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2021 year of the animal in the Chinese horoscope


2021 What animal in Eastern astrology? If you want to find out in advance this question, and also to learn the main characteristics of the animal patron of the year, then you need to read the following article.

2021 which animal will it be?

Being interested in this topic, you should already know that in the Chinese horoscope there are 12 living beings, alternately replacing each other. Each of them has power over the fate of people for exactly one year, until the next comes to replace it and so on in a circle.

In addition, the animal patron must have its own color and elements to which it belongs. They also greatly influence the character of the representatives of the mark. So, as for the year 2021, his animal is the White Bull and Metallic. The bull will officially take over on February 12, 2021.

Characteristic people-bulls

Now we know the year 2021 of which animal in the Chinese calendar. I propose to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the nature of such individuals.

A bull by nature is modest, patient, executive, and at the same time incredibly persistent and hardy. From time to time it can behave eccentrically, too aggressively, as it quickly loses self-control. Then it is better to stay away from him, because his anger and rage know no bounds. And when the Bull is in a state of strong emotional upsurge, it can easily control a large group of people.

Most of the representatives of the mark have remarkable intellectual and physical data.

Starting from childhood, Wall suffers security, tends to be surrounded by people more often. Having matured - concludes agreements of any plan with a close spiritual person to whom he feels sympathy.

With age, the Bull gives the impression of an inveterate personality, solid, respecting, but overly conservative. However, to change his thinking is beyond the power of anyone: those principles and attitudes that have been laid down since childhood remain for life and do not change.

When a representative of the second sign of the Eastern horoscope sets a goal in front of him - he moves towards it purposefully, step by step, not fearing any obstacles in his path. Prefers rectilinear motion, not trying to go around. The bull will definitely think through all sorts of difficulties in advance, so it will be morally ready if they really arise on the horizon.

It would be naive to believe that you will be able to stop the Bull Man: rather, he, enraged, will sweep you out of his way, as another hindrance.

Often such an individual rises very steeply in his social status. But even having conquered one peak, he will never stop at what he has achieved, and he will begin to storm the others. The bull knows perfectly well that nothing in life can be obtained without work, therefore he is not afraid to "mess his hands." Always shows willingness to work, and the presence of a huge energy potential allows you to do this, without remaining as a result exhausted.

In the team, the Bulls unequivocally get the role of superiors and managers. Subordinates unconditionally obey them, not even trying to resist. And if someone suddenly dares, in his own skin he will be convinced that it is a completely unpromising business to be with a representative of the mark.

It is not recommended to try to argue with the Ox, convincing in the conservatism of his views. You may be able to piss off such a person, but then it will be worse only for you. Always and everywhere, the Bull demands that he be obeyed and obeyed, thus preserving his authority and reputation. He himself - the individual is very executive, however, with age, more and more often the routine becomes a bit lopsided.

Always fiercely guards all his own: from people to status in society, certain material goods. Generosity manifests only in relation to his closest associates, dear to the hearts of people. If you managed to win the trust of a man-Bull - you can be proud of yourself, because this is the lot of the elect.

Getting along with the representatives of the mark is quite real, the main thing is to accept their nature, not trying to change.

By nature, good health and solid character contribute to the fact that the Ox matures early. In childhood, he is distinguished by his peacefulness, calmness, and he can be very sweet, but only until he is out of his mind. During school years, he is interested in practical disciplines, art, and adores visiting theaters, cinemas, exhibitions and concert halls.

In total, there are two types of representatives of the mark:

  1. Sociable Bulls - generous, extravagant, representing the general winding up, which are welcome in any company. Such a person has a wide circle of friends, always many friends and fans.
  2. Closed - sometimes create the illusion of fears and complexes, although in reality everything is completely different. Such an Ox is really a bit strange, as it often goes into itself, meditates, deals with philosophy and has little interest in everyday issues.

Human bulls are constantly in need of things that would be completely carried away. They need such an activity that requires the manifestation of scrupulousness, stability, logical mind. It is worth refusing work where business trips, travels, travels constantly take place: Excess gestures deprive the Bulls of peace of mind and energy.

They are just perfect agriculture, art, sports, finance and everything related to material goods. Many sign people are realized as musicians, painters and sculptors. Also have a tendency to speculation. Regardless of the field of activity, the Bull loves to tinker in the garden or in the country.

The girl-Ox is a real keeper of the home, serving as an excellent hostess. Often it is she who becomes the leader in relationships, family. The character is very gentle, loyal, faithful, but also very practical and not at all sentimental.

