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Meaning of characters in divination MO


Below are the meanings of symbols from divination MO. You can tell fortunes online on the page Tibetan fortune telling MO.

AH AH - Clear Sky

Enlightenment will come to your life, all the clouds that previously covered the sky will disperse. Success is in business: it is this period that promises the resolution of past difficulties and the achievement of the desired goal. However, it is necessary to focus on the upcoming tasks and be clear about what you want to come to in the end. You will be surprised that things that previously seemed so complicated will go like clockwork. But do not let everything take its course. Good luck on your side - be able to use it.

In relationships with other people, pleasant changes are also waiting. If earlier there was a lack of understanding and difficulty in communicating with relatives, now the situation will begin to change dramatically. Do not be afraid to take the first step towards reconciliation and achieving harmony - you will definitely be answered the same. Do not forget about friends: now is the most favorable time for communication, meetings and walks. Things are going well, so you can afford a rest.

Clear skies will not leave you in the area of ​​health. If insomnia and nervous tension were tormenting, now they will recede as if by magic. These days are favorable for carrying out wellness procedures: now your state of health and mood will be at its peak, but do not forget that it is at this time that you need to strengthen the spirit and body.

AH RA - Sun Rays

Everything smiles at you and foreshadows a happy resolution of difficulties. Any task, any business will end exactly as needed. Even if they were difficult to solve. The main thing is not to lose the optimistic mood or direct your thoughts in a positive direction. In no case do not listen to detractors who try to spoil the mood and darken the expectation of the future. Remember you shine the sun's rays.

A favorable period will come in relations with loved ones and loved ones. But remember in many ways harmony depends on you: go forward and make sure that this will contribute to the happiness of both of you.

In cash spending is recommended to show moderation. It is worth saving a little, so that later it will pay you back a hundredfold. Set aside a major purchase for later.

Business matters, but do not forget about the rest. During this period, your thoughts and consciousness should be crystal clear and bright, so indulge yourself with your favorite activities, not related to work. The best medicine now is a good mood. Remember that the Sun's rays promise a happy completion of all undertakings only if you truly believe in success and are full of positive thoughts.

AH PA - Good Moon

This alignment is very successful, because it corresponds to the mystical number 3. You can be sure of the support of higher powers that will contribute to success. However, this period will require seriousness and good mood. Do not rush headlong to rush into some business, even if you really want it. Stop for a few moments, think about whether it will really contribute to the good in the future. If you answered yes to this question with confidence, feel free to proceed.

During this period, it is recommended to show patience and understanding in relations with relatives, especially when it comes to children. Come more with your family, please them with something pleasant. The good moon is also the most suitable time to make purchases aimed at improving home comfort. It's time to get what you have been thinking for a long time.

The resulting alignment is more favorable for thoughtfulness than for momentary emotions. However, in self-knowledge and self-improvement you should not go deep into yourself. Leisure time is better to devote to close people, like-minded people. Invite a person with whom you have long wanted to meet and chat. In the future, all the good things that you will do during this period for others will return to you a hundredfold.

AH TSA - Clear Star

Luck and luck will accompany you in any endeavor. All affairs will come to the end safely, solve problems which did not manage to be executed for a long time. A positive result will come in cases where they have invested in the work to the maximum, and then, when they have put a minimum of effort. However, celebrating success, do not forget about other things. This is the period when you really shouldn’t postpone for tomorrow what you can do today.

What goes around comes around. It is this proverb that most accurately describes your family sphere during this period. That is, harmony in a relationship is completely up to you. Do not neglect your family responsibilities, do not be afraid to meet the desires of a loved one. It does not hurt to bring a little romance into the relationship with your second half.

A clear star will not be a favorable period for self-discovery due to the recently experienced nervous tension. First you need to calm down and clear your mind. This will help a country trip or just walk alone. It is worth avoiding noisy entertainment and companies. Ensure that you have the most relaxed holiday that is conducive to achieving inner harmony.

AH NA - Golden Land

Slowness is the main motto of this scenario. A favorable period is coming to your life, but it will require maximum seriousness and concentration. The temporary and cash investments made in the past will begin to pay off right now. The result will be directly dependent on the effort invested.

If there are problems in the family sphere or in relations with relatives and friends, now is the best time to think through solutions. Do not rush to take action: first you need to choose the most optimal approach to exit the situation, develop a plan. If the relationship is all right, get involved in drawing up a joint project. In the future, it turns out that the ideas put forward now are the most promising.

Progress awaits you slow but sure. So do not forget about the rest. It should contribute to improving the mood and the emergence of inner harmony. The latter is very important, because it is the key to success and effectiveness in the future. However, do not make the rest protracted, otherwise it will not be good, but will cause damage. Levity during this period will be unforgivable and will be able to cross out all successful undertakings.

AH DHI - Vajra Saraswati

You definitely smiling Fortune. A person entering this period can be called a real lucky one. Each undertaking will end well and will bear fruit. However, do not take this for granted. Fate will be the most favored by those who know how to be grateful, enjoy life, and accept even small victories with delight. Although success awaits in any endeavor, it is still necessary to give preference to matters requiring maximum work of thought. This field will be the most productive.

However, do not dive into business with your head. Do not forget about family and friends. Close people will now be a source of inspiration and peace of mind. Do not neglect their advice in anything, whether the matter concerns the professional sphere or the acquisition of what was thought about for a long time.

As a rest, choose quiet activities. Active rest in this period will be only a hindrance. Also be prepared to catch a cold. But do not worry: your health will be out of danger. Just need to spend a few days at home, do not seek to return to business at this time. In addition, do not lose courage, remembering that everything is smiling ahead of you.

RA AH - Bright lamp

The balance of Ra Ah will favor in affairs, but one should not expect help from others during this period. Help yourself. This is the motto that should guide the person to whom the Bright Lamp fell out. Take up the implementation of long-accumulated cases. It is recommended first to pay attention to the work that would have been pushed to the farthest corner at will. This period is most favorable for such cases - their performance, contrary to expectations, will be pleasant and productive.

If the family has long been brewing complexity, it's time to solve them. However, we still do not forget the main principle: do not wait for help from others. You will have to take the first step, take the initiative. The same applies to friendly relations: if you want to meet with a friend or girlfriend, feel free to call and arrange.

A bright lamp is a good time for any holiday. If you are prone to quiet pursuits, dedicate yourself to them. If you prefer an active pastime, then also act boldly.

Much attention at this time should be paid to your health. If you got a cold, get a close treatment. Most likely, this is a sign from above, saying that it is time to slow down a bit and pay attention to yourself.

RA RA - Add oil to the fire

This alignment promises the emergence of obstacles to the goal. Therefore, you will need all the abilities, knowledge and, most importantly, self-reliance. The reward awaits only one who has the courage to take it. In business relationships, show your authority to the maximum, especially when it comes to relationships with subordinates. Also, time has to implement new plans. However, it is worth considering in advance what you want and how you will move to the goal.

However, do not use this model of relationships in the family or with the second half. Here it will have the opposite effect. This is the period of life when you can be as charming and pleasant as a person to communicate - use it wisely. Acquired location and communication can be used both in personal and in professional sphere.

Hard work always alternate with rest. And it does not matter at all how long such respite will last. The main thing is to let go even for a moment your thoughts, to distract from professional activity. Work will require from you during this period the maximum return, which threatens to reduce immunity. In order not to get sick, do prevention. It will help active recreation, sunbathing, vitamins.

RA PA - Mara - the demon of death

Do not be afraid of the name. Death in this case means a transition to a new state, just as winter dies in order to give way to spring. Yes, in this period of life failures can befall you. Perhaps the destruction of the previously constructed and the collapse of plans. Take it firmly and do not lose heart. Any dark band has the ability to end. Remember that sunlight is waiting ahead.

The dark band can affect not only work, but also family relationships. Do not close your eyes to problems and do not pretend that all is well. The most optimal course of action is a joint discussion of the difficulties encountered. This applies to any relationship: with the husband / wife, children, friends and other relatives.

During this period of life, it is better to refrain from grandiose plans, new beginnings and purchases. Plans, the implementation of which has begun at a given time, are at risk of a complete collapse. Be sure to take this into account.

Activity should be shown in relation to self-development and self-knowledge. That's what time is really favorable for. Immerse yourself in yourself, put your thoughts and feelings in order. This will help to cope with life's troubles and will be the key to positive changes in the future.

RA TSA - King of Strength

This alignment is not by chance that name. It is time to act actively and purposefully. Prove that you are a leader, or keep yourself in this position. The period is favorable for planning new tasks, but not only for planning, but also for implementation. Rely on your intuition: it will definitely not let you down and will guide you on the right path.

The position of the leader is waiting for you not only in work, but also in family life. Now close ones look up to you, so use it wisely and for good. Remember that the more power, the greater the responsibility. Watch your actions and words carefully.

In the material sphere, surprises are not expected. Pleasant acquisitions are not excluded, but only if you make an effort to obtain them.

Leadership qualities require a great return, and not only external. Take time for self-development and self-improvement. This will contribute to more successful progress in the future. If you focus only on pressing problems and external affairs, you can stall, not knowing what to do next. Also do not forget about the rest. In addition, he can bring new useful acquaintances.

RA NA - Dry Tree

This alignment symbolizes the occurrence of bad weather in your life. The best course of action in this case is to lay low. Do not plan yet new deeds and achievements, as the possibility of their failure is very high. If you are thinking about how to complete what has already begun, then there is no need to worry. Failures relate only to innovation.

The period is the most favorable for family issues. Since the work has receded into the background, it’s time to dedicate yourself to your loved ones. However, if there is a conflict in the relationship, do not give in to emotions. Now it is very important to keep a sober head so that the solution of difficulties becomes the most successful.

Communication with friends during this period should be as easy as possible. Your inner state will not allow you to become a support for someone in a difficult life situation. Therefore, you should not dive headlong into other people's problems.

The period is most favorable for rest and accumulation of strength. In this fully govern your temperament and character warehouse. If you like active pastime, go in for sports or spend time in a noisy company. If all this is alien to you, plunge into quieter activities.

RA DHI - Door of Auspicious Visions

A new door is opening for you, promising change and a better future. This event will become more significant if in the recent past you have experienced a series of troubles. But here the dark band is finally giving way to a light one. It is important that the negative experience served as a blessing, made you grow up. You have successfully coped with difficulties and gained confidence in yourself and your abilities.

In private life, it is worth actively addressing the accumulated difficulties. It is possible that time and the preceding dark band somewhat weakened attachment, settled alienation. What should be done now is to refresh the impressions, fill the relationship with new positive emotions. But in the family life of active actions is not worth taking. On the contrary, it is better to entrust everything to the flow of life and simply follow the events in order not to miss the opportunity.

Now is the best time for friendly meetings and active pastime. Solitude and self-knowledge is good, but now you need the exact opposite. It's time to make new acquaintances, meet old friends with whom I have not seen for a long time. And in your free time, take an analysis of past failures and your actions in those situations.

PA AH - Nectar Vessel

Alignment foreshadows the most favorable time for creation. You are coming discoveries and vigorous activity, which should bring positive results not only to you, but also to your loved ones. Do planning, set yourself tasks for the near future. Be sure that the period for this is suitable.

In the near future in the family and personal life of major changes is not expected. However, this does not mean that absolutely nothing will happen. At this time, it is worth observing everything especially carefully: undercurrents are possible, which later turn into a stream. How you cope with this flow will depend entirely on how observant you are and whether you have time to prepare.

In the financial sector, it is worth thinking about the appropriateness of income to expenses. It is likely that there will be some downturn ahead, so you should not spend money actively now. Also refrain from rash purchases and large acquisitions.

Ahead of major changes, it means that now it makes sense to relax and prepare. Take care of yourself, health and appearance. Later this may not be enough time. It does not interfere with thinking about self-development, which will help to better accept the coming changes.

