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Like a boy: 20 main signs of sympathy


As a child I barely noticed the tokens from the boys. Only over time my emotional intelligence grew, and all thanks to psychological education. Now I can easily notice when people like each other. But you don’t have to devote years to studying the characteristics of child psychology, because I’ll tell you about the 20 main signs of a boy’s sympathy for you, considering his age.

Symptoms of sympathy in boys under 14 years

Boys up to 14 years old often lag behind their peers in adulthood. That is why the signals about their love are stranger, they are harder to realize and notice. The boys at this age are impermanent and often do not understand their desires themselves. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to enter into long-term or at least some serious relations with him; for guys under 14, falling in love becomes just a new fun or strange experience. And yet, how do you know the boy likes you?


  • If a boy experiences feelings for the first time, he may express them strangely. Shocks, twitching of the pigtails, throwing a girl in snowballs and other attempts to attract attention are not excluded. Responding to such feelings is not worth it;
  • More conscious guys under the age of 14 try to spend more time with their lady of the heart and joke a lot. Most likely, after each funny phrase, they will watch the reaction of the passions;
  • How to understand that a boy loves you? This can be prompted by putting notes or strange jokes from friends of the guy. Most likely, he did not openly declare his feelings: this requires incredible consciousness;
  • A boy may try to help you, for example, to write off his homework in a complex subject or carry a briefcase to his home. Such conscious signs of attention begin at the age of 13, when the personality is almost formed.

Facial expressions and gestures

  • Boys can look away when talking to a girl. This is an objective sign of embarrassment, which is peculiar to both young children and adolescents or adults, regardless of gender;
  • If you are especially attentive, you will notice a slight glint in the eyes, wrinkles under the eyes with a smile. It will manifest itself especially clearly if you are on close friendship with a boy in love;
  • Body language, which consists in copying the girl’s gestures and facial expressions, can speak of the desire to be on the same wavelength with her and understand her feelings;
  • The excitement during the meeting with the girl is demonstrated through the desire to pull at the edge of the clothes in her hands, trying to straighten the buttons, lay her thumbs on the trouser belt.

How to determine that a boy over 14 is in love with you?

Boys in 15 and more years change dramatically: they become more serious, more responsible and able to take on the social role of adult men. Yes, and they themselves begin to feel like adults. Interest in the opposite sex in boys at this age is markedly aggravated. And the attention signs they give to girls are becoming more obvious. Boys learn to talk openly about their feelings, but if they are shy, pay attention to the following options.


  • In adolescence, a great role in shaping the opinions of a guy is played by the assessment of his environment. Most likely, he will try to introduce you to his social circle and gradually introduce you to friends;
  • Boys are beginning to understand that to create a strong bond you need to look for points of contact. They start to be interested in things the girl is interested in, try to start a conversation with her at any opportunity;
  • The opposite behavior is also possible if the guy still has not coped with the adolescent crisis. Sometimes enamored boys from 14 try to abstract and unsuccessfully joke if they hear questions about their behavior;
  • A good sign is the disinterested desire to help in everyday life and support the girl in a difficult situation. This signals that the boy has serious intentions on your account.

Facial expressions and gestures

  • The gestures of a boy in love over 14 change noticeably. He will try to touch you unobtrusively or, on the contrary, he will start to avoid tactile contact. The latter indicates the presence of complexes in a teenager and self-doubt;
  • It is worth paying attention to the posture of a potential suitor. A man of any age will try to keep his back straight, if an important girl looks at him;
  • Guys over 16 years old will consciously demonstrate the virtues of their bodies and hide flaws. For example, adolescents try to strain the muscles of the arms or pull in the stomach;
  • During a joint walk somewhere, a young man may try to touch his palm or take the girl by the hand. In psychology, this is considered to be an indirect sign of the desire to take care of. For more information, see the video.

Ten questions about sympathy

This testing is quite simple in its structure, but it certainly allows you to understand what the boy feels about you. If you were able to answer positively to seven or eight of the above questions, the guy is surely in love. You can check the objectivity of the result with the help of a close friend, who also has the ability to analyze the guy's behavior. Ask her to answer these questions and compare your findings about the feelings of the young man.

  • Does a boy often smile when he makes eye contact with you?
  • Do you notice imitation of your actions and gestures while communicating with you?
  • Does the teenager casually touch you?
  • Does he start a conversation on topics of interest to both of you?
  • Does the guy get annoyed if he notices you in the company of boys? Does he try to turn his attention to himself?
  • Does the young man try to cheer you up if you are not in the spirit?
  • Has his style and appearance changed since you began to suspect him of falling in love?
  • Does he care? For example, does it treat you with sweets or is it interested in your health and success?
  • Do you hear sudden compliments from a boy?