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Lunar calendar haircuts for April 2019: favorable days for haircuts


You probably know that the phase of the moon greatly influences the result of cosmetic manipulations. Some procedures are best performed on a growing moon (massages, moisturizing the skin), and some - on a waning (peeling, cleansing the skin). Therefore, if your goal is to get a good effect, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the lunar calendar of haircuts for April 2019: favorable days for cutting hair.

Lunar calendar manipulations with hair for april 2019

1 number

The moon is waning, in the constellation of Aquarius. This is a neutral period to get a haircut. But if you still decide on a visit to the hairdresser - then the hair will grow more slowly than if you did it on the growing Moon.

2, 3, 4 numbers

The lunar disk decreases in the constellation Pisces

Days are unacceptable for haircuts, and even more so for perm. Curls now differ in disobedience, they will be difficult to lay even the most experienced master. As a result, you can get a shapeless hairstyle. And there is a big risk that dandruff will appear. If possible, do not wash your head today.

4, 5 numbers

The lunar disk decreases in the constellation Aries.

The indicated dates are completely unsuitable for reducing the length of curls. When finding the Moon in Aries, it is generally undesirable to touch the hair once more, even just combing it.

This is due to increased vulnerability of "feathers" and the subsequent long-term recovery. Astrologers say that if you get a haircut a couple of times on such a lunar day, then the thickness of the hairs subsequently decreases, they begin to break off, fall out.

5 number

New Moon Day in the sign of Aries. Refuse to visit the hairdresser. Remember also that cutting the curls on the day of the New Moon helps to reduce human life.

6 number

The lunar disk begins to grow in the sign of Aries. The period continues to fail to eliminate the extra length. But now allowed to smooth the skin, peeling, deep cleansing, getting rid of papillomas, warts, ingrown nails.

The skin is highly susceptible to agents that activate blood circulation - that is, to massage, tempering procedures and physical activity.

6, 7, 8 and 9 numbers

The moon is still growing in the constellation Taurus. The listed numbers are neutral to perform the haircut. It is highly recommended to style hair, perform dyeing and chemical styling.

In addition, this is the ideal time to heal the skin of the head, strengthen gray hair, using nourishing lotions, masks and massage. You can be painted in bright shades, pluck eyebrows, make tattoo lips.

9, 10 number

The lunar disk increases in the constellation Gemini. Do not schedule a visit to the stylist today. Otherwise, you run the risk of hair loss if you make a haircut today. Give up and dyeing curls.

In such a lunar day, it is undesirable to perform manicure, pedicure, nail extension, eyebrow correction, eyelash extension.

When the night luminary gets into the sign of Gemini, you can indulge in aromatherapy, perform inhalations, massage and baths for arms and legs, go to the bath.

From cosmetics it is necessary to apply a cream with a moisturizing and nourishing effect based on natural ingredients and bioactive additives.

11, 12, 13 numbers

The moon is in a growth phase in the constellation of Cancer. The period is unacceptable to perform haircuts. If you neglect the advice of astrologers and visit the barbershop - later the curls will become worse fit, you will get a shaggy and shapeless hairstyle.

Under the ban falls and perm. If possible, give up even the usual washing of the head and the use of caring cosmetics. But shown cleaning the face with the use of natural ingredients.

13, 14, 15 numbers

Night light increases in the sign of Leo. There comes a very favorable time for haircuts. Cut hair today will grow stronger and more magnificent. Also on lunar days, when the constellation Leo is active, it is shown to do a perm - the effect will please you.

But if your goal - not curly mop of curls, and gentle romantic curls, then wait until the moon enters the sign of the Virgin.

Coloring in the specified numbers will allow you to achieve the most intense and saturated color, which will persist for a long period of time. Dates are great for feeding hair and a variety of styling.

15, 16, 17 numbers

The lunar disk continues to grow in the constellation Virgo. More successful days for transformations are hard to come up with. Haircut performed at a specified time, permanently retain the original form.

Also in the days of the Virgo constellation, it is recommended to perform a perm, do a manicure, pedicure, build up marigolds.

Having dyed curls, it is possible to achieve a bright, saturated shade which will not be washed for a long time. If you dream of long hair, but fear that they will look untidy: begin to grow hair in March and in the next six months trim it only during the sign of Virgo and on the young Moon.

If you dream of strong and healthy hair - engage in firming and nourishing masks. A positive action will bring and the performance of cleansing manipulations - taking baths, aromatic and phytotherapeutic sessions.

17, 18, 19 numbers

The lunar disk increases in the constellation Libra. In the current phase of the moon, the result of the haircut will be wonderful. In general, all manipulations with curls today will enhance hair growth, heal them and improve the structure.

In the days of the sign of Libra, control your emotions, do not shout and do not be irritated, because otherwise you will have serious wrinkles on your face.

19 number

Full moon in the sign of Libra. The day is fine if you want to have a haircut. Stripping curls on the day of the Full Moon will eliminate negative information from your energy field.

19, 20, 21 numbers

The moon begins to decline in the sign of Scorpio. The period is neutral to decide on a haircut. Overall not bad. It is shown these days to put curls in beautiful hair, but you should abandon the perm.

Pay attention, while the Moon disk is in the sign of the Water element - try not to even wash your hair or use only natural ingredients. The performance of massage of the skin of the head and the general body massage is shown.

21, 22, 23, 24 numbers

The Earth satellite is also in descending phase in the sign of Sagittarius. This period is neutral to cut hair. But if you go to the master, remember that the length will not grow as fast as on the growing moon.

24, 25, 26 numbers

The moon continues to decline in the sign of Capricorn. Extremely inappropriate period to have a haircut. But just perfect now to part with excess vegetation on the body - for a long time you will not find nasty hairs on the skin.

To strengthen the hair roots and enhance their growth, it is recommended to perform nourishing masks, massage the head and other procedures with a similar effect.

In general, the decreasing phase of the moon in the constellation Capricorn is very suitable for caring manipulations for the skin. In the body, stagnant processes are intensified, which means that it is important to apply tonic agents with an alcohol content.

26, 27, 28 and 29 numbers

The lunar disk is still declining in the constellation of Aquarius.

The period is neutral for haircuts. But you can successfully cure inflammation of the legs. Dental procedures, getting rid of tumors, pedicure, manicure and permanent make up are allowed.

For skin care, masks and creams with anti-stress and soothing effects are used.

29, 30 numbers

The moon is decreasing in Pisces. Days unsuccessful for haircuts. Curls become especially naughty, with difficulty even the best professionals in this field. You risk getting a shapeless and ugly hairstyle.

In addition, a haircut can cause dandruff. Try not to even wash your hair today. And even more so do not dare to perm.

During the indicated lunar days the skin is more vulnerable, the risks of allergic reactions and fungal pathologies increase. Pay enough attention to your skin - clean and update it. To this end, it is worth resorting to a tonic massage, baths with the addition of valerian, chamomile. You should also get enough sleep.

Using the advice of the lunar calendar and making a haircut on the correct day of the moon, you get a beautiful, lush and health-shining mane!

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