PA RA - Drying Pond

Before that, your business was rapidly going uphill, but now we should expect a slight decline. The coming path as a whole will be smooth, but in some places shadowed. That is, they can expect various surprises and unpleasant events. However, this segment of your life will end quickly enough. The main thing is not to try to rush at him headlong, otherwise you risk to stumble. Remember, you go quieter - you will continue.

In family matters, no troubles are foreseen. But you should be careful: failures at work can have a negative impact on your mood and relationships with loved ones. It is important to maintain vigor and calmness during this period, and you can draw peace of mind from your own people. Naturally, if you yourself do not try to spoil everything with excessive cavils and discontent.

The friendly sphere is also in order. Однако в этот период знакомые могут быть загружены больше обычного, поэтому не обижайтесь, если кто-то отказывается проводить с вами время. Вы здесь совершенно ни при чем: просто у этого человека в данный момент другие заботы.

Активно займитесь своим здоровьем. Есть вероятность, что неприятности на работе скажутся на нем негативно. Поэтому не пренебрегайте отдыхом и обязательно высыпайтесь.

PA PA - Ocean Nectar

The period of calm in your life gives way to recovery. It's time to reward you for your previous efforts and perseverance. Fate is finally favorable, so actively use it. You have to reap a large crop, so get ready. Rejoice in all that fate gives.

In private life and family relationships, you can enjoy peace and harmony. However, remember that this is the result of the work not only of you, but also of your second half, close people. Otherwise, you risk offending your loved one. In this area you will also find a very pleasant surprise. You can hardly guess what it is, so just look your best and do not miss the happiness that goes to your hands.

Now you will not have a shortage of money, so you should afford an expensive purchase. You can start a repair or update the interior. In the future, you definitely will not regret it.

During this period, you should not be left alone. Spend your free time to loved ones and friends, do not avoid companies. If the plans have a good rest, then think carefully about it. Your affairs are now in order, and the ill-wishers have lost their activity, so that there are all the resources and possibilities for such planning.

PA CA - Mara - demon of passions

Passions take hold of you, as indicated by the fallen characters. Try to cope with your emotions, curb the inner demons. Perhaps, this period is unfavorable for creative activity and some undertakings: first you need to calm down and gain solid ground under your feet.

Refrain from excessive candor, even in front of loved ones should not be greatly revealed. This absolutely does not mean that we should wait for dirty tricks and betrayals of our loved ones. Just keep your thoughts and emotions with you, do not talk about plans for the future. In addition, refrain from large expenses. In the future, it may be that it was extremely unwise and you just threw money to the wind.

Your state in this period is very unstable, so you should avoid meetings with detractors by all means. You can not hold back the passions that boil inside, and bring the differences to the limit. However, if you are good at yourself, then such meetings will be quite safe.

Get ready for the fact that the previously planned vacation will have to be postponed. But do not lose heart. Now the main obstacle to achieving goals are you and your inner state. Try to cope with this, and then things will go up the hill.

PA NA - Golden Lotus

In your life, a period of recovery. And it is absolutely not important at what altitude you are at a given time. With a great desire, you will surely reach the peak of your heyday and will be able to understand how to proceed in the future. Perspectives will open before you, so look to both.

Relations with loved ones will only please. Now beloved people are most attentive to you. To achieve complete harmony in this area, go to meet them. Find a compromise between your desires and those of your second half.

This life span is ideal for experimentation. This applies to both appearance and property issues. Change the image or just please yourself with new clothes. And if there are plans to purchase real estate or another large purchase, then feel free to sell them. Only consult with a specialist in advance.

But with the rest worth a little wait. Surrender to the maximum, so that you can not only get a breathing space, but also be happy with what you have achieved. If all the plans have been fulfilled and important things do not wait ahead, then you can afford to have a good rest, especially since your health leaves nothing to be desired.

PA DHI - Healing Nectar

A significant change is preparing in your life: the dark strip will finally give way to a light one. Slowly but surely, your business will go uphill, so you can set new goals and objectives. Perhaps previous failures have somewhat shaken your confidence. In this case, you need to work closely on yourself to restore self-esteem. Believe me, this will contribute to success in the future.

