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Horoscope for Sagittarius in September 2019 - be especially careful


The energetic and resolute Sagittarius impresses with its vital energy and positive perception of the world. It seems that such a person does not know tiredness, because he does something all the time and it’s hard for him to sit in one place even for several minutes. How will the autumn begin for a representative of the element of Fire? About this is told in the horoscope for Sagittarius in September 2019.

Forecast for girls-Streltsov for September 2019

The beautiful half of the constellation is already a little tired from the measured pace of life, which she has adhered to for the past few months. Ordinary life has become so much boring for the Strelchikha that by September 2019 they will very much want a bright, emotion-filled pastime.

But astrologers are in a hurry to warn you to be careful in your desires. After all, succumbing to the sudden impulse to adventure subsequently risk greatly suffer. Chasing new emotions and sensations, do not go to extremes.

Stars very strongly advise ladies-Streltsam to contact with dubious adventures or gambling. It is also worth refusing even a slight flirtation with a stranger: he looks innocent only at first sight. But in reality, as a result of such cute flirting, you can have a lot of problems.

Why girls Streltsov even drawn to this? There is a clear impact on this constellation of the planet Mercury. But do not panic - according to the situation in the sky, it becomes clear that the negative impact of Mercury on you will be neutralized by other aspects.

How will the month for men-Streltsov

Astrological forecast for the first month of autumn says that men-Sagittarius do not put more time and attention to pay their careers. Sometimes it is worth once again to stay at work in order to subsequently get the desired result.

But with all this, remember about the need for a properly planned work day with a sufficient number of pauses. Otherwise, if we neglect the relaxation, very soon Sagittarius will suffer from nervous exhaustion due to regular overloads. And the risk of a cold.

On the recommendation of the stars, show increased perseverance in September if you want to achieve a long-awaited promotion. Therefore, feel free to contact the head with the appropriate request. The support of celestial bodies will make your speech more convincing, and the increased faith in your own strength and stubbornness will certainly receive a worthy reward.

By the beginning of autumn, the fiery Sagittarius will succeed in cracking down on his annoying competitors and detractors. The higher forces are now on your side, so do not be afraid to reveal yourself to the world. Be sure to use the drop-down opportunity in order to fully demonstrate all your abilities and talents.

Sphere of love

Lonely representatives of the constellation is very useful stellar support in building its personal front. But you also should not yawn - carefully look at the new friends, because it is likely that somewhere among them is your second half.

And also remember that the strongest and strongest love relationships always begin with friendship (or at least sincere interest in each other and the desire to get to know each other better).

If you already have a relationship, but they do not last too long, then very soon the stars foreshadow the receipt of a love confession. You will also notice the awakening of tender feelings towards your partner.

Sensitive by nature, Sagittarius generally manages to read the mood of his surroundings and establish contact with him. At the beginning of autumn 2019, take advantage of your natural gift with good intentions and help someone of your friends to cope with problems.

Welcome to come back and Sagittarius will certainly receive help and support when they need it.

Career field

Professionally, in the first autumn month, interesting business proposals and fairly extensive projects are expected. The manual trusts you, so it is possible that you will get a serious task to perform. It is necessary to live up to expectations, and for this, work not for speed, but for quality performance.

In case of doubt as to whether you complete the work on time, discard them immediately. Your professionalism and high qualifications will help to cope with the task perfectly. And thanks to the unprecedented perseverance shown in September, you can count on career progress.

Financial life

The nature of Sagittarius is such that he seeks to solve the problem on his own and does not expect outside help. But to get a stable financial situation at the beginning of autumn at the expense of their efforts can be very difficult, and sometimes completely unrealistic.

Therefore, on the advice of astrologers, it is better not to be proud, but ask for help from your inner circle. His support (preferably material) is now very much needed by Strelets.

Fortunately, financial difficulties promise not to last too long. And by the end of the month, representatives of the cheerful constellation will know the grace of Mrs. Fortune, having received a very decent profit.


Chasing career prospects, Sagittarius risks scoring on his health. This should not be done. In general, in September 2019, everything promises to be normal. But still, do regular exercises in the morning, learn how to take a contrast shower, and in the evenings, do a wellness jog or just take a walk in the fresh air.

Due to the continuous and long-term work behind the luminous screens, the Sagittarius are at risk of seeing their vision deteriorate. Do not neglect the first "bells", and be sure to go to see an ophthalmologist as soon as you feel some discomfort.

In addition, it does not hurt to arrange a check and the state of the cardiovascular system.

And about the general trends of the year for representatives of the constellation Streltsov will tell the following video: