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20 things that take away our energy


Life energy is a tremendous force that helps a person to live fully in our world, filling him with optimism, dedication and desire for action. But sometimes it happens that energy is not enough and the person himself is to blame for this - improperly squandered it. I offer you the top 20 things that take away our energy in this article.

What is human energy?

What is the energy of man? It represents its life force, which is formed by two types of energies: external (bodily) and internal (spiritual).

The surrounding world, the ecological situation, the quality of food and water, as well as human actions, greatly influence bodily energy.

Our inner state influences the spiritual - emotional stability or, on the contrary, negative thoughts with intentions.

Normally, there is an accumulation of internal, spiritual energy and its direction outward. Ideally, our physical shell is the conductor of our Spirit. That is why they say that the beginning of harmony comes from within. Having a person with pure, sincere thoughts and intentions is the basis of our well-being.

How to identify a strong energy personality

Quite a large number of people have a strong energy and other people are able to feel it, being close. Also, some of the character traits indicate a high energy level, namely: the presence of personal charisma, commitment, self-confidence, increased spirituality and much more.

Energy balance - is a person's ability to generate personal energy, accumulate and receive it from the surrounding space, plus the correct use.

At the same time, when applying our energy for good purposes, we get back its doubled portion and due to this we become stronger.

In the case of the consumption of their energy for unseemly purposes - there is a loss of energy, and accordingly, and health.

When a person gives his energy through sincere, good actions, he gets a lot mutual. It becomes internally richer, joy and happiness appear in his life. A harmonious personality is, above all, a happy personality, next to which others always feel comfortable. . The presence of a powerful human energy is a real magnet for other people and space in general.

Everything blooms and smells when there is a person with strong positive energy nearby. Then other people are very comfortable and pleasant to be in his company. The very influence of the energy field of such an individual is extremely positive for others.

The situation becomes just the opposite when it comes to people with strong negative energy. People around him feel a sense of discomfort, anxiety, depression in his society. And if they have weak energy, they are at risk to face even physical ailments.

But sometimes even the nature of a strong energy can be very depleted and become weak. Why is this happening and what 20 things regularly steal your energy? Read about it further.

Top 20 things that take away your vitality

In our world there are various things that literally steal our life forces. We well know about some of them, but we can not even guess about others. Then I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the top 20 things that can deprive you of energy.

The habit of forever thinking about everything (to twist in your head the situations of the past and think about how you would act in them)

How to cope? Take everything that happens to you in the form of experience. Extract conclusions from what happened. Yes, if you analyze your past actions and actions, then thanks to this you can create a new version of what is happening in the future and do much more correctly.

The only "but" - do not do this analysis all the time.

Chaos in the dwelling.

How to cope? First of all, remember that household responsibilities should be distributed rationally. Organize a certain day for the planned cleaning of the apartment and inform the family about it - let them participate in this process.

There is a somewhat simplified version of what is happening: daily clean a specific part of the housing, by room. In this case, responsibilities are also shared between all those who live in this apartment (or house).

In addition, cleaning is a wonderful way that allows you to control your life: you put some effort, immediately observe the result from them and transfer this pattern of behavior to your whole life.

Life without hobbies, hobbies and joy, albeit insignificant

Very often, people live their lives very gray and dull, and only for the reason that they close themselves from various hobbies and hobbies.

But really dull gray days - this is the maximum that you can? Of course not! Change stereotypes and discover new interesting facets of this reality.

Feeling resentment, anger at someone

How to cope? Should deal with this feeling. If you can’t do it yourself, make an appointment with a psychologist or consult someone from your inner circle.

Remember that letting go of a problem means getting rid of internal negative energy, which gives a positive vision of the future.

Deal not done on time

How to cope? Psychologists advise to divide all cases into 3 groups: "the most important", "important", "not important". Respectively and perform them in order of importance.

If you do not cope with all planned activities - do not reproach yourself for it. Get yourself a diary and, if necessary, transfer tasks to another day (it is important not to abuse it).

Items related to former lovers

How to cope? If you do not dispose of completely, then at least throw everything related to the former, far away.

Note! This item will be relevant only if you are experiencing negative emotions, looking at the things of the former lover (lover). If you do not suffer from similar - delete it from the list.

Items of equipment in need of repair, broken things

How to cope? Broken things are like an annoying splinter - like it does not hurt, but just touch it and immediately experience unpleasant emotions.

The problem is that you are confronted daily with such things and they provoke you only to negative emotions.

Why so mock yourself? Where it would be more correct to make a decision in time (more precisely, repair). And the mood will improve, and the energy will immediately appear.

Children's homework performed with kids

How to cope? Of course, the most rational is when parents love and pamper their children. In this case, it is much better if the training process is carried out by specialists - teachers.

If you do not have the opportunity to pay for the services of a teacher, you will have to shift this function to yourself. But then give the task to the child and just check it - there is no need to stand above his soul, let the kid learn to be more independent.

Let the child himself is engaged in the performance of his primary responsibility - learning activities.

Spending weekends in large malls

How to cope? Give up such "entertainment" for all your weekend. It is very unlikely that crowds of people tired of shopping will provide you with a positive frame of mind.

Of course, you still need some kind of shopping, just don’t abuse it too much - buy what you need and continue to do your other things.

The feeling that you are not paid as much as you deserve

How to cope? Money is energy. We all feel good only when we invest our knowledge, skills, time, emotions in a particular occupation and receive a decent reward for it.

If your investments exceed what you get - this is an obvious reason to think about.

Probably, it is time to openly talk with the authorities in this regard. But in advance, make a list with your achievements and successes in your position. And, perhaps, the right decision is to change jobs? Think about it.

Communication exclusively with your gender

How to cope? If a woman is surrounded at the workplace and outside only by representatives of her own sex, this is far from good, since the presence of male energy is also necessary. Strong sex is also a concern.

Lack of sleep, sex, physical activity

How to cope? Have you long dreamed of visiting the gym or swimming pool? But still can not find the strength to do it? Stop looking for excuses and do it immediately!

Sleep is also an important component, with its lack both your emotions and the physical body begin to suffer (it is scientifically proven that regular lack of sleep provokes fullness).

Negative environment

How to cope? As a rule, energy is taken away by people forever complaining about life. They regularly whine to you, you think that they need advice, give it, waiting for changes in the situation, but this does not happen. As a result, you feel that your help (energy) was wasted.

You need to try for your part not to support long discussions on other people's problems. Give up emotional participation in them. If you are heavily loaded - immediately change the subject of the conversation.

Unpaid debts, loans

How to cope? Do you dream to feel life stability? Then live your money.

Yes, today the most varied offers of money loans are popular, sometimes it is very difficult to resist them.

If we are talking about, for example, buying some truly valuable and necessary thing, for example, an apartment or a car, if you suddenly had to get into a loan, then take it as a standard deduction by analogy with utilities.

It is important to allocate a specific item of expenditure specifically for this item. If this somehow helps you - think about the fact that you have still been given a loan, which means that you have the necessary income for this. Plus, you live in your own home.

Old, long outdated clothes with shoes

How to cope? Surely indulge yourself! Remember that you are exhausted not so much by the old things themselves, as by the sensation from them.

After all, every time you put on a tired pair of shoes that it’s time to replace a long time ago, you feel a sense of inner discontent. So why not try to change the situation at least a little and find money for a new upgrade in your budget.

It is extremely important that the clothes with shoes really please you.

Using old, chopped dishes that do not please you at all

How to cope? Perhaps you have even heard that negative energy is collected in cracked dishes. So, without any regret, get rid of such items. It is much more accurate to have one favorite and a whole cup available than to have a dozen mugs in cracks and grooves.

Sleeping with little children in the same bed.

How to cope? Yes, this is sometimes acceptable, but the keyword is “sometimes”. Why is that bad?

When you sleep with your baby, you certainly feel more worried about him than you do, you do not have the opportunity to fully relax, and in the morning you feel not cheerfulness and energy, but, on the contrary, weakness.

In addition, it is simply unacceptable to drive the spouse out of his bedroom at night in the living room.

Long communication on a dating site that does not reach a real date

How to cope? You can not overly delay virtual communication, why waste your invaluable energy for nothing? Therefore, the advice for you is that you don’t need to tell a stranger about your life for a long time and in detail, it’s much better to hint to a real meeting.

On a date, people are already beginning to share energy and immediately realize how they fit each other. With the help of correspondence you will never get a similar effect.

Conclusion: if communication still does not end with a real meeting, then you should not be afraid to complete it.

Communication with married men.

How to cope? Don't even try to lie to yourself that you are doing this in order to just have fun and do not want anything in return from the man.

The solution to the problem is very simple - once and forever reject someone else.

Food in a hurry, eating tasteless food

How to cope? What you eat (and how) is very, very important. If you constantly snack on the go while watching TV, it means that you perceive all the other joys of life in the same way. Take an urgent change in their habits!

In conclusion

  • The energy of a person is the main force that motivates him to live, perform some actions, while receiving pleasure from life.
  • Some people with low energy potential deliberately steal life forces from other people.
  • There is a top-20 of the main thieves of our energy that you need to know by sight and neutralize in time.

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