In many ways, the well-being of this period of life will depend on the family climate and relationships with loved ones. If everything is in order here, then you do not need to worry. If there are any misunderstandings, make every effort to improve the situation and resolve the problems associated with misunderstanding.

In property matters and money matters, do not be afraid to take the risk. However, it should be a deliberate risk, not a momentary decision. If you follow this advice, then expect a significant improvement in their material well-being in the future. Thanks to this, you can allow yourself to relax and unwind. Go on a trip or have a party. Do not avoid communicating with friends: during this period they will give you vivid emotions and experiences that you will remember for a long time.

TsA AH - White umbrella of good luck

Fate opens an umbrella in front of you, to shelter from the weather and to a safe place. Thanks to her patronage, you will not meet any obstacles on your way to your goal It's time to show determination and perseverance, but without undue self-confidence and arrogance. There is also no room for timidity and shyness during this period. Remember that you will submit any case, but only if you take it.

Misunderstanding is possible in family matters, but not through your fault. There is a possibility that a loved one will cause outrage at his carelessness, as well as promises that he did not bother to fulfill. How the next events will unfold depends only on you: you can bring the conflict to the peak with your response or prevent development by compromising.

In other areas it is recommended to show activity and initiative. Invite friends, take part in noisy entertainment. Calm rest with a book is better to postpone to another time or to arrange it in the evening after a fun party. If you want to make a large purchase, make it. Even if the thing is expensive. The financial sphere is now in order, so you can afford it.

CA RA - Flaming Sword

You are entering a time of life that will require maximum determination and courage. In affairs you will be favored by luck, but you will need to prove that you deserve her support. Leave timidity and insecurity for other times. When setting goals and goals for the future, focus on something big and important. You should not waste your strength and luck on something insignificant.

Show self-confidence and leadership qualities is recommended in the family. Perhaps at first it will cause confusion and rejection, especially if it was previously unusual for you, but in the end it will turn into a common good. But in a relationship with the second half it is better to moderate their activity.

It is worth directing energy over the edge towards yourself: self-development, caring for looks and mood. You can engage in creativity and improve their skills. If a big purchase or a deal is turned up, do not rush. It is worth all to carefully weigh, consult with experts. Do not take any advice with bayonets. Self-confidence and perseverance are important in this period, but they should not turn into narcissism. But in dealing with friends, it will be quite appropriate to take the initiative. In this area, it's time to restore order.

CA PA - Emptiness of the Mind

The coming prepares for you a time of calm. The best course of action on your part at this time is to submit to the inevitable. Do not be torn with all your might, trying to overcome the obstacles that arise, - gradually everything will be resolved in a natural way and with minimal energy expenditure on your part. Do not plan anything grand, otherwise everything will have to be revised and redone. However, you should not completely forget about work: just set simple tasks and short-term goals.

In the family and personal life should be guided by the same tactics. Do not make anything big, whether it is a joint trip or a showdown. Try to be affectionate and responsive person, and your efforts will certainly be rewarded.

Also now it is worthwhile to think especially about yourself and come to grips with health. Stress at work and in the family can lead to a weakened immunity, so be careful and cautious. When planning a vacation, give preference to quiet activities alone. This will bring maximum benefit in the future and will contribute to the accumulation of forces for a rapid throw in the next period of your life.

Central Asia Central Asia - Banner of Glory

In your life, a dark band or a lull band is finally replaced by a takeoff. The reward will fully pay back the previous efforts: in fact, you have worked hard in the past to achieve success now. However, let the joy of such a dizzying take-off not overshadow everything else. Do not forget that this is not the end of the road.

In family relationships, everything will also be going well. Use this period to improve or strengthen mutual understanding with loved ones. Do not forget about the second half, which shared with you all the previous worries and adversities. The best way to express your feelings is an unexpected surprise or gift.

It is time favorable for friendly relations. In general, the period will be very fruitful for useful acquaintances and just a nice time spent with old friends. Strive to communicate with different people: it will contribute to the overall development, enrich your inner world.

