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2000 of what animal in Eastern astrology


2000 of what animal in Eastern astrology? Someone from your inner circle came into the world this year, and you want to better understand his personality? Then I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed description of the animal patron of 2000, its strengths and weaknesses, and also talk about love compatibility.

2000 who in the Chinese horoscope?

First of all, I would like to recall the ancient eastern legend, which tells how the Zodiacal circle originated. According to her, the Buddha was going to leave our planet forever and called on all animals to come to say goodbye to him. The beasts arrived, but all in a different sequence: the first is the Rat, then the Bull, then the Tiger, and so on.

Then God allowed each of the animals that came to administer human destinies for one year, that is, to become the patron of this year. And after 12 months, the beast must pass the reins to the next and further in a circle.

Returning to the question: "What animal is the year 2000 according to the horoscope?" note that this was the year of the dragon. And not simple, but White Metal. This is a special year, falling once every 60 years. Further we will talk about its characteristics in more detail.

Dragon Man, what character is he?

The representative of the Dragon sign has excellent health, a huge energy potential. Such a person is active, energetic, emotional, decisive, but at the same time very self-willed and wayward.

It has a strong will, generosity and generosity. He is constantly striving to cultivate himself, due to which he always takes a very critical view of himself and others. Of its main shortcomings can be called: rapid excitability, aggressiveness, terrible stubbornness and incontinence in his words.

Being a great enthusiast, the Dragon achieves success in any business that he would not undertake. The gift of suggestion, persuasion and persuasion greatly helps him in this. He always deserves credibility with his entourage, his opinion and advice are taken into account at the expense of his thoughtfulness and common sense.

Having set a global goal - will move straight towards it, without moving anywhere. True, exactly the Dragons go to the bad deeds, in which they become winners. Their destiny is grandiose activities, small work is not suitable for them. Therefore, they shift it to other people, although the fruits of what they have done according to the results are appropriated to themselves.

If you blame such an individual for something - he so skillfully parries you, that you will not even find what to say in response.

Since childhood, representatives of this sign have been desperately defending their own freedom, striving for independence. Parents and other relatives are often not their authority, especially if they are too strict with the Dragon.

Set a lot of different goals. They act powerfully in life, but very tactfully, slyly, delicately, following the call of their sixth sense.

The Dragon Man can stand not only for himself, but also for his loved ones, like-minded people. Ready for this to give a lot of their energy. At such a time, he becomes harsh, rude, cruel, and mercilessly cracks down on his enemies. The problem is that it risks to touch the innocent, because, having given in to emotions, he listens only to himself.

The representative of the mark in question is always seeking to win by any efforts. And if he doesn’t get it, he will feel defective. This applies to both business and love areas of life. If such a person liked a member of the opposite sex - he will confidently seek his location. True, the fuse is not enough for long, and if the object does not give up right away - the Dragon will look for a simpler target.

In love with Dragons, the difficulty lies in the fact that they quickly catch fire, but also quickly and fade away. For the most part, they are looking for their second half for a long time. But they themselves do not tend to experience real, sincere feelings. For them, this is good in the sense that they do not suffer much because of personal turmoil. They themselves often create real drama in the life of a former partner.

For the Dragons, it is not typical to enter into marriage in a young age, they do not settle for at least 30 years.

A person born under such a hot sign displays high communicative skills. It will not be difficult for her to conquer the surrounding manifestations of her sharp mind, brilliant wit, as well as subtle psychoanalysis, aphorisms, personal charm.

Although sometimes there are exceptions to the rule - Introverted Dragons. They are distinguished by isolation, they are the most real thinkers who give preference to a written statement of their thoughts and ideas. Also polite, friendly, friendly, but have a small number of friends who are selected very, very selectively.

Eastern astrologers find the year of the Dragon very lucky, associate it with the heavenly power. The fifth sign of the Chinese horoscope symbolizes life, increasing well-being, harmony and long life.

Distinctive features of the Metal Dragon

We have already figured out the fact, 2000, of whom the animal, its main characteristics. Now let's talk more about the Metal Drakosh.

The representative of the element of Metal emphasizes arrogance, waywardness. He very highly appreciates himself, his advantages, in connection with which he often shows heightened demands and pickyness. Sacredly convinced that only he is unconditionally right than he constantly strives for universal discontent and condemnation.

All those people who were born in 2000 are loyal by nature, persistent, but very aggressive. If they had shown a little stubbornness, they could have neutralized all their shortcomings.

The metal beast is the most willed of all its kindred. He appreciates honesty and integrity in others. In communication, he behaves expressively, brightly and boldly, inexorably and straightforwardly. Interested in active actions, seeks to achieve an equilibrium of his equals in mind or status in society. Irritated by human laziness and stupidity.

The element of Metal makes the weaker grumble before it, submitting to its iron will.

It will always ardently defend their own views, if necessary - even sacrifice their lives for them. Such a Dragon is a born warrior who does not know the word "impossible." The only thing he loses to others is his lack of diplomacy. In life, he copes with everything on his own, without asking for help from other people.

Differs incredible courage, will go to their goals, even if others they seem reckless. If taken for something - goes to the bitter end. The main thing is that such an individual sets himself really worthy goals.

Love compatibility

Having dealt with the year 2000 of what animal according to the Eastern calendar, let's talk about compatibility in love.

  • With rat. An ideal couple, in which both partners perfectly understand each other, in the spiritual, in the physical plane. A rat always throws up valuable solutions to Dragon, for which he expresses his appreciation and gratitude. They absolutely do not fight for a place of a leader in relationships, everything develops harmoniously, sincerely love and respect one another.
  • With bull. Here we can already observe very fragile compatibility in love. The reason for this is the eternal power struggle and the excessive stubbornness of both parties to the relationship. Although the Bull conquers the charm of its partner, and the Dragon in turn appreciates the sound practicality of the Ox, however, this is not enough for a successful marriage.
  • With tiger. Option promising and promising tandem. Both signs are very strong, they teach each other a lot in a pair. In general, they complement each other perfectly, which gives them a feeling of real happiness.
  • With a rabbit. The flying serpent is seduced by Rabbit's pliable disposition, as well as by his optimistic perception of the world and benevolence. At the same time, Rabbit is a little afraid of the dragon's thirst to be the first and to command everything in the relationship. If both participants in this tandem have a desire to look for mutual compromises, close their eyes to each other’s shortcomings - everything can be very harmonious.
  • With dragon. There is a real colorful extravaganza in which both are worthy individuals. And they manage to find points of contact! So often the ingenious mind of one pangolin is harmoniously complemented by the high eccentricity of the second. They have a spiritual affinity, plus arrange each other in sex. What is not an option for excellent love compatibility?
  • With snake. In this case, we can talk about terrific compatibility. The Dragon is pride and admiration for the beauty, charm and charm of the Snake partner. And the last - shows enough wisdom and cunning to behave properly in a relationship. Therefore, such a tandem is doomed to prosperity, happiness and durability.
  • With a horse. And here there is poor compatibility. Relations are very unsuccessful, if not to say hopeless in principle. Partners are too different from each other in nature, temperament, worldview. It is difficult for them to find mutual understanding, so it is not surprising that such alliances often fall apart.
  • With goat. Another option is not very reliable union. Although the Goat, being under the protection of the Dragon, feels happy, but she herself cannot give the same to her chosen one. And, on the contrary, in many ways confuses him, angers and upsets.
  • With Monkey. Partners are just made for each other. They have much in common, harmoniously complement each other. Sly and deft monkey in this tandem gives wise advice and helps his too trusting Dragon. Plus, it helps to strengthen his power and high social position, for which he provides his protection. It is safe to say that this is the union of two kindred souls.
  • With rooster. If the characters succeed in reaching a mutual understanding, then everything can turn out pretty well. In such a marriage there is no place for indifference or boredom. The rooster uses the successes of the Dragon to raise itself a little through life. They have mutual sexual attraction and good spiritual compatibility.
  • With a dog. And here we see a rather problematic tandem. By nature, the Dog is excessively pessimistic and realistic. She never sees other people through rose-colored glasses, preferring the true state of things. This, in turn, provides a lot of quarrels, misunderstandings that are at risk of parting.
  • With pig. The fifth and last, twelfth signs of the Chinese horoscope are well combined with each other. The dragon is attracted by the natural power of Piggy, and she in turn loses her mind from the spiritual power of the lizard. In addition, Pig sincerely admires his chosen one, which gives him real pleasure.

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