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The main prayer for the adoption of holy water and prosphora in the temple and at home


The life of every Orthodox can not be imagined without the shrines that accompany in many rituals. Among them are holy water and prosphora. It is believed that the first is the grace of God. It helps the purification of the soul from filth, and strengthens the believer himself in striving for the feat of salvation.

These terms are significant. There is even prayer for the adoption of holy water and prosphora for orthodox tradition. What are they called? One is used for holy communion, liturgical bread. The other is the water sanctified in the church. It has been used since antiquity, even in the Old Testament the sacrament with holy water is described. In addition, it is closely intertwined with the baptism of Jesus Christ.

When and why take holy water and prosphora

Water or as it is called - agama together with the church bread should be consumed in the morning, before eating. Thus, a person exalts his spirituality, and his body purifies. At the same time a prayer is read. Her strength is so great that a Christian is not only purified, but also involuntarily inclines toward virtue, freeing herself from negative energy. The products are symbolically the simplest: there is enough bread to live, to strengthen strength, and water easily quenches thirst. Both elements, consecrated in the temple, confer spiritual strength on the believer.

The unity of the Church corresponds to countless grains, of which namololi flour for bread. Return to the original purity occurs through the holy water, which is still considered a conductor to the Lord. There is nothing difficult to use agama and prosphora. As it was said, they are taken at dawn, on an empty stomach, so that there is no subsequent mixing with regular food.

What is prosphora?

Often liturgical bread is used during worship. During a certain ritual, prosphora pinch off pieces and crumbs as a sign of commemoration for health or repose. In the past, these small loaves were made by the parishioners themselves, bringing them to the service. The word itself comes from the Greek language and has the meaning of offering. The ministers, during the prayer, taking out the pieces, asked God for those who had baked and brought them.

Today, prosphora are made at churches or monasteries of wheat flour with yeast. Carry them out of the house is not necessary. The centuries-old tradition of using bread during liturgy has remained. Pieces also commemorate the Christians mentioned in the notes. After the prosporum has been sanctified, it can be distributed when kissing the cross. In some temples they are placed in a candle box, where anyone can just take them. In other cases, they are given to those who have submitted their notes for proskomedia. It happens, for sacred breads leave flour or other donations. At the end of the reading, pieces of such bread (anti-food) are carried away with them.

Prosphora Adoption

There is a certain ritual.

  • It is necessary to fold the palms of the cross, so that the right was on top.
  • Take prosphora.
  • Kiss the hand of the priest, while some have to overcome their pride.
  • Eat an antidor and drink holy water right in the church.

Having brought their food from the temple to the house, they put it under the iconostasis on a clean cloth. Before eating bread prayer is read.

In it, the request of a person to the Lord is transmitted, so that He strengthens his spirit and body, rescues from harmful habits. Biting the prosforku, you need to follow, so as not to drop a single crumb. Lushe substitute a plate or napkin. Do not hit the sacred pieces on the floor. After all, they are a symbol of faith full. If a person is unbelieving or unbaptized, an atheist, then he does not need a prosphora. Giving is not worth it. What the bread was wrapped in is burned behind the house.

Sacred bread consists of certain parts. At first each is molded separately, then they are joined. One is the symbol of the nature of the Savior, and the other, the upper image of the Virgin Mary or the Christian cross. Typically, the drawing is done with a special print. Such a division of bread is a sign of the separation of each of us into body and soul. Both parts make up the integrity of people.

Prosphora Types

Many believe that in all cases the same bread are prepared. In fact, there are as many as 5 species. Each has its own purpose.

  1. The Virgin Mary - resembles a triangle, with the image of the Mother of God or the inscription about Her. Laid out on the dish. Served on holidays in the temple.
  2. Agnica - has a cubic shape. Symbolizes the body of Christ. Images can be in the form of a cross and a lamb.
  3. Nine-level - symbolizes the remembrance of saints and prophets. From not taken only 9 pieces.
  4. Zazdravnaya - the name speaks for itself. It is divided between all those present at the service.
  5. The requiem - they eat the top only in the walls of the temple for the dead. You can not chop and eat it at the grave.

Agiasma - holy water

Everyone is well known holiday - Epiphany. By special permission, the water brought by Christians to the temple or the source itself is consecrated. Many believe that it is intended for all diseases. One can argue with that, but the fact that the consecrated water costs for years and does not deteriorate is a fact. It should be obligatory kept in the house and drink more often on an empty stomach.

Need to keep close to the iconostasis. Christians use this shrine to sanctify their homes, anointing, cleansing the room.

What not to do with prosphora and holy water

There are certain prohibitions that every Christian should know about and try not to violate them.

  • You can not eat prosphora, eating something or drinking water is not holy water.
  • Before you begin, you should pray.
  • Drop the crumbs.
  • Drink on Good Friday.
  • To eat women in the period of menstruation.
  • Store without molds or pouch.
  • Toss out.

If the bread has deteriorated, it is better to burn it or send it into running water. It’s just not possible to throw it on the ground, and even more so in the trash can.

How to read a prayer

A certain prayer is read for the acceptance of prosphora and holy water, its text is given above. However, it is not enough just to read or speak the words, even if by heart. When praying, there must be strong faith in the Lord and that all of them will be given to the prayer in full.

Drinking holy water, a person not only takes Communion, but also gets closer to God, partaking of His grace. When eating consecrated bread, the same thing happens, because both products were consecrated at the time of worship.