In the financial sector, surprises are not expected. The main advice here is not to go to extremes. Try to stick to the golden mean, do not strive to waste money, but you should not save every coin. This approach will increase the accumulation.

CA NA - Mara - demon skandh

The period is favorable for undertakings: now fate guarantees their successful completion. However, it will not be without loss, so be prepared for this. The main thing is not to lose heart and not to forget that these are just small obstacles to a larger goal. If now you show cowardice and give up, then fate can severely punish for it.

Not everything is rosy in family and personal life: conflicts and misunderstandings are possible. But do not rush headlong into a showdown. It is worth considering tactics, to develop the most optimal course of action that will lead to a happy ending.

At the moment, the financial sector is in order. But at the first glance successful investments may turn up, which nevertheless should be rejected. This period of your life will not tolerate any levity and haste. If necessary, consult with relatives about making a particular purchase.

Alignment shows that now there is no point in fussing: everything should be as thoughtful as possible. This applies to recreation and self-development. Refrain from companies and try to bring thoughts in order. You need to move forward, but it must be slow and careful.

TsA JI - House of Good News

After a difficult and thorny path, you finally reached the plain. The sun is shining for you, and it seems that all adversities are left behind. It is important that you really believe this feeling: this is not a mirage, but a real situation. Forget about past defeats and boldly look to the future. It is at this moment that fate will give you many new chances and opportunities, so don’t miss them.

Positive changes are expected not only in work, but also in personal life. If you have not yet found the second half, then right now fate will present a pleasant surprise. If you are already in a relationship, then the period will be favorable for solving the accumulated difficulties and strengthening mutual affection.

A light streak does not mean that there will not be a single obstacle in the way. You are still waiting for business, but do not be alarmed by this. It is necessary to start solving problems, and you will see how easy it will be. Very soon there will be no trace of the accumulated heap of questions, which means you can think about the rest. Be sure to plan it well, devoting time to your favorite activities. You can do self-improvement: no matter how successful and self-sufficient you may seem now yourself, there is always where to go next.

ON AH - Golden Mountain

This alignment can be called a sign of imminent success. All affairs and undertakings complete safely, and the result will even exceed expectations. However, one should not wait for an immediate harvest: moving forward will be slow, but true. Do not throw the case in the middle, if you suddenly thought that too long nothing good happens. Be patient and be rewarded.

In the relationship you will find constancy and stability. That is, during this period there will be no fundamental changes, there will be no unpleasant surprises. You are accepted as you really are, not trying to reshape in your image and likeness. Rate it and in return please your other half.

During this period, it is recommended to address issues related to money and property. This area will require maximum attention and concentration from you. Any operations performed must be thought out, otherwise there is a risk of failing and losing money.

Communication with friends and colleagues, well-being and health will only please. This provides an excellent opportunity to turn to self-knowledge. You have something to improve in yourself, so do not be lazy to finally begin to change.

ON RA - Mara - the son of the celestial being

Fate foreshadows the period that is least suitable for accomplishment and creation. However, do not despair: you just have time to accumulate forces, to solve the accumulated problems. It is very likely that a large number of ideas will visit you now, but in the end all of them will turn out to be unproductive. So it is better to focus on pressing matters and do not start new projects yet.

In relations with loved ones, you will have to make a lot of effort to establish harmony. Perhaps, sometimes it will seem to you that all actions are in vain, but do not despair and do not hang your nose. Boldly and resolutely go to the goal: even if the efforts are not crowned with success, you will have nothing to reproach yourself with. You have done everything that depended on you.

Be prepared for the fact that this period of life will have to be overcome on your own. Friends will not be able to be with you, because they will be busy solving their own numerous problems. At the same time, there is a high probability of meeting with ill-wishers: this is a kind of test of strength. If you pass this test with honor, then fate will reward for this period of time with interest. And it will not be momentary joy, but important and pleasant events that will affect the rest of their lives.

ON PA - Precious vessel filled to the brim

In the recent past, you had to endure confusion, to experience negative emotions. This alignment foreshadows the transition from the dark life strip to the light and joyful. If you have not had time to move away from past troubles, now is the time to leave