives a lot to a person. For this reason, still you should not spare time for prayer. Such a mystery is simply necessary for the realization of how the day went, the humble acceptance of what happened. The Most High, his messengers, to whom the believer addresses before going to bed, will assist in making the right decision, will point to the true path if the person does not know what to do.

If an adult is tormented by nightmares, which is familiar to many, the prayer word for the night is most welcome. It will quench the constant oppressive anxiety in the prayer, it will relieve him of waiting for something bad that should happen in his life, as he thinks, without fail.

Brief evening prayers

Every evening, to read strong prayers, at least short ones, means to save oneself from vulnerability to night fears, to get rid of oppressive doubts. So that a person does not constantly think about it, but lives in the realities of the present day, it is not bad to follow the following tips:

  • to convince oneself that what dreamed was unreal;
  • strive for good and light, filling your existence with positive emotions;
  • know and understand the prayers and with the help of them suppress or completely get rid of the alarm.

Praying for the future sleep of the Optina Elders

In the monastery of Optina Hermitage, this prayer is esteemed especially. There are special prayer rules developed. If you follow them strictly, then the mercy of the Lord will not leave a person. Basically they contain the following:

  • read strictly by the prayer book, without gag;
  • understand what you are reading (if the meaning is unclear, you can ask in the temple or find your own interpretation);
  • to have beads and resort to them in order to better read the text with the word of God and not be distracted by sinful thoughts;
  • each time read 1 ch. from several holy sources: the Gospel, the Apostolic Epistles, or the Acts;
  • what a person reads must be within his power;
  • even a very short holy text must be pronounced every evening;
  • in all to observe moderation;
  • all that is not clear, discuss with the father.


Any prayer for the night, be it a voluminous text or a very short one, requires a sincere and meaningful reading. It is advisable to recite it, however, if this is impossible, they read it through a prayer book and even just listen. Evening prayer before bedtime is called upon: