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Horoscope for Gemini for October 2019: take care of health


It is hard to imagine a seriously upset Gemini man, because such an individual is distinguished by natural cheerfulness and the ability to cope with any, even very unpleasant situations. But what these people like to do the most is constantly changing their opinions. In general, it is absolutely impossible to get bored with them.

What trends promises to pass for the representatives of the sign the second month of autumn? You will learn about it from the horoscope for Gemini in October 2019.

Features of the forecast for girls-Twins

In mid-autumn, the weak half of the constellation will amaze others with incredible curiosity. They will experience a strong desire to comprehend some new knowledge and skills.

The twins really want to try on a completely new role: to comprehend the art of playing the piano, learn to cross-stitch or get a certificate of a manicurist. Regardless of the chosen sphere, the girls will feel a rush of inspiration and simply shine with the energy of happiness.

It is noteworthy that the process of obtaining knowledge will find its practical application in everyday life. Therefore, the main advice of the stars for Gemini on October 2019 is to eliminate laziness from your life and stubbornly follow the chosen path.

The result of personal growth will be not just new acquired abilities, but also new character traits. Your environment will notice innovations and promises to fall asleep with pleasant compliments.

Horoscope for male Gemini in October 2019

The second autumn month is the best way to build plans for the future. Representatives of the strong half of the constellation in October will persistently fantasize and share their impressions with the close environment.

A lot of time will be spent on a fun time with friends and thinking about plans for weekends and holidays. And you will be entrusted with the role of organizer of various events.

The main danger for Gemini now lies in the fact that they dream too much and sometimes completely break away from real life.

In the first week several unusual meetings are foreseen. For example, in the subway you will meet an old friend, and he will make you an offer to see in a more comfortable environment.

It is likely that you will like to continue to communicate with this person, even if he had previously caused you only a sense of internal antipathy. Today, unexpectedly, a former rival may turn into a friend or even a business partner.

Amorous situation

Twins should not show a lot of pressure, wanting to get the location of a pretty person. On a horoscope for October 2019, signs of obsession and impulsiveness will not bring a positive result and will not improve your situation in any way. Better be attentive, caring and patient.

Remember that with your speed you only scare potential fans to death. And by modesty, on the contrary, attract to yourself. The positive moment is that in the middle of autumn the Gemini's shutter speed is noticeably increased, plus the intuition is also improved, which allows you to act correctly. A competent strategy brings results in the field of love.

Career area

October is a productive month at work, but will not bring the desired stability. You can only get a little progress, or consolidate the former success. On some working days, Gemini may encounter real chaos.

Because of the long succession of unpleasant events, the pets of Mercury will sense that sometimes the situation itself gets out of control.

But in spite of everything, at work the main part of October promises to be satisfactory, without bad news. You will spend days for concentrated and hard work, without laziness and loss of motivation. If someone wants to find a responsible and disciplined employee in October, he should pay attention to Gemini.

What about finances?

Unlike the previous one, this month promises to bring more financial profit. You will not suffer from a shortage of monetary units and will be able to satisfy any of your material needs.

What is the reason for this? Perhaps a special touch on finance. Thanks to him, the air personalities at the level of intuition predict which of the actions will fail, and on which you can get a good profit.

This means that all monetary issues are better solved with the help of their intuitive abilities. If you feel a certain internal response with regards to one or another strategy of behavior - without hesitation trust it.

This month you risk missing out on good odds if you don’t grab them at the right moment. Act lightning fast and decisively!

Heavenly bodies are in a hurry to warn that, even with a good income, you should not immediately spend your savings right and left. By the end of October, there may be an opportunity for a successful investment, which will show its perspective a bit over time.

Health Area

In the third decade of October, you will feel a decline in strength, a slight indisposition may develop. It is worth taking a couple of days to rest. Try to calm down and temporarily abandon any thoughts about life difficulties.

In general, in the middle of the autumn season it is important to monitor your health, even on the most busy days. Remember that healthy sleep and moderate exercise are always extremely important. Only in this way you will feel normal and be able to achieve a state of inner harmony and comfort.

If you neglect your body, it will surely respond to your sudden deterioration of well-being. An illustrative example of how chasing two hares can not catch up with one: and get impaired health, and face a reduced ability to work because of the same. Draw conclusions in time.

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