Dream interpretation

Meaning of the name Yeremey


The meaning of the name Yeremei gives him a very purposeful and rational person. Feelings are secondary to him, the main thing is the benefit that he will receive from committing certain actions. Read the article to understand the nature of such a man better.


Yeremey looks at life very soberly and simply, is not inclined to complicate anything and create problems for himself.

Features of his character:

  1. An excellent conversationalist - he knows how to listen, persuade, reason, and patiently analyze the situation with which a person addressed him. Calm and poise attract people to it.
  2. But in fact, he is not such a calm person. Rather, it is a mask, which he successfully uses to hide his feelings and desires from other people. Deep down, he is quite vulnerable and touchy.
  3. Instantly adapts to life changes and new circumstances. Able to cope with the most difficult problems, preferring not to get upset and talk, but act immediately, looking for ways out.
  4. He constantly controls his behavior and emotions, which sooner or later can lead to depression due to repressed feelings. Also because of this, he lives in constant tension, which is harmful to his health and well-being.
  5. Determination and big ambitions make him constantly act, work and live actively. And, as a rule, it achieves its goals, even if for this it is necessary to make incredible efforts.
  6. He has excellent mental abilities, high intelligence and a great sense of humor. These qualities also help him to succeed, regardless of external circumstances, no matter how unfavorable at the moment they are.
  7. He can talk about his high moral principles, but he still does it the way he benefits, often ignoring these principles. In his actions always lies a cold and uncompromising calculation.

Hobbies and hobbies

The best hobby for Yeremey is a hobby that can be monetized. He does not like to make efforts, not receiving rewards for them. Therefore, the "work for the soul" may be his work.

It strives to achieve goals and set a high bar for itself. Calculating, enterprising. Making money for him is supreme pleasure. Loves activities for which you need to put physical effort. For example, boxing or shooting.

Profession and business

Yeremey is a true workaholic who rarely gives himself a rest. But at the same time, the work chooses one where his work will be adequately paid for. And what exactly to do is not so important for him.

Equally capable of achieving success in activities related to both physical and mental labor.

It attracts all the mysterious, the unknown. Therefore, he can become a researcher, pioneer, create something fundamentally new, which no one has thought of before him. He sees the essence of things and is able to reveal them from an unusual point of view.

He often overestimates his abilities and knowledge, which leads to failures. But he carefully hides them, remaining for the surrounding man, who always achieves goals and makes only the right decisions.

He is suitable professions related to public service. Maybe a great policeman, politician, driver, referent. As for business, it is better that it is associated with trade, industry or agriculture.


Born Yeremey, as a rule, quite weak child. And during his life, problems constantly arise with his health. This is due not only to weak immunity, but also to the overwork, to which he exposes himself.

His body is very sensitive, so he often suffers from allergies. To improve his health, he needs to play sports and set aside enough time for rest and recuperation.

Often inaudible food, overeating, which also adversely affects the state of health. Fighting overweight and food addictions, bad habits, can occur throughout life.

Sex and love

He may be sexually attracted to many women, but does not like to change them often. Therefore, seeks to choose one and start a serious relationship, to invest emotionally and materially in the courtship only once.

Youthful love pass him by. While peers commit romantic acts, fall in love and are disappointed, he thinks about the long-term prospects. Love for him will never come first. In this he is extremely rational.

Family and marriage

Yeremey is very balanced and rational approach to the creation of a family. He understands that passion and love will pass quickly. And it should remain that will be to unite him with the chosen one, allowing you to save marriage and harmonious relations in their pair.

What is typical for the behavior of Yeremey in marriage:

  1. Most often, he chooses to marry a girl without material problems - either from a wealthy family, or the one that builds a career and earns herself well. He believes that the family budget should be general and the format “father works, mother beautiful” does not suit him.
  2. Appearance darling for him is also important. She should be beautiful, stylish and able to present herself. He wants her to be proud, admired by other people and men as well.
  3. The character of his wife should be quite docile. If she starts to accept him with all the flaws, to respect his opinion and to agree with him on crucial issues, then there will be no conflicts in the family.
  4. He will be good to his wife, although a great passion and love can not speak. Rather, this alliance is like a bargain for two wise partners who together build a common future.
  5. He does not stint on praise and compliments, will always come to the aid of his beloved, he is able to forgive minor offenses. Admits his mistakes. When he commits them and realizes that he is guilty, he will definitely apologize and make amends.
  6. Marriage for him is one way to balance the physiological and spiritual needs. It is easier for him to find one woman and not think about satisfaction than to constantly change partners.
  7. When he becomes a father, he opens up completely from the side. It turns out that he is capable of incredible tenderness and love. Especially if a daughter is born. To the son will be more strict.
  8. In the family, he is the head and leader who makes decisions. The opinion of the second half always takes into account in this case, but the last word still remains with him.