Metal Bull, what is it by nature?

Having learned, 2021, the year of whom the animal will be, I would like to pay special attention to the metallic element of the sign. An individual belonging to a given animal patron has simply inflexible will, no one can change his mind or lead him astray.

Never will work in vain, always gets a good profit for what he does. It seems that he is in principle not subject to a sense of fear. But he himself can cause panic - mostly in his own words "rare, but apt."

Metal Ox is the most sociable of all his fellows. He has enough friends, he loves fun, friendly relaxation. He is also an excellent family man who gives his family everything they need.

If a representative of the element of Metal could control his language at least once, then his career would have been much better.

It is this person who seeks open disputes and conflicts with all those who have a different opinion. And he very lucidly argues his point of view. And if you decide to start criticizing - expect the same blow from his side.

With all this, surprisingly, the Bull has a rather subtle nature. He loves music, art and science. Often finds his vocation in one of these areas. Plus, he has a heightened sense of responsibility: you can always rely on such a person, because he fulfills all the promises. Do not throw words to the wind.

Of the shortcomings of character, mention should be made of the periodic desire to rush things. A bull in a state of anger is very scary, so it's best not to bring it to that. And if he sets a goal for himself, he will go ahead to it, showing harshness, arrogance, but not knowing the word "defeat."

His stamina is simply impressive: it will easily forget about a normal sleep, and about food, sacrificing everything to its goal. If needed, it will work at least 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Helpful advice. Metal Bull is important to expand their thinking, as well as get rid of vindictiveness, to which he is also inclined.

Love compatibility

Having dealt with the 2021 year of a horoscope animal and having familiarized with its main character traits, let's move on to compatibility in love. With what kind of zodiac counterparts does the Bull get along best?

  • With rat. In this case, the development of the relationship is more influenced by the partner Rat. The ox often comes as a shock from her dexterity, agility, and the mouse ability to tack finds weakness.
  • With a bull. Representatives of the same sign are distinguished by reliability, have many points of contact. Both the first and the second are inveterate materialists, conservatives. But they are able to play a trick on each other, in their union there will never be boredom.
  • With a tiger. Unsuccessful version of love compatibility. It is very unlikely that the partners will be able to create a happy family, because the partner-Ox constantly seeks to prevail over the Tigris. This ends in eternal scandals and is fraught with a speedy break.
  • With a rabbit. You can talk about pretty good compatibility in love, even if not perfect. In this tandem, Rabbit has a greater influence on the relationship. If he has enough diplomacy, he will be able to adapt to the Bull, then "everything will work out."
  • With the dragon. We can see a very unreliable, unpromising alliance. The reason for this is the presence of constant quarrels between its participants, which provoke discord and rupture of relations. In addition, they are very different: the Dragon - to the brilliance of the external, and the Bull - relies more on the internal content.
  • With the Snake. The real conclusion of a successful marriage is only on the condition that the Serpent will hide its past relationship and will not shock the Bull. However, in practice, such a task for her is almost impossible, and if the truth comes out, then the conservative Ox will quickly bid farewell to the Serpent.
  • With a horse. And in this case between partners there is no harmonious understanding of each other. Also, the temperamental and independent Horse is slightly afraid of a stronger morally Bull, which gives it a lot of mental torment.
  • With goat. The variant of unpromising relations, when both partners are poorly compatible. For example, the Bull is strongly annoyed by the rich imagination of its partner, its over-developed imagination. Goat Bull also deduces from emotional balance, therefore it is desirable to avoid such connections.
  • With Monkey. And here you can already talk about a great understanding. Even if the partners have any difficulties in the relationship - they know how to find mutual compromises and negotiate.
  • With rooster. Another rather harmonious pair in which mutual understanding and harmony reigns. Rooster with the Bull are not just lovers, but also act, above all, real friends.
  • With a dog. In this case, there is a slightly opposite ideology. Still, the Bull is a well-known conservative, and Doggy is prone to innovation. Therefore, to create a harmonious and promising relationship, both will have to work hard.
  • With pig. If both members of such a union comply with the generally established rules of society, then something might come out of them. True, there are a lot of difficulties in this tandem. For example, Gilt is a severely rigorous partner, and the Bull is angry at not being obeyed. In general, both will have to work pretty hard to create a happy future together.

Now you know what year is 2021, what animal and its distinctive features.

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