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Horoscope for Scorpio on January 2019 - what will be the relationship


I have been studying the zodiac sign Scorpio for a long time, making astrological predictions for these people. Today I will tell you in detail what the horoscope prepared for Scorpios for January 2019, what to expect this sign at the beginning of the year.

General horoscope

People born under the sign of Scorpio are true maximalists. They live on the principle of "all or nothing." This sign is one of the most controversial. Good and faithful Scorpios can in the blink of an eye turn merciless people who will take revenge on the offender. In other words, at the right moment they turn into violent avengers who are not considered with anything. Such behavior often causes serious problems.

To many others, it seems that Scorpios succeed with remarkable ease. However, this lightness is deceptive. In fact, representatives of the sign make a lot of effort in order to get what they want. But they never boast and prefer to challenge themselves first, and not just silently envy other people.

If Scorpio seems that he is ready to open his own business, then every effort will be made to achieve the goal. Nor will he ever complain about the difficulties he faced on his way to a dream.

Important dates in January for Scorpio:

  • January 6th is the day of the new moon. It is unfavorable for travel and any important events. Astrologers recommend that this day even give up on moving around the city. Since it is believed that on this particular day something bad can happen to the representatives of the sign. And therefore it is better to stay at home, watch a movie or just think about the near future.
  • January 21 Scorpios may suddenly feel that their forces have left. To restore lost strength and charge yourself with a positive, you just need to meet with friends, arrange a little trip. The resulting positive emotions will affect the performance of Scorpions, they will feel that they are ready to create.

Horoscope for women

Mind and charisma - this is what attracts men to the ladies who were born under the sign of Scorpio. They easily achieve all of their goals, and therefore are admired by their colleagues. And it is for this that the authorities value them.

January forecast for women:

  1. The coming year has prepared many interesting acquaintances. However, to meet with interesting people and make acquaintance with them will be able to not all representatives of the mark. The fact is that most of them are typical couch potatoes. Whenever possible, they stay at home, sit down in front of the TV and start watching their favorite TV shows. But, sitting at home, they are depriving themselves of the opportunity to change their lives for the better and find their soul mate.
  2. It must be remembered that it is luck that favors Scorpios. Madam Fortuna loves them for being active and active individuals who are not used to sitting still. That is why in the new year, you can safely risk, relying on luck.

Love horoscope for women

Attention of the opposite sex has always flattered the girls Scorpios. However, they are too frivolous, so it is quite difficult for them to find a suitable partner. After all, they can fall in love with a man who just tells them a few gentle words. Of course, they are more serious about choosing a life partner. However, because of the amorous nature, they are not on too good a score in men.

The main disadvantage of women born under the sign of Scorpio is their desire to idealize absolutely all partners. They look at the elect through rose-colored glasses. But this always ends in failure, because the ladies simply do not notice the obvious shortcomings of the chosen one. And in the end it becomes a reason for separation.

In the new year, astrologers recommend trying to correct the situation and once and for all abandon rose-colored glasses. After all, they are the cause of all the failures on the love front. You must try to make as many acquaintances with interesting people as possible.

What to expect girls from a relationship:

  1. Scorpions in love in January will be absolutely happy. After all, their elects will show maximum love and care. And therefore all thoughts of the bad will recede into the background.
  2. A relationship idyll can destroy a natural inclination towards jealousy. Girls need to learn to control their jealousy and try to show it as rarely as possible. In particular, if there is no real reason for this. It’s better just to have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner and talk about your anxieties and feelings, than to arrange scenes of jealousy.
  3. Family Scorpions, who have been married for many years, may suddenly think about finding a man on the side. For windy and inconstant Scorpions, this is not an extraordinary event, as they believe that long-term relationships with one person become too boring. In order to somehow occupy themselves and get new pleasant emotions, Scorpios are even ready to commit treason. However, astrologers recommend that they first try to establish family relationships. Perhaps after this they will leave the idea of ​​having a lover. In any case, the decision to start looking for another partner should be balanced.

Financial horoscope

Scorpions girls are often indecisive. However, in the new year they will have to overcome themselves and temper their character, since the first troubles will begin at work in January. Smiling and polite colleagues will be looking for a way to hurt the industrious Scorpio. And they will even use forbidden methods, dissolve gossip. Some of their gossip can have a very negative impact on the careers of girls born under this sign. Therefore, Scorpios need to always be alert.

In order to save your reputation and not make a mistake that will cost you a bonus, you need to try to get together as much as possible and increase your working capacity. Distracted by gossip is not necessary. It is recommended to simply besiege the gossip with a sharp word and continue to work for the organization. This will not go unnoticed and in the end Scorpions will be able to receive financial rewards or move up the career ladder.

Horoscope for men

Scorpio men are famous for being sociable people. However, sometimes they are unnecessarily rude. Since they have since childhood characteristic feature to look down upon people. But not everyone is willing to put up with this feature of character. And so verbal skirmishes, and more serious conflicts with friends and outsiders are simply inevitable.

January forecast for men:

  1. Sometimes Scorpios embellish reality, but such an inclination can have very negative consequences in the new year. Therefore, Scorpios better refrain from lying and try to take control of their emotions. Since excessive emotionality can interfere with the solution of certain issues.
  2. The Yellow Pig will give sign representatives the opportunity to change life for the better. However, to use it or not - it is up to the Scorpions themselves to decide. They may wish to leave everything in their places and not change anything in life.

Love horoscope for men

Bach Scorpios are famous for their desire to find the perfect woman. However, in the concept of "ideal" they tend to put a different meaning. The best woman for them will be the one who can cheer, support in a difficult moment and can give advice.

In other words, scorpions are looking for girls with a great sense of humor, beauty and intelligence. But the trouble is that all these qualities are often possessed by different girls. And so it takes years to find a partner with the bachelors.

Astrologers advise Scorpios to forget about the dream of finding the perfect man, because such people simply do not exist. It is necessary to pay attention to those women who possess natural charisma, beauty and ability to empathize. Meet the future darling will be in a very unexpected place.

Tips for a successful relationship:

  1. Scorpions in love, who are fortunate enough to find a worthy chosen one, need to more closely follow their words. In no case can not tell the beloved about their past unsuccessful relationship, because this will not be considered too good. Because of this, relationships can even go wrong.
  2. Family Scorpios will have to seriously talk with their wives. For quite a long time, they had been accumulating an insult in themselves, because jealousy had mastered them. It's time to put all the points and frankly talk with the second half. However, you must try to show maximum patience in order not to offend a girl who is faithful and just suffers from unreasonable jealousy on the part of Scorpio’s partner.

Financial horoscope for men

Luck will favor Scorpios. A high level of efficiency will provide the favor of leadership. Therefore, in the new year, representatives of the mark will be able to get a good award. But do not immediately spend the money.

Astrologers recommend thinking about starting your own business. Indeed, at the end of the month they will be able to come up with a promising idea for business development. For enterprising Scorpios, it is better to think about starting a family business and attracting relatives to it.


  1. Luck Scorpios in the new year is guaranteed. However, Fortune will smile only the most enterprising.
  2. Girls Scorpios, who have not yet been able to find a worthy chosen one, need to remove rose-colored glasses and soberly evaluate all applicants for the hand and heart.
  3. Men who were born under this sign should think about finding a suitable partner for themselves, and not just an ideal one.
  4. Family Scorpios better to express their suspicions regarding the infidelity of the second half.