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How to choose the name of the girl in the church calendar


I always help my friends in choosing a name for their children. I studied this question for a long time when I chose the name of my daughter according to the church calendar. Therefore, today I will tell you how to choose the right name for a girl by months and why it is important to pay a lot of attention to this issue.

Why is it difficult to choose a name for a newborn?

The birth of a child is an important event. And not only the future parents, but also the closest relatives diligently prepare for it. The only problem that the whole world is trying to solve, as they say, is the choice of a name. For many, this is a real challenge. After all, there are so many beautiful names that are perfect for girls.

And to choose from such a variety is really not easy. In addition, parents are well aware that on their shoulders is a huge burden of responsibility. Since this is the name the child will wear all his life. Therefore, it should be suitable for him.

It would seem that choosing a name is a simple task. However, only those who are not lucky enough to become a parent think so. As those who already have children know how difficult the choice is:

  1. Basically, the difficulties are connected with choosing the name that will appeal to all family members. Of course, many psychologists insist that the choice should be based only on the feelings of the parents themselves. After all, this is their child and they are not obliged to please relatives. But in reality everything turns out to be completely different. And the opinion of relatives in this matter plays an important role.
  2. Father and mother can be difficult to determine due to the fact that changing fashion. It may sound ridiculous, but it really is the place to be. Now such names as Tamara, Lyubov, Zoya, Galina are a real rarity. Most of these names are people who were born during the Soviet era. And therefore it is not difficult to assume that the parents seriously fear that the name chosen by them will eventually also become “unfashionable” and the child will be teased at school.
  3. Quite often, it also happens that parents are faced with a problem that is associated with the desire to name a child in honor of someone from relatives in the church calendar. This noble desire most often even causes family quarrels. After all, every relative wants a small member of the family to be named in his honor. As a rule, because of such quarrels parents have to completely abandon this idea. Because the world in the family above all.
  4. The choice of a name consonant with the surname and patronymic gives a lot of problems. It should be noted that there is no such problem only in foreign countries. Firstly, there is no such thing as a middle name. Secondly, foreign citizens do not care at all about combining their first name with their last name, since in the future they can change it. Therefore, it makes no sense to pick a name for a specific name. Especially when it comes to the girl. After all, women, as you know, after marriage, take the name of her husband.

It is worth mentioning that quite often parents are influenced by fashion and even name children in honor of their favorite heroes of films or books. After the release of box-office films, even in the expanses of the former CIS countries, children with the names of their favorite actors or their cine-like prototypes appear.

The church completely disapproves of this and constantly reminds Christians of the need to be guided by completely different motives when choosing a baby’s name.

Why is it undesirable to call a girl a foreign name?

Even 20 years ago, teachers were genuinely surprised if a student with the name Angelina or Stephanie appeared in their class. Because church female names were simpler. But now this does not surprise anyone. Today, many parents prefer to call their children foreign names. But this does not approve not only the church, but also psychologists. Let us try to understand why such prejudice towards foreign names is such.

Immediately it is worth mentioning that this does not at all indicate any kind of bitter hostility. Everything is explained quite simply. The fact is that the names of people living in different countries are also completely different. And for indigenous people, for example, Germany, the name Tamara will seem difficult, and the Koreans will even pronounce it with difficulty. All this is due to the peculiarities of the language.

If you name the girl born in America, Julian, it will not create any problems. However, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians will have certain difficulties pronouncing this name. Since the combination of sounds is too unusual.

We should not forget that such a foreign name, which, no doubt, is beautiful, can make an outcast child out of it. It must always be remembered that small children are too categorical in relation to what they do not understand. And so it is likely that a girl with an unusual name will even become an outcast in the classroom.

Myths about the correctness of the choice of name

In more ancient times, names were always chosen very carefully. And while parents are not just guided by their wishes. They also honored traditions and remembered the prohibitions. It is now the Christians have completely abandoned their belief in prejudice. However, in ancient times, people, even true believers, were subject to various kinds of prejudices. Consider the most famous beliefs and prohibitions regarding the choice of a name for a girl.

The first myth says that a child cannot be named after a relative or any resident of a village. Now it will seem strange, but in those days people firmly believed that this was unacceptable. In particular, if the names of girls coincide with the names of those people whose names they bear. And there are two explanations for this:

  1. First, people believed that the name has a certain energy. If you call the newborn the name of a person with an unfortunate fate, his life will be ruined. Because he will repeat the fate of the person whose name is.
  2. Secondly, the ban also acted in relation to successful people. It was believed that the baby can lure good luck to yourself. In other words, he could simply steal the fate of another person. As a result of this, the second person was doomed to an unhappy life and even a quick death.

That is why the villagers preferred to give the girls names according to the church calendar. They piously believed that in this way they protect the infant from devilish forces, because with the name he also received defenders. They were the guardian angel and patron saint. It is noteworthy that, until a certain time, Christians believed that each person has only a custodian. But later the church was able to convince all believers in the existence of holy patrons. And so the choice of the name began to be treated with even greater trepidation.

It should be noted that in those years there was another interesting tradition, which, unfortunately, was not preserved. Up to a certain age, the child’s parents flatly refused to give his name. It was known only to parents. This tradition originated from the old belief. It said that the angel of death can take the baby to another world if he finds out his name.

In addition, the children then decided to give two names. The first name was reported to all, and the second was kept secret. Only parents and godparents knew him. This tradition has a logical explanation. As mentioned above, until a certain time people were extremely superstitious.

They believed that a sorcerer or an evil person can do damage only if they know the name of their victim. Consequently, if you hide the name of the baby from them, then they will not be able to harm him in any way, since they will be powerless. Of course, to hide the name all his life was not possible. But the solution was found. After all, the clergy offered to use another name for baptism.

Choosing a name according to the church calendar is the best solution.

The priests recommend that believers not to abandon the tradition of choosing a name according to the Orthodox calendar. This is directly related to the fact that it is the patron whose name the child bears that protects him throughout his life. Of course, the Guardian Angel also illuminates his path in the dark and helps to cope with difficulties. However, it is customary to ask for the intercession of the patron saint.

In addition, the priests also believe that the intercession of holy saints can help a person resist all temptations, damage, the evil eye. This plays a huge role in the case of damage to the child. Since young children do not possess the strength of mind, they cannot cope with induced damage themselves. Often they need the help not only of parents, but of all relatives. And if the child does not have a patron, then the likelihood that the damage will still take effect is high.

How to choose a name by month?

Having caught fire with the idea of ​​choosing a child's name according to the church calendar, it is necessary to remember some selection rules:

  • if girls were born in winter, then winter names should be chosen;
  • If several saints are worshiped on her birthday, you can choose any name you like;
  • When choosing a name in accordance with the church calendar, it is extremely important to remember that the child will repeat the fate of the patron saint. For this reason, it is not recommended to choose the names of the martyrs;
  • You can choose the names of the blessed. Since this is considered a good sign;
  • should take into account the fact that the name must leave an imprint on the character of the girl.

By following these simple selection rules, each parent can easily find the right name for their daughter.


  1. If a person does not have a patron by name, he can get into a very difficult situation.
  2. Foreign names can lead to serious psychological trauma to the child, which is completely unacceptable and undesirable.
  3. Previously, because of superstition, children were given two names at birth.