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Orthodox prayers of St. Ksenia of Petersburg for help in family, work, health


The success of life is largely based on family support. In order to have such a reliable foundation under themselves, Orthodox often ask for help from the saints. She will be helped to find the prayer of Ksenia of Petersburg, if you properly ask for family well-being for yourself or a loved one.

There are many recollections of the saint’s contemporaries and even neighbors down the street where she lived in her youth. They often mention cases when, thanks to the blissful people, a happy family life was established or arranged.

As they ask for help from the blessed Xenia

Specific data on the early years of the life of the wonderful St. Petersburg resident are almost not preserved. However, more than one generation knows about the history of miracles created by it. Like many years ago, so today, there are those who are in dire need of assistance and assistance. They pray to the saint in order to find comfort or fulfill their dream of a family.

That marriage was the beginning of the feat of a Christian, it lasted very long, but it was happiness for a young woman and her husband, a court singer. For this reason, the prayer of Ksenia of Petersburg for marriage is the most frequent request of girls and women living alone.

Such a feat, when a widow of 26 years old consciously remains alone and does not want to search for a new man and create a family with him, not everyone understands. After the death of her beloved, the young woman decided to devote the rest of her life to serving the Lord. On the day of the funeral she came in her husband's clothes, saying that she was Andrei Fedorovich. Initially, she began to be considered sick, gone mad with grief. In fact, the saint repudiated herself completely, saying that she was no longer in this world. She wanted to use her actions to save God’s soul for her husband, who left this world without repentance.

Following the example of Christ, without having her own happy family, the saint prayed for him for others. Conscious sacrifices made her pleas stronger. She gives hope to everyone who visits the chapel at the Smolensk cemetery, those who even refer to her image at home.

To get support you need to know the rules. and carry them out:

  • Send your prayers in front of the icon from the church, and not purchased somewhere for the occasion.
  • To memorize the text of the prayer, as a last resort, to write it yourself on a sheet of paper.
  • To read with kind and tender intonation, as when talking with your relatives.
  • Comply with the time frame: 07.00 - 08.00 h (morning), 17.00 - 19.00 h (evening).
  • Read without extraneous noise and statements, preferably in solitude.

What are they asking holy Xenia of Petersburg

The saint is most responsive to pleading for family happiness and finding a worthy couple. After all, she herself was early deprived of him, since her husband died without repentance, the young woman herself paid this debt for him. All day she spent time at the church. Sometimes, as far as her weak forces were concerned, she helped build the temple. Her nights were in prayers, she went out of the city and there in the fields, communicated with the Lord.

All these actions suggested that she was just crazy, but gradually people began to realize that Xenia was the owner of God's grace. The one who treated her humanly, with a kind heart, was surprised to notice that things were getting better, his general condition was improving, his family was getting stronger.

Children's health prayer

Having been under the roof of the house with ailing children, she carried them healing. For this reason, they began to ask the widow about the health of a child who is seriously ill.

Family prayer

If in the girl's life suddenly a black stripe has arrived, she feels that her betrothed or her husband began to look away, then it is time to take action. We must read the prayer for the preservation of the family hearth before the icon of Xenia of Petersburg. Help is provided to all those experiencing family difficulties and troubles. She is often asked to return her husband, who left the family, to set her on the path of a true spree.

Prayer of marriage

Blessed Xenia does not leave without the participation of the pleas of lonely girls for help in finding their second half and marriage, reliable and long-lasting. She is their patroness, and she often receives such requests.

Prayer for work

In life, instability happens, work is lost, or a person is not satisfied with his occupation. In this regard, they also turn to the holy blessed, asking her for intercession at a difficult hour. They pray to find a job more quickly, they ask for help if their activities are too complicated.

However, one must take into account that it is impossible to ask for something material, let alone wealth. After all, Ksenia herself, being a widow, distributed all her property. Some laughed at her and asked tricky questions about whether she was not afraid of dying of hunger. The woman always answered that she believed that God would not let th die starvation. Such a prayer should be directed precisely to help in the development of one’s own capabilities, to achieve the goal.


The only woman glorified among the saints for the millennium of Christianity in Russia is Ksenia of Petersburg. Sometimes you can find a different spelling: Petersburg, but it refers more to the spoken. However, to read the blessed steel long before this event. The fact that she was holy was understood by the people during her lifetime, and since then the Orthodox have not forgotten St. Petersburg's Xenia from St. Petersburg. Even when there was persecution of religion, believers visited a modest grave.

In our time, there are always pilgrims in the Smolensk cemetery (St. Petersburg). They try to attach themselves to the tomb, or at least lean against their icons. All the walls of the chapel are hung with notes of hot requests. They pray to her: