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Horoscope for Aries for August 2019 - Relationship, Family and Love


Horoscope for Aries on August 2019 advises to spend time in idle idleness. This is the perfect period for travel and recreation. I have selected for you the best forecasts and recommendations of astrologers, using which you will live a month peacefully and happily.

General trends

August for Aries is an ideal time to rest, reboot and accumulate strength for the upcoming cases. Your energy level will be restored in this way, and you will be able to realize your most ambitious goals.

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. At the beginning of the month a situation may occur that will force you to reconsider your usual views and reassess values. It can affect any area of ​​your life. To make the right decision, trust your intuition and inner voice, but do not rush.
  2. Aries love to risk, full of ambition and love the excitement. These qualities both help them and can cause great problems. It is in August that you need to be as sensible as possible and not get involved. Consider your every decision carefully.
  3. Minor worries and efforts can lead away from important and meaningful goals. Do not seek to do everything at once. The ideal solution may be to do it in general - “to score” on business and go to rest, preferably away from your usual place of stay.
  4. If you do not give yourself a break, and yet become actively working and acting, a cascade of problems will fall upon you. Especially strongly they affect the emotional state and financial well-being. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but the best strategy for you now is not to do anything at all. Trust the world, and everything will work out in the best way for you.

Last week of the month will give hope for a successful resolution of problems. You will be able to see new opportunities and prospects. Watch the space around you carefully so you don’t miss anything.

Relationship, family, love

Relations with the second half will resemble the field of military operations. Aries and so nature is rather temperamental, and in August its emotionality will intensify even more.

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. Try to arrange for your partner some kind of joint entertainment. You have to apply all of your organizational skills. But for some reason, a loved one will always begin to express their discontent. Do not attach much importance to this, do not you cause his bad mood.
  2. In principle, all close and dear people can thoroughly break the Aries brain. They will behave completely unpredictable and rather tired with their unconventional actions. Try not to quarrel, but simply accept the situation calmly, and wait until the unfavorable period is over.
  3. Do not make any important decisions, even if the conflict with your loved one breaks out serious. You may want to give up everything and leave, but it is better to give both of you time and not act in the heat of the moment. Having decided to break now, in the future you will be very sorry for this.
  4. The probability of unplanned pregnancy is high. Therefore, if the idea of ​​becoming a parent disgusts you, take care of reliable protection. This is the question to take under your personal control.
  5. Additional difficulties in the relationship arise due to financial problems. Lack of money will make both partners nervous and irritable. During this period, it is important to slow down a bit and realize that problems can be solved, and you need to negotiate, and not disrupt your bad mood on each other.

Keep an eye on your children, especially if they are still small. High risk of traumatic situations. You need to constantly be alert and monitor what is happening around the event.


Energy from Aries in August - more than enough. Therefore, problems with well-being should not be. The reserve of vital forces will help to quickly cope with current tasks without undermining their own health.

Favorable health impact travel and long trips. If there is such an opportunity - take a vacation and relax to the fullest among friends and family.

This is a good time for active hair care and any cosmetic procedures concerning the area around the eyes. You can even decide on some radical measures - injections or plastic surgery.

Career, money and business

In August, it will seem to you that money literally flows through your fingers. Costs will increase, and it will be impossible to postpone them. Accept this situation with firmness and remember that any problems can be solved, just need a little patience.

Perhaps your friends or relatives will get into trouble, which will also require your financial investments. Help, but only if the situation really turns out to be serious. But lending money is not worth it - the risk is never to get them back. If you lend, then only those amounts that are not sorry to lose.

Try not to make major purchases and refrain from transactions that are significant to you (for businessmen). You can lose.

Work efficiency will tend to zero. Despite the high level of energy, Aries will dwell in dreams and reflections on the meaning of life, which will distract him from important matters and prevent him from concentrating on working processes. That is why astrologers recommend a vacation.

Astrologers tips for Aries for August: