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Tarot divination "On the thoughts of a man to me": online and free


Sometimes in a relationship with a loved one such complicated and complicated situations arise that it is impossible to sort them out on your own. Then you will come to the aid of an online fortune-telling on the Tarot cards of a man’s thoughts, which will shed light on the existing state of affairs.

How to guess:
Imagine the image of your chosen one in front of you. Try 2-3 minutes not to think about anything. When your subconscious is ready - draw 5 tarot cards.

Choose the first map: Predict more
To guess yet

You can repeat the guessing on the thoughts and feelings of a man in 5-10 minutes.

When we turn to maps for help, we give them a piece of our personal energy, which is used to make a prediction of the future.

  1. To get the most truthful information, it is important to formulate the question correctly, then you will get the truthful answer to it.
  2. It is also necessary to enter into a special state of altered consciousness, so that you will no longer be disturbed by any vital questions (except the one with which you turn to the cards).
  3. When we want to find out from the cards what our beloved person thinks of us, it is necessary in the process of divination to present him in maximum detail, say his name out loud.
  4. Do not rush, let the card feel your heat, filled with your energy. Only by achieving such a unity can you look deeper into the future.

When a man makes a guess, one should take into account the features of his appearance:

  • so, for men with blond hair and eyes, tambourine suit;
  • with dark hair and burning eyes - trefovoy suit, as well as the peak.

Warning how to use the cards correctly

Whatever the answer cards, do not forget that this is just information for thought, which should help you smooth out the "sharp corners" in the relationship. After all, very often, succumbing to sympathy, affection, having fallen in love, we lose our vigilance, because of this, we perceive very painfully everything that is happening.

If you have received a negative prediction, do not be in a hurry to get upset, this is a sign from above that you should think about the second side of the relationship. Perhaps, having received the experience you need with your current partner, you can finally meet your soul mate, who has already been waiting for you.

And if the cards promise you complete calm, then listen to yourself and make every effort not to lose your happiness. After all, often because of the daily hassle, we lose the most important thing that was sent to us by heaven. And fortune telling is a reason to look at the situation in a new light.

Very often, Higher Forces try to set us on the right path. Frequently repeated situations, unexpected losses or finds, betrayals and new acquaintances - nothing happens to us just like that. Each situation is designed to teach something, to give some new life experience, to suggest. But, unfortunately, we do not always correctly recognize the signs above, and therefore we make new mistakes.

Guessing on the king on playing cards

In the central part of the table lay out the card of the king, which symbolizes the applicant for your hand and heart. After that, mix the deck thoroughly and remove from it any 5 cards that came to hand. Arrange them in order under the main card.

Each of the cards will tell you its features about the planned man:

  • 1st — sheds light on his innermost thoughts. If the card is a red suit, it means that they think of you quite often. And if dark - his head is busy thinking about another girl.
  • 2nd - what a man thinks about further joint future with you. Hearts and diamonds speak of a sincere desire to be with you, and dark suit cards will tell about a frivolous, superficial attitude.
  • 3rd - reveals heart experiences. And again, the cards of the light suit will tell you about falling in love, and trefovoy and peak - about doubts and cunning plans.
  • 4th - the features of your future relationship. Red cards - signs of long love, mutual harmony. Black - experiencing negative emotions, lack of faith, jealousy.
  • 5th — what fate is preparing for you, an index of further joint perspectives. The card of the diamonds or heartsong tells about a long life together, and a dark suit - you will have to accept the fact that this man is not your second half.

Also, the prediction will be greatly affected by the discharge of the map - the higher the rank it is, the more likely the prophecy will be fulfilled. Turning for help to fortune-telling the king, you can correctly navigate to create a happy and strong family.

In the event that there are several supposed “kings” in your environment, we advise you to use a more detailed version of divination - for 4 kings. This alignment will tell about the hidden pitfalls, secret intentions and plans of each of the representatives of the stronger sex relative to you.

Guessing "Parting" - analysis of the relationship

This is a balance that will shed light on the features of your relationship. He will help you if you can not decide whether to continue the relationship or better to part?

Cards are arranged according to this scheme and interpreted as follows:

  • 1st card - tells about the state of things in a pair at a given time;
  • 2nd - tells what you want to get from this union in reality;
  • 3rd - the advantages of parting;
  • 4th - the advantages of continuing the relationship;
  • 5th — how you need to act now;
  • 6th - what will be at the end, the forecast of future events.

Alignment "Prophecy Aphrodite" - tells about compatibility

This fortune telling should be addressed if a person has recently appeared in your life, causing a storm of feelings in you. But at the same time you suffer from doubts: "Is this my second half? Should we be together?" and the like. To resolve such problems and fit the "Prophecy of Aphrodite."

It is necessary to interpret cards like this:

  • 1st - tell you about what connects you with a partner;
  • 2nd - moments of "inconsistencies" in the relationship;
  • 3rd - tells about your compatibility;
  • 4th — what should be given increased attention in this alliance;
  • 5th - what will be the further development of the situation.

Alignment "What does my favorite think about me?"

You need to take a deck of cards, shuffle it 7 times and with the help of the left little finger move towards the heart. The top stack unfolds under the bottom. Then you make a man:

  • Suit of Hearts - for the same age;
  • Tambourines - for fair-haired;
  • Trofs - for men aged.

Remove 3 cards each and lay them in a vertical column under each other until the map of the hidden king appears. In this case, special attention should be paid to the cards surrounding the "king" from all sides, as well as diagonally.

Cards above and below will tell about his expectations and desires. And to the right and left - that he is trying to hide from you. Cards diagonally tell about his innermost desires.

How to interpret the results:


  • Worms - a good trip;
  • Tambourine - the execution of the plan;
  • Scratch - the dream will become a reality, but very soon;
  • Peaks - the answer is no.


  • Worms - a long-awaited meeting;
  • Tambourines - an unpleasant date;
  • Trofy - romantic date;
  • Peaks is a business date.


  • Worms - idle chatter;
  • Tambourines are an important conversation;
  • Trofs - you have to solve an important problem;
  • Peaks - conflicts, bad news.


  • Worms - love affairs;
  • Tambourines - your favorite is crazy about you;
  • Trofy is a secret suitor;
  • Peaks - love success.


  • Worms - a young guy interested in you;
  • Tambourines - someone from a government house is interested in you;
  • Trofi - new successful acquaintance;
  • Peaks - a strong interest in you.


  • Worms - they worry about you;
  • Tambourines - relatives don't like your behavior;
  • Trofs - unpleasant troubles, fuss time;
  • Peaks - plans will not succeed.


  • Worms - you will help your king to do what he wants;
  • Tambourines - they want to see you frivolous;
  • Trofs - a rival who does not interest a man;
  • Peaks - the emergence of a serious rival.


  • Worms - the execution of the plan;
  • Tambourines - you will do whatever you want;
  • Trofs - getting a serious offer;
  • Peaks - the presence of an influential patron.


  • Worms are pointers of endless luck;
  • Tambourines - a short time of calm;
  • Trofs - you face a disease;
  • Peaks - betrayal.

It is also quite popular fortune telling on tarot cards for love and thoughts of a man for 3 cards. The following video will tell you about it.