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Sign of the Sun: history of appearance, species, meaning


The sign of the sun - what is this sacred symbol? Where do the origins of his appearance go, which first people used the swastika? If you are interested in receiving answers to the questions posed, then look for them in the following material.

Symbol of the Sun: the history of

Although in the modern world the solar sign - the swastika is most often associated with Hitler and the fascists, in fact, the original symbol appears in our ancestral Slavs.

The Slavs were very sensitive to the day star, honoring him as the great sacred power of the Gods. It was the red-sun that gave life to all living things, its energy contributed to a good harvest. And the sun was a source of heat and light, without which life on Earth would be simply impossible. Therefore, it is not surprising that our forefathers bowed before the Sun Bright Gods, the light and, of course, the Sun itself!

And the Slavic culture worshiped not one, but immediately four solar gods:

  • Horse - reigned in the sky from winter to spring;
  • Yarilu - whose time began in the spring and ended in the summer;
  • Dazhdbogu - who came into his own in the summer and retired in the fall;
  • and Svarog - the deity who ruled from autumn to winter.

In addition, there are numerous solar (i.e. solar) Slavic symbols. Their main mass had protective properties.

Swastika Slavs - Kolovrat

The most famous and frequently used Slavic symbol of the sun is Kolovrat. It is formed by eight rays, which radially emanate from the center. And the ends of the rays, closing, create a circle. As a result, we can observe the illusion of moving the circle in a clockwise direction. No need to think long to understand what the swastika is demonstrating - it reflects the movement of the day star in the sky.

But we, out of respect for the culture of our ancestors - the Slavs, will call the symbol of the Sun not a swastika, but the Kolovrat. Where does this name come from? The word "kolo" means "circle" and "gate" means "rotation." If to be literal, then we get the "rotation of the circle."

Slavic Sun or Kolovrat was essential in people's lives. For example, special charms were made in the form of this symbol. The Slavs believed that Kolovrat was able to bring such benefits:

  • make the land fertile, respectively - to ensure a good harvest;
  • fill with the power and energy of the sun;
  • help the good to conquer darkness, the forces of evil;
  • give a person the health of the body and soul;
  • protect from any negativity;
  • attract good luck in various good endeavors.

However, this is not all. Kolovrat of the Slavs is not just a solar symbol. In addition, it is associated with eternal life, unceasing movement, the infinity of our Universe. Our ancestors actively used it in their household goods: they put it on kitchen utensils, embroidered on clothes. And even the weapons of warriors and their armor were decorated with images of Kolovrat.

When in 988, Prince Vladimir forcibly christened Kievan Rus, this symbol was banned, as well as other ancient Russian sacral signs. The true faith of the Slavs - paganism bloodyly displaced Christianity from the scene.

Alas, even today, not everyone is aware of the Native Gods, modern people do not know the true Faith-Veda, they live according to the canons of the Bible many times rewritten, and not according to the traditional Slavic-Aryan Vedas. Of course, everyone chooses which way to take: whether to discover the truth for himself or to wander in darkness.

But back to the symbol of the sun. In ancient times, the basis for its manufacture was gold or any other yellow metal, for example, brass, bronze. This is not surprising, since gold is traditionally considered to be a solar metal, exhibiting active, masculine energy. Magi in Russia wore amulets with a swastika as a powerful amulet against evil forces. To date, Kolovrat used for the same purpose.

Fortunately, now Slavic knowledge is beginning to gradually come out again. People are more and more interested in their faith, they begin to critically evaluate Christianity, and many of them come to the right conclusions in this matter. Today, if you wish, you can buy Kolovrat in life or on the Internet. It is also made from different materials, starting with gold and ending with wood. The amulet is worn around the neck, as a pendant or in the form of a ring.

What properties has a talisman?

  • protects its owner from any evil energy;
  • increase the power of that physical, that spiritual;
  • will help to go to the right path of life;
  • fill with optimism, faith in the best;
  • allows you to find a way out of any situation.

Of course, that Kolovrat is also relevant for the improvement of soil fertility. Just today it is no longer the most sought after property, because times have changed a lot.

How does the Slavic swastika differ from the fascist swastika?

At one time, Hitler strongly defamed the symbol of the Sun, because he decided to use it in the symbolism of fascism. And still very many people have no idea that the Nazis did not invent the swastika, but simply borrowed it from the ancient Slavic culture.

It's simple - Adolf Hitler sought to create a nation of Aryans. But who are the Aryans really? This is a highly developed civilization that existed long before our birth on earth. And already scientifically proven that the Aryans were the ancestors of the Slavs. It turns out that Hitler attempted precisely on the Slavic heritage.

But our goal now is not to delve into this topic, but to understand whether there are differences between the swastika of Slavs and Nazism? And if so, how to identify them? The answer will be definitely positive. Of course, the characters are different from each other. What exactly - I propose to consider further.

The following types of differences can be distinguished:

  • The form. If we take the fascist swastika, we see that the lines in it are quite wide, perfectly straight and are depicted in black. And the symbol itself is located on the background - the white circle, which in turn is on a red canvas.

And what about the symbolism of the Slavic people? First of all, it should be noted that in Slavism there are various swastik signs and Kolovrat is not the only one. They all differ from each other in their form. But the base always remains the same - it is a cross with right angles at its ends. Only the number of ends changes: they can be 8, 4, 6. Plus, the lines are often decorated with additional elements, for example, clean, smooth and rounded elements.

  • Colour. The second difference is the color of the swastiky characters. In this paragraph, they also differ from each other, however, is not so pronounced. Among the Slavs we see the predominance of the red symbol on a white background. And the scarlet hue is not accidental - it symbolized the energy of the Sun for our ancestors. True, in some signs we encounter the addition of blue and yellow flowers. As for the fascists, as we have already found out, the swastika has the black color of the main symbol.
  • Direction of travel. The Slavs depicted a swastika with a left-handed (that is, counterclockwise) movement, and the Germans, on the contrary, made it right-handed. True, there are exceptions to the rules for the first and second.

Black Sun - another solar symbol

Considering the solar symbolism, it is impossible not to mention another sacred symbol - the Black Sun. In addition, it is perhaps the most mysterious and shrouded in myths and legends of all other signs.

The Black Sun is also a Slavic amulet that has great magical power. It has an incredibly powerful sacred meaning, refers to the symbols of Navi (the other world, in which the dead live and darkness reigns).

At present, there is catastrophically little information about the exact occurrence of this sign. It is believed that the original Slavic priests used to protect the Black Sun originally only when performing various rituals. And for ordinary people, the symbol was inaccessible and strictly forbidden.

But everything changed 5,000 years ago. Then the priests themselves were forced to give the amulet to humanity for the purpose of self-defense. Events took place in troubled times before the onset of the Night of Svarog, when Midgard-earth was to speak. This was predicted by Perun himself.

Therefore, the priests had nothing left but to give the power of the Black Sun accessible to people. And, allegedly, precisely because of this, humanity managed to survive in such terrible times, preserving its civilization from destruction. So it was or not so - today it is no longer to install, I suggest to get acquainted with the more detailed meaning of this symbol.

Slavic Black Sun is very closely connected with ancestors. And it does not mean specifically your ancestors, but it is a question of a broader meaning: they imply ancestors, the progenitors of the entire race of Slavic-Aryan peoples. And the amulet is designed to help a person understand the wisdom of the forefathers.

But the Slavs did not simply associate the Black Sun with ancestors. Also, as mentioned above, they believed in his powerful forces, which allowed him to be used in various mystical rituals. The symbol helped the magi to establish contact with the spirits. Of course, this action has its consequences, which is why initially the sign was not available to everyone.

That's not all: the symbol also allows you to reveal the truth from a lie that disguises itself as truth. It helps to forget about your dark past, turning to a brighter future, getting rid of a heavy moral burden. In addition, the Black Sun protects its owner from the influence of evil forces. It contributes to a better knowledge of oneself, deliverance from false delusions and the manifestation of previously hidden talents.

But in order that the amulet does not destroy a person, but really be useful to him, it is important to follow some rules. First of all, to possess extremely bright, well-intentioned. And also to have close ties with their ancestors: to honor their traditions, to be interested in the history of their own kind.

Otherwise, if there is no connection with ancestors and there are unclean thoughts, you should refuse to wear a talisman. After all, he is able to bring a person to madness and even destroy him. Such is it the Black Sun - powerful, but providing assistance not for everyone.

If you want to get a little more information on this topic - I advise you to watch the following video: