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Who is holy Martha: a prayer for the fulfillment of desire


My family, like a big ship, sat on a huge financial bank, and neither there nor here. Even not to pray to God, because one thing is to visit the church in case of illness or other real sorrow, and the other is to worry the Creator with such trifles as wage arrears.

Well, the grandmother taught to pray to St. Martha. I started asking her to improve my financial situation, and believe it, but after two weeks I was not only given all the debts at work, but also I was discharged.

Who is this holy

According to legend, she lived about two thousand years ago and even knew Jesus Christ.

They were two sisters, Martha (this name is used in the Catholic Church, the Orthodox calls Saint Martha) and Mary. The girls were the exact opposite of each other.

The first was the hostess, she spent all the time cooking, she loved to receive guests - while the second spent all her free time visiting the Savior’s sermons, and considered all household chores to be temporal and optional.

One day the sisters received the Lord Jesus himself in their home. Under him, Martha reproached her sister, saying that you are not helping me at all. To which the guest himself replied that she should not reproach Mary, because she cares about the most important thing - the salvation of her own soul.

By the way, Lazarus, a close friend of Jesus, whom Christ soon resurrected, was the brother of these girls.

Some interpreters believe that Martha was also one of the myrrh-bearing women who came to the crucified Jesus and found an angel there.

Do not confuse! In addition to St. Martha, the Russian Orthodox Church venerates the Venerable Martha of Diveevskaya, the schema nun, the spiritual daughter of Seraphim of Sarov himself.

You can hear about it from an interesting and very inspirational audiobook:

Why do we address our wishes to her?

Most likely, everything is in the legend of Lazarus. When he died, the sisters hurried to Christ, who was believed with all their hearts. But when He came to their house, it turned out that their brother had been dead for four days already.

Mary cried, and Martha said to the Savior: "If You were here, the brother would not die. But even now I know that the Lord will give You everything that You ask for."

This amazing faith, as a result of which the deceased was returned to life, is our hope - since the Lord did not deny such an amazing request to Martha, then he will not disregard our modest desires.

How to pray

First, you need to understand that faith in God is not magic. Do not hope that the thoughtless repetition of certain words will help us. You must believe in a heavenly helper, and ask for help sincerely.

Secondly, do not ask anything forbidden and evil. You also can not hope for happiness, which should be built on the wreckage of the happiness of another person. Fell in love with a married man? Do not pray for his divorce or widowhood; instead, ask St. Martha, to take this love from your heart and send you another worthy person that your heart can accept.

Thirdly, do not tire the saint with a whole list of requests. One prayer (or ritual) is one desire.

Does it matter exactly where to pray? Not. If you do not have the opportunity to attend church frequently, buy the icon of Saint Martha and contact her at home. When praying, it is desirable to be alone, so that no one distracts.

Most often, the saint is addressed in his own words, or else they only read the “martin” prayer, the words of which you will see below. But some people believe in a special prayer ritual - they read a set of prayers on certain days of the week and a specific number of times.

Preparation for the ritual

It is believed that it is not enough just to pray - you need:

  • do it only on Tuesday evening, for nine weeks (if you missed one, you must start again) - the ritual does not stop, even if the desire has come true during this time;
  • take a shower or bath before the ritual;
  • it is desirable to clear not only the body, but also the soul, trying to remove from it all sad, bitter, evil and hurtful thoughts;
  • all this time you need to be in a new nightie (if you are a man, then in pajamas) - but if you don’t have it, put on any clothes, as long as it is clean;
  • at the same time, it is necessary to present what you ask (to visualize one's desire) to the very details;
  • while addressing Saint Martha, a thin church candle should burn on your table (after reading the prayers, do not extinguish it, let it burn to the end);
  • next to the candle, place the icon of Saint Martha;
  • texts of all prayers must be copied by hand on a piece of paper and read them only from it or from memory (you cannot use a computer screen or a printed leaf).

Exact prayers and how many times to read them

All prayers are recited once.

During the first prayer, you will need to voice your desire. It is also better to record it so that it sounds the same every time. Be brief, try to formulate it in a few words.

First read the martin prayer:

Next - "Our Father":

And finally - the "Blessed Virgin":

What other requests can be addressed to this holy

Saint Martha is considered to be her patroness by housewives, waiters, cooks, as well as housekeepers, cleaners and personal household assistants (helpers).

But all the other people often pray to her.

She is asked for help in:

  • quick marriage, and that it was successful;
  • pregnancy (especially if it is long-awaited);
  • healing from the disease;
  • mental and mental enlightenment;
  • protection of the household against disease (if these birds and livestock), thieves, fires, and so on;
  • profitable and peaceful division of property;
  • resolution of monetary disputes and issues;
  • looking for an interesting and well-paid job.

Let's summarize ...

  • Saint Martha (Martha) lived in the time of Jesus Christ. This is the sister of the very Lazarus, whom the Savior resurrected.
  • Cleaners, housekeepers, waiters, and cooks consider their saint to be their patron saint.
  • Most often she is prayed for the fulfillment of desire. You can apply in your own words or a special prayer.
  • There is also a ritual consisting of a list of certain prayer words. It is believed that this is the most powerful way to achieve the desired.

The official opinion is: what does an Orthodox priest say about such a prayer and whether he recommends to church-going people to follow the ritual described above: